How to Stop A Dog from Rolling In Poop?

Does your dog love rolling around in the mud and smelly things? Is one of those smelly things his poop? While this can be alarming for pet owners, there’s no fixed reason why dogs do this.

However, there are a few theories that I will be telling you about today. These all briefly explain why your dog could be rolling in poop. And they also explain how you can stop a dog from rolling in poop. The solution is in the problem itself.

Why Do Dogs Roll In Poop?

Did you know that dogs dislike smelling fresh and clean? All those dog shampoos that contain natural scents are not at all charming for a dog. So when you give them a bath, all dogs want is to roll around in “earthy” things. This is to get that scent of perfume off of them.

This means that whenever your dog gets a chance. He will plunge into things that smell dirty including the garbage, shoes, feces, and muddy surfaces.

Another common reason why dogs roll in poop is by instinct. Dog’s ancestors used to mark their boundaries by their scent. And one of the ways they did that was my smelling of their feces. Such territorial markings are still common in cats.

I know this much is true because I have cats that have peed to map their territories around the house. Especially when you move into a new home or have guests over for a while.

Dogs do that same to mask their natural scent. Another reason is that dog’s ancestors used to hunt better by masking their dog scent. So by covering themselves in animal feces, the hunted could be easily tricked and killed.

What Do You Need To Do?

Now that you know that this isn’t a behavioral issue. You can put a stop to this gently and compassionately. It’s like training your puppy to sit or stand or paw your hand. It’s a process that could potentially bring you and your dog closer.

Punishing your dog for rolling around in poop is a bad idea. It can cause stress and anxiety in your dog. And your dog might not end up listening to you but he may get scared of you which time he poops. This can have other consequences such as constipation and loss of appetite.

There is a subtle and dog-friendly way to go about this.

Pick Up the Poop Immediately

Don’t give your dog a chance to roll in poop. When you take your dog out for a walk, keep him on a shorter leash. And as soon as he’s done pooping, use a scooper and a plastic bag to discard the poop immediately.

Pet your dog and reward him with a treat whenever he does this. So he knows that not rolling in poop gives me a treat. Do this a few times in a week or whenever you take him out for a walk.

If you have a backyard, you can make this a daily activity. Always keep your dog on a leash.

As soon as your dog poops, allow him to sniff it which dogs usually do or dig the area around his poop so as to cover it. Then pick up the poop with a scoop and throw it away.

Your dog is most likely to be around you when you do that. So give him a treat for his good behavior and allow him to run freely around the yard.

Teach Him the ‘Leave It’ Command

With the ‘Leave It’ command, your dog can stop eating food he’s not supposed to eat. You can stop chewing your shoes, your bra, and your pillow to shreds. Lastly, he can also stop rolling around in poop.

The best and most effective way to teach your dog to Leave It is with treats. Break the treats into pea-sized pieces. And hold a few broken pieces in the palm of your eyes. They must be away from your dog’s eyesight. But he should be able to smell it.

Make sure that while training your dog you do so in a quiet space. Distractions or loud noises will only break your dog’s focus.

The ‘Leave It’ command can also be a great option for poop diving. This is when your dog is rolling around in the grass – more specifically in the area where he’s going to poop. This is common if your dog is used to pooping in the same spot every day.

You can also train your dog to Leave It right before he’s about to start rolling around. You can carry a few delicious treats along with you. Every time your dog seems about to dive into the poop or play with. Make a clicker sound to catch your dog’s attention.

Mostly likely that by this time, your dog will have smelt food on you. As soon as your dog has your attention and stays away from the poop. You feed him a piece with your other hand. Verbal cues such as “yes!” or “good boy!” are perfect. Your dog will respond to such praise and eventually back away after pooping.

Final Thoughts

Next time you find your dog running to you covered in the brown stuff. You must take a closer look and see what that brown stuff is. Is it mud? Or is it his poop? Dogs love rolling around in poop for a bunch of reasons. But bathing your dog each time he does that is not at all practical.

But with the help of this article, you can put an end to that right away. It’s not a quick fix but with proper training, you can stop your dog from rolling in poop. Such behavior can easily be fixed with the Leave It command or by proper hygiene.

Trust me; if you follow these steps you’ll be saving yourself a lot of trouble. A simple Leave It training command can solve most of your issues. Whether your dog is eating out of the garbage, spoiling your couch pillows, or gabbing socks from the laundry.

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