How to stop food aggression towards other dogs

Food aggression is a problem that many pet owners face. If your dog becomes aggressive when another dog comes near his food bowl, don’t worry – there are ways to help curb this behavior. In this post, we’ll outline some tips on how to stop food aggression towards other dogs. By following these simple steps, you can help ensure that both your dog and other dogs in your neighborhood can coexist peacefully.

What is food aggression?

Food aggression is when a dog becomes overly aggressive when another dog comes near its food, either growling or actively biting the other dog. This behavior can escalate very quickly if not handled properly. A food-aggressive dog may begin to guard his food bowl from his owner and family members, forcing them to feed him in a back room away from other people.


– Dogs that were only fed by their mothers and weren’t weaned properly may become food aggressive.

– Dogs can also learn to be food aggressive when they see other dogs in the household become aggressive over food. They will then mimic this behavior to protect what they believe is theirs.

– If a dog sees another dog take his food, he may react aggressively to defend it.

Signs of Aggression

There are several cues that can help you determine if your pet has an issue with food aggression:

1. Growling or staring at another animal when he eats

2. Snapping at any interference during mealtime

3. Eating faster than usual

4. Hiding his food bowl

5. Becoming very protective of his food bowl and growling, snapping, or even biting when other dogs come near it

How to Stop Your Dog’s Food Aggression

1. Desensitize: Desensitizing your dog is the first step you need to take when trying to fix your dog’s food aggression issue. You can do this by making feeding time less exciting for him and increasing the distance between him and other animals while he eats. Start by walking past his bowl without reacting at all and then slowly increase the time it takes for you to walk by his bowl. If he remains calm, reward him with a treat and praise.

2. Train Your Dog Not to Be Food Aggressive: You can also train your dog not to be food aggressive by teaching him that other animal coming near his bowl is a good thing. This will take some time and patience on your part, though. Start by feeding your dog in the presence of another animal and allow them to get close enough so that they don’t bother each other while eating. When your pet shows no signs of aggression, give him a treat and praise him for staying calm. If your dog begins growling or snapping at the other animal when they come near, stop what you’re doing and try again in a few hours. Repeat this step until your dog remains relaxed when another animal comes near his bowl while he eats.

3. Using a Treat Ball: Another great way to stop food aggression is by feeding your pet using an interactive toy (also known as “food dispensing toy”). This type of toy provides dogs with the mental stimulation they need to stay calm during mealtime, which will help cut down on guarding behaviors like growling at other pets when eating. A treat ball can be purchased from any major pet store or online retailer for less than $15.

4. Distract Your Pet with His Favorite Toy: You can also train your pet not to be food aggressive by distracting them with their favorite toys while they eat. Teach your dog that when other animals come near his food bowl, he should instead focus his attention on another toy. To get started, hold both toys in one hand and show them to your pet. When your pet starts paying more attention to a specific toy, toss it across the room so that he runs after it while you feed him with the other toy. Repeat this step until your pet no longer pays attention to any animals that approach during mealtime.

5. Feeding Your Dog in a Separate Room: Another way to stop food aggression is by feeding your pet inside of his own room or restricted area. This will keep animals away from your dog while he eats and cut down on the chances of him becoming aggressive towards them.

6. Pumping the Breaks: If your pet shows signs of food aggression while you’re feeding them, stop immediately and try again later when he’s in a better mood. Dogs that are overly excited during mealtimes will be more likely to growl and snap at other animals and you should try to avoid this situation until your dog calms down. Food aggression issues can’t always be fixed overnight – it may take time for your pet to realize that it’s okay for other animals to get near his bowl so don’t give up on him just because you have one bad experience with him during mealtime.

7. Food Guarding Toys: These are specially designed toys made for dogs with food aggression issues by providing them with an extra level of protection between them and their meal. These types of toys have a rubber barrier inside of them which makes it impossible other animals to get near your dog while he eats, and dogs that feel more secure in this way will be less likely to growl or snap at other animals when eating.

8. Food Guarding Spray: Another type of product you can use to stop food aggression in dogs is a spray made specifically for food guarding issues. These sprays are designed to make your dog’s bowl unappealing enough that other animals won’t want to go near it due to the strong scent and taste of the liquid they’re made with. Spraying your dog’s bowl before every meal will train him not to guard it and most products need only be applied once per week for them to work effectively.


So, you should provide a peaceful environment to your dog during mealtimes. To avoid food aggression issue in dogs, you can follow the tips given above. Share this article with your friends and give your suggestions in the comment box regarding this article. You can also subscribe us for more articles like these at our email. We would love to hear from you soon!

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