Must-Have Pet Supplies for Small Dogs

Whether you’re excitedly welcoming a new puppy into the household or are rescuing an older small dog, you have so much pleasure and joy to look forward to!

Despite their pocket-sized appearance, small dogs still need plenty of space, exercise, and love to live a happy and healthy life.

Prepare yourself for the new arrival by picking up some of these must-have pet supplies for small dogs. Check out companies such as Chasing Tails for all your tiny pup’s needs, and you’ll be sure to have a new best friend in no time!

Dog bed

A designated dog bed is an excellent way of showing your new arrival that they are a member of the family with their own bed and personal space. Beds coated in (vegan) fur are great because they remind your pup of their mom’s fur. A donut dog bed is excellent for providing a relaxing spot that supports the dog’s head and neck.

Leash and collar

Even the tiniest of pups needs plenty of walks to stay happy and healthy. But before you take your dog outside, it’s vital to get a properly fitting collar and leash. This is particularly important in states that legally require you to keep your dog on a leash in public places, but is essential for all new dogs.

Washable food and water bowls, and a food mat

We’re sure you know that your dog will require food and water and should have separate bowls for each! Many dog bowls are even dishwasher safe, so cleaning them up is a breeze!

In addition to (multiple) food and water bowls, it’s a great idea to get a food mat to place these on. Dogs can be incredibly messy eaters (even the ones with little mouths). A food mat with rimmed edges will help contain the mess to an easy-to-tidy-up location.

Pet sling or stroller 

Although all dogs need exercise, super-long walks can get a bit much for tiny legs! Investing in a pet stroller can be an excellent option for smaller or older dogs who might get tired, so you don’t need to take an exhausted pup home at the first sign of struggles.

Pet slings are even better! Perfect for small dogs, these innovative products hang across your body like a purse and are perfect for tired pups. They’re also a great option if your pup suffers from anxiety as it keeps them close to your side where they feel safe.

Car seat

Dogs love varied walking routes, and a car journey can be an incredibly exciting experience for many animals! That said, car journeys can be frightening for some dogs, and a pet carrier/doggy car seat can allow them to feel more secure. Doggy car seats also connect to the seatbelt to keep your pup safe on the road.

Travel bowl or bottle

Travel bowl or bottle

For longer walks or hot days, a travel bowl or bottle can be a lifesaver for keeping your dog hydrated on the go.

It’s also a good idea to take treats on your walk, especially while your pup is still training, plus a small container of food.

Plenty of toys! 

Obviously, your pup is going to want plenty of playtime with you! Getting a good range of different toys is key to keeping your puppy active in body and mind. Kong toys are great, as are any treat-distributing toys that require your dog to solve a puzzle to get to the treat inside.

In addition to puzzle toys, you should be sure to get some durable balls, ropes, and plush toys to play with. Be careful, though; poorly constructed toys can be a choking hazard for small dogs and won’t stand up to chewing or games!

Waterproof and machine washable toys are also well worth the investment for literal mucky pups!


Big or small, dogs have an annoying tendency to roll in fragrances they find appealing… Unfortunately, these smells tend to be far less appealing for unfortunate humans who have to live with them! Getting some quality shampoo and conditioner for your pup ahead of time will be a dogsend when the time comes for an emergency bath!


If you’re rescuing your pup, chances are they’re already crate trained. If not, you may wish to go through this process yourself. Crate training is brilliant for giving your dog a safe space and minimizing anxiety when your dog is left alone.

Poop bags

We’ve all been out for a walk only to discover the pavements littered with dog poop from disrespectful and selfish owners. Don’t be one of those people; make sure you always take biodegradable poop bags on every walk. Keep them close to the dog’s leash, so you don’t forget and always be sure to have a decent supply: you never know when they might come in handy.

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