Keeping Cat Food Fresh

Do you always find it hard to keep your cat’s food fresh? Here are some useful tips to keep your cat’s wet and dry food fresh effortlessly.

Storing Dry Cat Food

It’s often tempting to bulk buy cat food but once you open the bag, the food starts degrading. It might be more expensive to purchase smaller bags but the food will not become stale before you’re done with the bag. Once you open the bag, close it securely. Avoid putting the food in a plastic container because it might get an odour. Make sure it’s stored in a cool, dry place to avoid any staleness.

Storing Wet Cat Food

If you open the wet cat food and use only a little, place the remainder in the fridge and make sure it’s properly covered. There are specially designed lids to keep the food sealed but cling film is also a good option. A lot of cats don’t love cold food, so you should serve the individual pouches stored at room temperature.

Check The Expiry Date

Just like you check your human food for expiry, you should do the same for cat food. It should be a natural habit. It’s a good idea if your purchase the food from a small independent pet shop that might not sell a lot of cat food but stock too much of it.

Serving Cat Food

Before adding extra food in your cat’s dish, you need to remove any leftovers and wash the dish thoroughly. Make sure the bowl is completely dry before refilling the fresh food.

Keeping Cat Food Fresh After Serving

It’s easier to leave dry cat food in your cat’s dish for longer periods. However, wet food will dry out very fast and your pet will not eat it in that condition. Yes, you should put the wet food in the fridge to keep it fresh but you might notice your cat doesn’t like cold food. Actually, your pet might prefer their food at room temperature. Once you have served the cat food, whether wet or dry, you might want to invest in a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder.

It comes with a sealed bowl that keeps the food fresh for a longer period. It will also prevent any flies from getting into the cat’s food. Also, it keeps separate feeding bowls for each pet to make feeding time easier for each pet. Additionally, you can prevent any pets from overeating if need be to prevent obesity issues.

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