How to Keep Your Cat Comfortable During a Move

Although for humans, moving to a new place may be a culmination of a long-awaited process, cats react differently. They get used to their small kingdoms. Moving to a new place means that this connection is severed and has to be rebuilt from scratch.

Anyone who has ever laid eyes on a cat knows that cats are moody creatures. The amount of stress added by this change of environment can result in unpredictable behavior. To ensure that the process is smooth, you should follow those several rules.

The carrier is not the enemy

Cats may be prejudiced against carriers because they instinctively associate them with trips to the vet. To make this space less threatening during the move, you should try changing this association. Before it is time to pack your things and venture into the unknown, you can place the carrier in a room where the cat tends to spend a lot of time.

If the cat is able to surmount his dread and dare to go inside, that’s great! If he is reluctant, you can try placing meals inside the carrier. If the responses are still unsatisfactory, you can use a cat pheromone spray to make the carrier less threatening for the cat.

The trip

If the trip is particularly long, or, if despite all your efforts, your cat still exhibits severe signs of demonic possession, your best choice might be to contact the vet. Although using medication may be treated by some cat owners as their personal failure, because they weren’t able to provide the necessary comfort, sedatives work. Imagine all the stress and fright from which you are saving your cat!


When exposed to a stressful situation, humans react differently than cats. While we tend to stuff ourselves with food, stomachs of the cats are more prone to experiencing different sorts of problems. The best way to address this issue is to cut the portion sizes served to the cat. It will minimize the possibility of vomiting or any other unwanted surprises.

The routine

Changing the cat’s environment will be stressful for the cat, which is why it is critical to maintain at least some aspects of normality. The whole process of moving to a new place can be unpredictable and chaotic at times. If you want to make sure that your cat feels at least somewhat secure, you should maintain his routine. Even though your head is full of all the tasks that need to be completed, try to keep meals and playtime at regular intervals.

If you have kids, you can entrust them with an essential mission of keeping your cat comfortable. Their new obligation to take care of another living being will reduce their anxiety as well.

One room at a time

Chances are that despite all the precautions, the trip was still pretty taxing. Introducing your tired cat to an entirely new environment would not be the best move. It is best to choose one room as the initial “base” from which the cat may later venture to the other parts of the house. Especially at the beginning, you should spend much time with your cat, playing with him, but also doing ordinary activities like reading or working.

It may take some time before the cat feels that this is his dominion awaiting its next ruler, but it will eventually happen. For now, try to keep his new “base” full of exciting gadgets. If you want to reward your cat for his bravery, you can buy him some tidbit or a new toy. Or you can check this list of the 10 best water fountains for cats.

The victory

Although the trip probably wasn’t completely uneventful, the victory is yours. You have managed to conquer your fears. And those of your feline companion. It will take some time for the cat to get fully acclimatized, but worry not. If you follow those several guidelines, your cat will shortly abandon his reluctance and start displaying the characteristics of a proud monarch. You just need some patience.

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