How To Provide Easily Accessible Rubbing Pleasure To Cats

Being a cat owner is great fun – we get that, but it’s not just that! Having a pet cat provides you social, environmental and health advantages you can take pride in. Let’s start with health benefits.

Remarkably enough, your fluffy and cuddly buddy will help in decreasing the risk of encountering a heart attack. Studies have confirmed that owning cats lower your stress levels which prevents the heart from becoming weaker.

Their soft purring sounds are proven to impart a positive effect on your joint mobility and healing speeds after an injury. Also, they provide you with enjoyable moments that secrete hormones that are beneficial for your emotional health.

As for the social advantages, they make you responsible because catering to their needs is a task that requires punctuality and adaptiveness. They help you make more friends and discussing cats could just be the ice breaker you need for a conversation.

Additionally, most cats love eating fish and dairy products in fewer amounts as compared to dogs so, their carbon footprint is less comparatively which is good for the environment.

While cats have various personality traits, bunting or rubbing their heads against humans or objects is one of them. It’s important to provide them a sort of rubbing pleasure or stroking as it satisfies their instincts but before we discuss that, let’s first get to know ‘bunting’.

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Bunting in cats

Why do cats rub their heads against objects – the reason is their natural tendency to develop ownership and expressing affection by spreading scent marks. This is what happens:

Cats have various pheromone producing glands mainly present beneath the chin and edge of the mouth. It’s important for them to spread scent through these glands on the surface in order to establish their ‘territory’.

Another reason for doing it is to show fondness. Cats generally rub your lap, legs or bodies of other friendly pets as a sign that she is ready to trust you and want you to be a part of its tribe.

Providing rubbing pleasure to your cat

Now that we have discussed their rubbing instinct, it’s time we learn how to fulfill it. As a matter of fact, you have to work in an office or go to college for study so you wouldn’t always be there for her to caress her chin softly or run fingers through her hair gently.

You must have a gadget which can look after them in case of your absence.

Self groomer brush

This item can adhere to any corner surface or flat walls at a manageable height for your pet cat. She can rub her head and body against it which will catch any loose hair and style her fur perfectly.

Pet owners often complain that they find loose cat hair lying everywhere in the house. This self groomer could reduce this likelihood as it would concentrate their hair to one particular place. It can be inserted out of the frame for easy cleaning too.

Several bugs and mites live inside the fur of the cat which can cause different infections and diseases. This includes demodicosis which is caused by Demodex and may cause skin inflammation and itching.

Others are scabies that causes skin scaling and Ctenocephalides felis which can result in serious hair loss. It helps in the prevention of all these. Available in three different colors, you can attach them to color-compliment surfaces.

Pet grooming gloves

As technology has advanced, inventors and designers now consider matters that were previously never looked in to. These gloves are one of those inventions.

It helps to clean your cat’s fur and straighten up their curdled or ruffled hair. The presence of cuspidal and orbicular nodes on them work in conjunction to massage their bodies and catch loose hair. You can fix one day of a week or two days of a month depending on the breed of the cat for this grooming-cum-cleaning session.

Brushes for short-haired and long-haired cats

If you have breeds like Abyssinian or Manx, you would need a fine-toothed comb or a bristle brush to style their short hair. Firstly, get rid of any loose hair by running fingers in the direction of the cat’s head after which, comb her fur the other way. Even once a week is enough.

For long-haired species like Persian and Balinese, you have to comb them once a day. For them, get a wide-toothed comb and follow the same practice as discussed above. You can also make certain attractive hair patterns over their fur. Use a rubber glove, in the end, to capture any loose hair left.

If your cat becomes restless during the practice, be sure to halt and then start over again once she is relaxed.

Benefits of grooming cat’s hair

Certainly, this grooming is beneficial for the beauty and health of the cat. It prevents the formation of hairballs which can cause intestinal blockages and discomfort as the result of ejected damp clumps of hair through their mouths.

It enhances their blood circulation which eventually improves the health of their hair. Brushing also stimulates the production of oil which is necessary for a shiny and healthy skin surface.

Then, they provide you an opportunity to locate hazardous fleas and mites smartly hidden in their fur which may cause different health conditions discussed above.

Emotionally speaking, it helps to develop a strong bond between you and your pet cat. Knowing that you have arranged something specifically for them in the shape of a self groomer will develop trust within them while brushing them in your lap will sprinkle flakes of love in between. You would like that, no?

As stated in the start, cats are a lovely pet to have and taking care of them should not feel a task, rather it should be a naturally occurring responsibility. It is only justified that an animal that is providing you with so much joy and comfort receives the same amount of respect from your side.

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