Keep Your Pets Calm During New Year’s Eve Fireworks – 4 Tips

One of the most exciting parts about New Year’s Eve celebrations are the fireworks. They signify the excitement of starting a whole new year full of possibilities. Some cities spend millions of dollars on their New Year’s Eve fireworks show and millions of people enjoy the spectacle.

Whether you are watching them on TV, or in person, they are a wonderful sight, albeit very loud. However, while most humans stand the sound and still love fireworks, the same can’t be said for your pets. Most pets go to hide under the bed or in the basement as soon as they hear something that loud.

Not only that, but they can also tend to freak out and get pretty frightened. Thankfully, there are some ways to keep your pets calm during New Year’s Eve fireworks, and this article is going to look at a few of them.

Consider Enlisting the Help of a Vet

If you have a question or concern like this, a logical place to visit is the office of a vet. Having a phobia of fireworks is common among pets, but is indeed treatable. Your vet can offer you great advice on things you can do at home, but could also refer you to an animal behavior specialist of some kind.

There may even be some kinds of medication that can help. Ask your vet what is available, and you are likely to see a range of different options. Today, we can find CBD for dogs at, that can help them relax and stay calm. The options are endless and you are sure to find something that will be able to help your pet stay calm when things get a little loud.

Do Things to Mask the Sound

Anything you can do to mask the sound of the fireworks will help your pets. Keeping the doors and windows closed, playing music or a TV show or even simply talking and playing with the pet can help distract them.

You could even build a safe space or pet fort for your animal. This could be a cozy and enclosed space which could further help them escape the loud noises. Blankets, toys and anything else you think could be beneficial can also be added.

Work to Desensitize Them to Loud Sound

Simply hiding your pet from fireworks and other loud sounds for the rest of their lives isn’t always the most practical solution. As a result, many people will look to simply desensitize them to loud sounds. Pets aren’t inherently afraid of fireworks, so they can be taught to tolerate them without being too scared or freaked out.

Start by gradually exposing your pets to a busy dog park, an outdoor concert or a busy market. You can even simply make your home a little louder from time to time to let them know that loud noise doesn’t always have to be jarring. Over time, as you slowly train them, you will notice that they are able to remain calm when things get loud as they have experienced it and gotten used to it in the past.

Stay Calm Yourself and Reassure the Pet

Your pet is incredibly intuitive, and if you remain calm and cool during fireworks, there is a better chance that they will do the same. Also, holding your pet and applying pressure to them can enlist a sense of comfort in them as well. So be sure to hold your pet on your lap and cuddle with it if you’re able to during the fireworks.

If you are unable to be with your pet during the fireworks, you can buy items or clothing that can actually apply gentle pressure to your pet. This will help keep them calm, relax them and make them feel more comfortable. The benefits would be similar to those offered by using a weighted blanket as a human.

In conclusion, the information within this article will be able to help your pets calm during New Year’s Eve fireworks and other loud events.

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