Pitbull Dog Price Range – What to Keep In Mind When Buying Pitbull Puppies?

The mix between Bulldog and Terrier is American Pitbull Terrier (also known as just Pitbulls). But is it solely for the appearance that you want to know what is the Pitbull dog price range? Or it is also because of their unique characteristics, behavioral too aside from just physical?

Whatever the case, the cost of buying and adopting brave, strong American Pitbull Terriers is a part of this post. But then you also need to understand that there are multiple factors that determine the cost. Such as gender, documentation, physical attributes, and the like.

So let’s find out as much as possible from all possible sources…

American Pitbull Terrier – Where to Buy?

What is the Pitbull dog price range actually depends on the source from where you choose to buy. And those sources are as follows…

1. Professional Pitbull Breeders – Average Cost $2,000

By professional, I mean certified breeders. They sell Pitbull dogs for around $2,000. But a lot goes into this than just that. Meaning you have to select a professional, trusted breeder that knows how breeding is done. And more importantly, how to go about it humanely without putting the health and well-being of the animal at risk.

If the breeder is one of the many infamous backyard types, they’re guilty of selective breeding. And that, no doubt, gives rise to unhealthy, unstable temperament problems in a dog like Pitbull. Along with several other serious health concerns too.

On the other hand, responsible breeders take all the necessary steps required for producing puppies that have a friendly, playful nature. So these dogs grow up to be nothing but gentle, obedient, affectionate, loving, protective, and lots more. Unlike the most common myth that Pitbulls cannot be pets because of their aggressive nature. It’s all about the upbringing and surrounding environment.

A good breeder takes care of early training and socialization practices. More often than not, they also provide information with regards to the puppy’s genetic history and overall health.

2. Through Someone You Know and Trust – Average Cost $1,200

Personal connections can get you places for sure. In this case, it can actually get you a Pitbull pup for a much lower cost. So that’s a huge advantage. Just make sure you know that person well enough. Meaning it’s better if he/she is a part of your family or a friend, work buddy, or something like that.

If you have and can interact with this person directly, then getting access to information like the parents of the dog is much easier. This way, you can also find out more about the little creature’s social skills, personality, temperament, etc.

3. Kennel Clubs – Average Cost 2,200

Now here’s the very fortunate truth. Kennel Clubs sell puppies only to those individuals and families that are genuine animal lovers. So if you’re someone who actually values the lives of dogs, you can get a pup from a Kennel. But then if the organization isn’t even slightly convinced with regards to your attitude toward the Pitbull, they’re certainly not going to go ahead with the deal.

The $2,200 price tag is indeed the highest in comparison to the other sources mentioned above. Plus, the process involved is more time-consuming as well. But then you can’t beat the exceptional initial plus after-care services Kennel Clubs provide. They also tell you all about the dog’s diet, local vets, dog training coaches, etc.

And you can throw just about any question at Kennels before, during, or after the whole procedure, or transaction if you may. So there’s no doubt it’s an excellent choice to buy your Pitbull pup from a well-recognized Kennel club.

4. Adoption – Average Cost Between $100 and $300

By far, the most practical and let me also say the most righteous way of getting a Pitbull or any other breed is adoption. There’s no shortage of adoption/rescue centers that give you the puppy for only $100-$300. Simply head on to the Pet Finder website and you can look for a pup within your area.

But then these communities usually don’t provide official papers or anything of the sort. So if that’s okay with you, which it should be because you’re adopting a dog that really needs a home, then this is just the way to go.

Pitbull Dog Price Range – But Then Why Do the Prices Vary?

Because of gender

Gender is a huge determinant here. Simply because both genders are not similarly priced. Sometimes female dogs have a higher cost since they can spawn a greater number of puppies. And more puppies mean more value.

But then sometimes male dogs are more expensive because of their bulkier and stronger body structure. More often than not, when it’s a stud breed, their male puppies are costlier. No doubt, they carry all the good-quality DNA from his male parent for better looks, personality traits, social skills, and the like.

Because documentation is more expensive

Meaning? Canines that come with papers (AKC certification, pedigree, etc.) are generally more expensive. There also official papers that show that the dog’s lineage has “championship” blood in them. So it’s only natural for the pup to inherit the same qualities from the predecessors.

But then, thankfully, it’s not always so driven in terms of physical abilities. You can also wish to see the dog’s papers for checking his/her temperament. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter where the dog comes from, as long as you train and love the little creature, there are bound to be no behavioral issues.

Because of certain “special” physical attributes

Pitbulls with certain physical characteristics are obviously higher priced. For example, Pitbull pups with a red or blue nose are more expensive because these are very rare colors to see on the breed.

BUT then please don’t buy into this kind of supply because, more often than not, it’s just plain scam that encourages nefarious breeders. Instead, focus more on the dog’s health, vaccinations, behavioral traits, temperaments, and factors like that.

Final Words

Pitbulls are labeled as aggressive and not fit for families. But the truth of the matter is that NO dog breed is any more dangerous than the other. Pitbulls, when trained and cared for properly, are extremely loving, protective, and family-oriented. Much like every other canine breed!

But when it comes to buying, the price certainly varies. Depending on what type of breeder, gender, age, physical attributes, and things like that. On average though, Pitbull puppies cost $1,500. But, needless to say, adopting one is only $100-$300.

Lisa Thompson

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