How to Raise A Calm and Friendly Dog

Have you ever wondered why or how your neighbour’s dog constantly seem to in a friendly and relaxed state all the time?

No, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with breed. Read on to find out how you can raise your dog to be a calm and friendly pet because well, nobody would want their dog to constantly barks or snaps at simply anything.

Introduce Them To Other Animals

Perhaps not something new to many of you, but the very first thing you should do is to expose your dog to other animals, starting from young. It can be as simple as introducing them to another fellow doggie, or say to cats, birds etc.

What this does it letting them know that there are other animals that exist besides themselves and you (their owner), so that when they get older, they will not feel anxious or get agitated when they see another because they will then already be familiar with such a circumstance.

Some examples of how you can do that is by enrolling them in a dog daycare centre whereby they will be grouped together with other doggies of a similar temperamental. Or you can arrange playdates with your friends’ dogs so that your pup can play and learn how to socialise with other doggies.

If say your pup has its biological family still, you can wait until at least after 8 to 10 weeks before taking it away because time spent with its mother and siblings is probably one of the best teacher for it to learn how to get along with other animals.

Expose Them To Different Situations

Do you know why some dogs get so restless and agitated (fearful even for some) when they were exposed to new environments at an older age? Yup, it is because they’d never experience them from young.

Let’s take a trip to the groomers for example. If your pup wasn’t groomed from young, bringing it to the groomers at a later age may prove to be a stressful event for them each and every time – just the sound of the nail trimmers will probably cause them to shiver or go into a frenzy.

So yes, expose your pet to these experiences and habits early so that they will get used to it and not feel agitated when they mature.

Strike A Balance Between Indoors and Outdoors

Similarly, do not restrain your pup to just being at your home or say, the backyard. You would want to bring it to the parks, enrol him into a daycare, even a stroll or jog around the neighbourhood would do wonders.

The key thing here is to let your dog strike a balance between being indoors and outdoors so that they can get familiar with the surroundings. They will be able to sniff at trees, look at other fellow animals and generally, just get used to the presence of having other beings be it humans, cars or other objects around them. Not only does this prevent them from getting into a frenzy mode from being exposed to the outdoors suddenly, they also get to learn how to behave around other people (and dogs) besides you, the owner.

So yes, raising a friendly and calm pet is not as hard as you may think. They key issue is to expose your pet to as many different situations and environments as possible from as young as you can.

Enrolling your pup into a dedicated dog daycare centre in Melbourne is one good way to go because that’d essentially be one step that fulfils all the above. On top of that, you get experienced professionals to guide and nurture your pup into being a confident and sociable dog along the way. Start today and do not put it off any longer!

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