Pet Hair Care Rules: What You Can and Can’t Do

If you have a pet, you should know the main grooming dos and don’ts to provide your fluffy friend with proper care and required living conditions.

Pet Hair Care Rules: What You Can and Can’t Do

Every person who reflects on getting a pet should understand that such a decision involves a high responsibility level. You will have to take care of their eating schedule and entertainment if you want to see a happy four-legged companion. Besides, you will have to develop pet grooming skills and become its hairdresser. Indeed, your pet’s fur doesn’t just help it look charming and protect from cold, but it is a kind of indicator of its health and immunity. An experienced veterinarian can determine the presence of chronic diseases and even your pet’s age based on its fur condition. And if you want your pet to stay healthy and look beautiful, you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the main hair care rules. Besides, it will not be superfluous to examine cat and dog food reviews to provide your pet with proper nutrition. A comprehensive approach will guarantee that your furry friend gets everything necessary to live a happy life. So, what are the key dos and don’ts you should pay attention to?

1. Bathe

Back in the days, people believed that it is enough to bathe a dog twice a year, while a cat can do everything itself. However, it has turned out that you should wash your dog every third month or oftener, depending on its breed and health issues. The same goes for cats. If you have an exhibition animal, you should bath it a week before the show. And if your dog is an owner of cute wrinkles or loose facial skin, you should clean their folds with a wet cotton cloth and carefully dry these areas, especially when it’s damp and dirty outside. Otherwise, your pet may start suffering from irritation caused by dirt and germs.

Don’t use your shampoo to wash your pet. Your pet’s skin is practically devoid of sweat and sebaceous glands, so your acid balances (pH) do not coincide. It is the main reason you should not wash your pet even with the highest quality and most expensive human shampoos. Of course, after a couple of such procedures, the hair of your furry friend will not disappear and may even retain its original shine and fluffiness. However, the process of regression of hair follicles has already started, and you will see how your pet’s hair worsens after a couple of months of such bathing. Pet cosmetics are ideal for their skin and fur, and such products contain special components that contribute to hair regeneration. You can find a shampoo for a specific breed in any pet store.

Do not let water get into your pet’s ears. After bathing, you can dry the fur with a hairdryer, but make sure to keep it at a distance.

2. Brush

When it comes to hair care, you cannot do without grooming. Choose a suitable brush or comb based on your pet’s breed and the length of its hair. Thus, a regular comb or a rubber glove may be enough for short-haired pets, but if you are an owner of a long-haired breed, you may need a massage brush and even a slicker brush, not to mention a tooth comb. If you make grooming a part of your daily routine, you will avoid tangles.

Well, of course, the intensity and regularity of grooming depend on your pet’s hair. Thus, dogs with short, smooth fur require brushing once a week. However, if your pet has long, gorgeous hair, daily brushing is a must. Otherwise, you will face a huge problem in the form of numerous tangles in a week.

Besides, bear in mind that you should help your old-aged cat clean its hair since it can hardly do everything so accurately as it did before. The best prevention of mats is timely bathing and brushing. In autumn and winter, you can use sprays and shampoos that soften the fur’s structure and reduce static electricity. And if you have noticed some skin problems, be sure to revise the pet’s diet and study unbiased cat food reviews since its nutrition plays a crucial role here, and the lack of vitamins and minerals lead to the deterioration in hair state.

Don’t forget that you should groom your pet’s tail too. And if you have to clip the hair, stay away from its skin not to hurt the animal.

3. Trim

It can be a great idea to trim your furry friend’s hair slightly but don’t shave it under any pretext if there is no medical need. If you decide to cut some hair, trim only dry and clean fur around its face, feet, and tail if necessary. One should be triple careful when trimming the hair around the face and ears. If you cannot make your pet stand still for a while, it is better to postpone this procedure.

During this period, a pet should get used to scissors in your hand. Thus, you can pretend to cut its hair while treating the pet with its favorite goodies. It is easier to trim small and large animals while they are standing.

Shih tzu dog grooming with comb and scissors.

Before you decide to trim your pet in a hot season, you should know that many long-haired breeds are protected from overheating and sunburn by a thick undercoat. There is a risk that after trimming, the animal may get a burn.

You should pay special attention to the paws of wire-haired and long-haired dog breeds. Hair that gets matted between the fingers can bring painful sensations. 

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