Must Have Cat Products You Need As a Cat Owner

Choosing a cat to be your forever friend is an amazing decision to make. Finding the perfect kitty and bringing them home is the easy step however, they need a lot more than just a bowl of food and your hand to pet them.

Cats, like any other pet, require a plethora of items to stay happy, healthy, and comfortable. Let’s take a look at some of the important products needed for a cat, along with a few that are stimulating and fun that can help keep them busy.

Cat Bowls and Water Fountains

It is very easy for a cat to become dehydrated if they don’t have access to clean drinking water. In fact, some cats are not very fond of drinking, just like people. This means it can be hard to get them to drink enough water.

Having a water bowl around is already a great idea. There are a few different materials that cat bowls are made out of, but it’s best to stay away from plastic bowls. This is because plastic is thought to be prime breeding ground for bacteria and be a cause for cat acne.

Cat acne shows up as small black bumps that look like dirt. They end up covering the chin of your cat and can cause discomfort if left untreated. If you don’t wash plastic bowls often enough, then that can occur. This is why stainless steel bowls are your best option to keep cats chins clean.

Water fountains are a popular choice when it comes to helping cats drink more water because they provide an interesting and fun layout for cats to enjoy. It encourages them to drink and will feel more like a natural resource to them.

There are many creative and complex designs out there. Some cat bowls strive to appear as cute and adorable as possible, designed with little fishes. One type of water bowl is a gravity drop where it refills as your cat drinks from it. Others are electric powered with filters and are elaborate fountains.

The space that you have can help you choose what to supply in your home. The more space you have the more fun you can supply your cat with.

Everyone Needs a Cat Carrier

You never know when emergency can strike, so you should always have a cat carrier available for each cat in your home. Cat carriers come as both solid plastic carriers with metal barred doors and as soft carriers in a bag with mesh windows and zippers.

What you choose to purchase for your cat is up to you and the personality of your pet. Soft carriers are a great option for just taking your pet to the vet. They are softer and overall more comfortable for your kitty.

If you have a cat that gets highly stressed or is larger than average then a hard carrier might be the best choice. This is because a heavy cat can weigh down a soft carrier and pin himself in. He may also be strong enough to claw a hole into the mesh bag or roll around. A hard carrier can definitely hold a large, strong cat, and keep him more protected.

Hard carriers are also the best choice for traveling because you can use a larger one and have litter and food inside of it as well.

Ultimately, the choice is up to you and your cat; you’ll know what’s best.

Cat Litter Boxes

The number one item you need in your house is a litter box. This is the place where you cat will go to the bathroom, and you want the perfect litter box to compliment your furry friend.

There are large assortments of options when it comes to litter boxes. There are self-cleaning litter boxes (a little pricier), covered litter boxes, open ended litter boxes, litter boxes disguised as furniture, and more.

What matters when it comes to choosing a litter box depends on how you respond to the scent of certain litters and how clean your cat is. Some cats have a tendency to kick out cat litter while covering their excrement. That’s normal, but can be fairly frustrating.

This is why for many people a litter box with high sides is a great option, or even a covered litter box. A covered litter box may seem like the ideal option because it keeps the litter out of sight, but it isn’t always.

A covered litter box is easy to ignore, which means you might forget to clean the litter box as often as you should. It also means more bacteria and fecal matter might end up stuck on the inside of the cover if you don’t clean it regularly.

For every one cat in your house you should have at least two litter boxes for your cat so they have options to feel safe and comfortable while using the litter.

Finding the perfect cat litter option is also fairly difficult; you’ll want to try a few different kinds to see what your cat uses best and what covers the smell up the most for you.

Cat Trees and Kitty Condos

A cat tree is a structure made up of posts and platforms covered in carpet and sisal rope. They’re meant to provide perches specifically for the cats and furniture safe for them to scratch and play on.

There are small ones, large ones, and full room ones. Picking a cat tree for your kitty can be a fun experience, though it is usually recommended to get to know your cat first to see what they might enjoy best. This is a must have for cat owners who want to make sure their cats don’t end up destroying their furniture.

Keeping your cats stimulated and comfortable is an important part of cat ownership. You want them to have enough to do during the day and products to keep them safe and comfortable. Good luck with your new forever friend, and enjoy getting to know their unique quirks.

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