Pet Odor in Carpets: Removal Tips

Pet odor is inevitable when you’re a pet owner. The fancy and fluffy nature of a carpet makes the absorption of liquid like urine, and sweat possible. As a result, the carpets begin to smell. The odor that emanates from your carpet can be taken care of and your guest does not necessarily knowing you have a pet when they visit. Your house can retain its fresh and clean state when you use these tips.

Neutralize Odors through the use of vinegar

Vinegar is the perfect solution for a cleaner and brighter carpet. Instead of using soap during cleaning, run vinegar through your cleaning machine. When you’re through, rinse your machine with warm water and soap.

Scrub Your Pets Regularly

Pets like dogs and cats usually shed hair. The hair that was shed then lands on your carpet, which builds up over time and starts to smell. Take a few minutes daily to brush your pet to avoid this. Doing this will not only reduce the possibility of having a smelly carpet but also keep your pet healthy. Also, since vacuum bag is affected by the hair, there won’t be a need for you to change it when there’s no hair on your carpet.

Use Standard Vacuum

Use standard vacuums as cheap vacuums have filter and seal issues. Invest in a quality vacuum by checking them out on With a standard vacuum, you can get rid of the tiniest particles. When needed, change your filters and bags as soon as you can.

Get Expert Cleaners

Hiring a professional will help you remove thick dirt through the use of hot water extraction. Cleaning once every year helps your carpet to remain clean and increase its lifespan. So, investing in a professional cleaning service is very beneficial.

Clean Stains Immediately

When your carpet gets stained, ensure you clean it immediately. When you do this, your carpet will always remain clean with only a few dirt. Ensure the odor of any stain is gotten rid of by making of use of baking soda or vinegar when cleaning out liquids and sometimes solids.

Use Special Powder

You can get special powders from the local grocery store around you. It will help get rid of pet odors. Use special powders by sprinkling it on your carpet to give it a pleasant smell. Special powder work like baking soda by helping you absorb and get rid of bad odor. The major difference between special powder and baking soda is that the baking soda doesn’t give your carpet a lovely scent while special powder does.

Cinnamon and Baking Soda

Before running your vacuum cleaner, you can sprinkle a mixture of baking soda and a little cinnamon to give your carpet a refreshing smell. After cleaning, you can spray a combination of your best essential oil and water around the room. Doing this will keep your home refreshed and clean until the next time you clean.

Vacuum Properly

Proper vacuuming is essential as it ensures that your carpet is spotless. As you move your vacuum backward, it absorbs more dirt. When it’s moving forward, move the vacuum swiftly but slow down when it’s moving towards you. Work from left to right by moving in straight lines. Repeat this procedure until you’re done vacuuming.

Vacuum Frequently

Vacuuming regularly helps a lot. Your carpet will not have to deal with sticky stains that’ll be difficult to remove. It keeps away parasites and fleas from your carpet, enabling a healthy environment for your pets. If you own a pet, you should vacuum daily or do it three times every week if you don’t have the luxury of daily cleaning. Your home will be sparkling when you remove dog and cat hair and vacuum regularly.

Detect Stains with UV Light

Using a Ultraviolet light will help you see small stains that you can’t easily detect with your eyes alone. Some stains will remain even after a thorough cleaning. Clean the stains and remove odors by using vinegar, baking soda, or peroxide.

Use Vinegar and Water

Fill a mixture of an equal amount of water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray it around your home. It will settle on your carpet as it evaporates and replaces the odors in your carpet with a sweet fragrance.

Cleaning Soiled Feet

As your dog moves around, it can bring soiled paws into the house, which leaves sticky mud stains on your carpet. Ensure you prevent this by putting a large outdoor mat at the entrance of your home and just after the door. Alternatively, you can keep an old towel at the entrance of your home, which will be used in wiping off your dog’s soiled paws when the need arises.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Essential Oils

A mixture of two cups of hydrogen peroxide and twenty-four drops of any essential oil of your choice will help achieve a better-vacuumed carpet. When mixing, ensure the essential oil and hydrogen peroxide is thoroughly mixed. Sprinkle it over your carpet and leave it for about 10 minutes before vacuuming.

Invest in Automated Pans

Cats like to pee in hidden places like behind your cushion, furniture or other private areas. This may be frustrating as you’ll have to search for where the smell is emanating from when you notice it.

The best measure is to get a litter pan and clean regularly or better still, get an automated pan. If you’re a very busy person, an automated pan will do most of the job for you. Also, as long as their usual peeing place is always clean and ready to use, cats will most likely use them.

Keeping your carpet clean without odor if you have a pet is achievable as long as you’re able to vacuum your carpet and brush your pets regularly. This will help prevent your carpet from smelling as a result of build-up of dirt. However, if you don’t have the inclination or time to do the cleaning, contact us for professional cleaning services and get the sparkles that your home deserves.

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