Large Dog Beds for Giant Dog Breeds: How to Pick the Best Bed?

There are so many dog beds out in the market nowadays. But still, many dog parents find it harder to get ahold of a large dog bed for your lovely dog. Big dogs will need more space and support when it comes to beds.

But choosing the bed can be a rather hefty job, especially when you know very little about dog beds. That’s why today I’ll be sharing how to pick out large dog beds for giant dog breeds to help you out in your quest.

Let’s get started!

Do You Need Beds for Large Dogs?

Most of the dogs will be happy just to sleep on the floor or couch, but you shouldn’t do that. Why? Well, it’s because this scenario can lead to other problems.

  • Relief from Hip Pain: Most of the large dog breeds suffer from joint or hip issues. Here a well supportive bed for them could help them deal with the pain and relax. Even though couches can be pretty soft, it won’t be able to support your dog as much as a dog bed.
  • Protects Furniture: Dog beds can be the easiest way to preserve your furniture. Your furniture’s aren’t equipped with dealing with claws or bites. So, after some time you’ll see them being worn out. On the other hand, dog beds are perfectly capable of handling your dog’s scratches.
  • Less Hairy Mess: Another plus point of having a dog bed is to keep your furniture out of hair. ​We all know how dogs tend to shed hair everywhere. Even if your dog is a light shedder sleeping in couches would make it difficult to clean up every day.
  • No Hazards: Big dogs tend to be a hazard when it comes to night trips. It’s best to give them a certain place to be comfortable and avoid any unwanted situation.

What Type Should You Go For?

There are different types of dog beds, but typically they all fall in three major categories. Before you go out to choose the dog bed, you should take a look at them. Let’s see what they are.

Classic Beds: Fiber-Filled

If you like the traditional pet beds that are made of cloths and have stuffing that is filled with cotton or other fibers, then it’s best to stay away. Why?

Well, they may be comfortable, but they aren’t the best solution for your large breed. The filling can’t provide the extra support you may need for a large dog. It could clump up after a few uses as it can’t take the weight of the large breed.

So, your dog might be forced to lay on an almost flat surface. Even though these are affordable avoid them.

Orthopedic Beds

These beds can be the best solution for your large dog breeds. They are made in a way that every time your dog lays on top it, it will become softer. What it does is that it absorbs the warmth of your dog’s body and makes the bed soft and comfortable.

Orthopedic dog beds will always ensure the additional support needed to deal with hip or joint pain. These also avoid any clumping up, unlike fiber beds.

In short, this can be the best thing you could ever do for your large, loving pet.

Elevated Cot-Style

These beds have mostly plastic or metal frame with a soft fabric surface for extra comfort. There are two positive things about it –

  1. Ensures that your dog will be cool during summer time with the air flow beneath the surface.
  2. Provide support for hip or joint problems.

However, they aren’t as good as Orthopedic beds, but they are much good than fiber beds. These are also extremely lightweight.

What Things Should You Consider for Large Dogs?

Now that you know what type of bed to look for, you should look for different features to get the best one. Why don’t you take a look?

Manufactured In Western Europe or the USA

Even though there are exceptions, still almost all great quality products are manufactured in these regions. But don’t think that you can’t get dog beds from the other areas.

Easy To Wash Cover

Well, you know how fast the bed will become dirty. So, you would need to wash it without any extra hassles. Try to look for beds that come with removable covers. This way, you would simply clean the cover, and it will be brand new again.

Thicker Foam Layer

As large dogs are heavy if you go for foam beds, then it’s best to get the thickest one. It will keep your dog away from the direct surface and provide more comfort. These also have a longer life. Make sure it’s at least 4-inches. But you should consider 6-7 inches.

Greater Warranty

It’s not uncommon for best brands to suffer from manufacturing defects. That’s why you should always go for the ones that come with the 1-2 year warranty period. This way, even if you find a defect after some months, you would be able to replace it.

Strong Cover

Well, it’s quite common sense really. You already know how your big dog has a stronger grip and claws. This is why go for the most durable cover that can withstand your dog’s fury! Mostly these covers are made from denim or canvas.

Some manufacturers design the covers especially to deal with this situation.

Your Pet’s Comfort

In the quest of finding the perfect one, don’t forget about your beloved pet. You should always prefer your pets comfort zone more than anything else. Notice how they sleep or where they get more comfortable.

Make sure to consider their size. Always take a bigger size bed than theirs. It will ensure their movement, or else they would just cramp up in the place.


If you aren’t sure about your dog’s bed, then you can go for several. You could place them in specific parts of the house where they hang out the most: a place where they would hang out with the family and another where they would sleep in the night.

It might seem a bit costly, but at the end of the day, it will be worth it.

I’m pretty sure; now you are fully prepared to pick out large dog beds. So, what are you waiting for? Let your dog get what he deserves!

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