Is It Worth It to Get Pet Insurance?

Let’s not forget that especially if you have more than 1 pet, these costs can lead to excessive medical expenses. 

Is pet insurance really worth it is question? Let’s see what pet insurance is and why you should consider having it: 

What Is Pet Insurance? 

Pet insurance is an insurance policy that covers partially or fully of your medical expenses for your pet. It is recommended by veterinarians and can greatly reduce excessive medical expenses and worrying if your pet will get sick in the future or not. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

A Pet insurance policy can differ in costs; It can range anywhere from $6 to $155 in monthly premium payments. The cost firmly depends on the animals specifies, age, pre-existing conditions, breed, where you live, etc. 

According to a study done by Insurance Information Institute (III), the cost of pet insurance coverage will depend on the level of care you will choose. There are different levels of coverage. 

Basic- accidental injuries or an illness. 

Comprehensive- x-rays, lab fees, diagnostic tests, etc. 

Pet Wellness- vaccination, extensive & preventive care. 

Keep in mind that pet insurance for dogs will always be more expensive than cats. Insurance coverage like surgery in dogs will be almost double the price for a dog vs a cat. 

What Does and Doesn’t Pet Insurance Cover? 

Pet insurance plans typically cover accident injuries and illnesses. Vet check-ups can also be included. So anything that involves surgery, emergency visits, cancer, pre-existing conditions, hospitalization, dental issues, etc. Pet insurance will cover this. 

What pet insurance never covers is wellness and preventive vet visits (check-ups). This will usually include stem cell therapy, end-of-life care, virtual visits to the vet, and even some insurance policies that won’t cover specific conditions for some breeds. 

The Best Pet Insurance Companies in 2021

Here are the top pet insurance companies we recommend in 2021: 

  • Pawp- up to $3,000 emergency funds, 24/7 access to a vet, no exclusions based on age or breed. 
  • Healthpaws- 99% of the claims are processed within 2 days, with the use of a licensed vet. 
  • PetAssure- includes wellness visits, covers most pets, doesn’t have any age restrictions. 

Is Pet Insurance Worth It? 

Pet insurance will save you money on sudden medical expenses. It’ll reimburse most or all of the costs you pay for the wellbeing of your pet. 

Most pet insurance plans will reimburse you for accidents and illnesses. Only very few of them exclude illnesses, but you can always purchase a wellness plan to add more reimbursements. 


Pet insurance is something we shouldn’t exclude for the well-being of our pets. Maybe you are someone who owns multiple pets and is worried about what might happen tomorrow. Don’t let this worry affect your daily happiness for you and your pets. 

Seeing them happy will affect the way you feel too, and what better way than to have pet insurance help you with it.

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