The Perfect Pup Photoshoot: 7 Tips for Taking Pictures of Dogs

If including your pup in the family photos is important to you, this guide is for you! Learn how to take the best pictures of dogs here.

Lots of pet owners refer to themselves as parents. If you’re a proud dog mom or dad, then your phone is probably full of pictures of them.

Even though we love our four-legged friends, taking good pictures of dogs can seem like an impossible feat. Whether your dog is hyper, lazy, or timid, you may have to snap a hundred photos of them before you find one that you like. The good news is that there are plenty of different ways you can make your photoshoot sessions much easier and faster.

Do you want to learn how to take pictures of dogs? Keep reading for the top 7 tips learned hrough trial and error over the years.

  1. Choose the Right Location

Good dog photos make your pup the star of the show. If you have a background that’s full of clutter, it can take away from your dog’s presence. This is why it’s important to choose a location that doesn’t look too busy.

Taking photos outside is always easier because your dog will be more relaxed and you can take advantage of natural lighting. If you want to snap some action shots, they’ll have plenty of space to run around.

If you want photos that look more professional and staged, you can create the perfect backdrop by hanging a crisp sheet behind them. No matter where you take pictures, be sure to avoid using flash photography because the light will startle them and make it harder for you to continue the photoshoot.

  1. Choose the Perfect Camera

Once you figure out where you want to take pictures, you’ll need to bring along the right equipment for the job. Most casual pet owners use their smartphones to take pictures. If you learn a few simple tricks, you can get high-quality photos by using your phone. One of the most helpful tools you can use on your phone camera is the burst speed, which will help you take stunning action shots.

Do you have a fancy camera that you can put to use? If so, you can get breathtaking dog pictures. People who plan on taking pictures outside should be careful not to damage their expensive camera while facing the elements.

Whether you’re using your smartphone or a professional camera, make sure you set up every shot perfectly by readjusting the focus. There’s nothing worse than taking a bunch of amazing shots only to realize that the quality is blurry later. The eyes are one of the best spots to focus on because nobody can resist the charm of puppy-dog eyes.

  1. Use Treats to Get Their Attention

Your dog loves you, but even the most obedient breeds can have a hard time sitting still for pictures. This is especially true if they’re too excited because you’re so close and all they want to do is kiss you. Since all animals are food-driven, this means you can bribe them to pose how you’d like.

Treats are a great way to keep your dog happy during a potentially stressful or tedious photoshoot experience. Aside from keeping their spirits lifted, you can also hold treats behind the camera so you can get shots of them making eye contact. Depending on how many photos you want to take, you might want to break their treats into smaller pieces to avoid overfeeding them.

  1. Consider Using Props

Although props aren’t necessary, they can add a lot of personality to your photos. Since there’s a wide range of different objects you can include in the pictures, you can capture funny, sweet, mischievous, and adventurous moments.

For example, having your dog pose with baby shoes and an ultrasound picture can be a beautiful way to document a pregnancy. Dressing your dog up in a spider or clown costume and photographing them while they run toward the camera could lead to a hilarious and creepy Halloween photo. If you have a dog that’s notoriously naughty, you can make them sit next to a mess they’ve made with a sign that says, “I swear I’ve been good” to use as your next Christmas card.

  1. Work Around Your Dog’s Temperament

Taking pictures of dogs will be a different experience with every pet. Knowing your dog’s personality will help you plan the perfect photoshoot.

If you have a hyper dog, try taking them for a long walk before you take pictures so they’ll be more relaxed. If you have a lazy dog, try taking them to the park or another location that gets them excited. Shy dogs will need lots of praise, treats, and cuddles to feel confident around the camera.

  1. Play with Angles

One of the best angles you can use while you take photos of your dog is eye-level. If you get down on the ground with your dog, you’ll be able to see their face more clearly. Since you’ll be closer to them, they’re much more likely to look happier, too.

It’s also important that you feel free to experiment with other angles that capture your dog’s essence the best. If you have a dog who stands up on their hind legs to beg, you can get an adorable shot with the camera angled down on them while they pose.

  1. Do a Little Editing to Take Your Photos to the Next Level

Once you have a promising batch of photos, you should go through them and choose your favorites. After you’ve narrowed your options down, it’s worth taking the time to tweak each photo to improve the quality. Contrast, brightness, and saturation are a few elements that can make a huge difference. By visiting, you can learn how you to use your iPad as a second monitor so you can make even better edits.

Getting Great Pictures of Dogs Can Be Easy

Now that you know how to take beautiful pictures of dogs, you can become the best pup paparazzi. These tips will come in handy when you want to photograph your dog or if you want to help your friend capture some heartwarming pictures of their pet.

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