How to Set Up a Tank for Your Betta Fish

Betta fish is one of the most graceful and exotic fish out there. The betta has glorious fins and vibrant colors that make it different from every other fish. Besides, it is a good option if you’re thinking of petting a fish.

However, if you intend to keep a betta in your home then it really deserves good care and a lovely comfy home.

Well, this article will walk you through how you can set up a tank for your Betta fish and how to give your charming fish a nice home.

Setting Up a Tank – Is it Easy?

It might sound easy but setting up a tank isn’t an easy task, rather it is a mission that requires planning and solid execution. There are certain things – such as choosing a proper tank with a filter and a heater, choosing a right place for it, decorating it up – that you need and have to do in order to keep your betta fish cheerful and relaxed in its new home.

However, before buying an aquarium tank for your betta fish, we would recommend that you go through betta tank reviews which would help you shortlist tanks for your betta fish and make the best choice. 

How Can You Choose the Best Betta Tank?

As a new aquarist, you should buy the tank and set it before you bring your new pet home. Besides, it’s important that the size of your tank goes with the size of your betta fish. Otherwise, a closed confined space will only make your betta uncomfortable and sick. Plus, we don’t want that, do we?

It is true that the betta fish is usually found in shallow water, but that doesn’t mean they are keen on living in a closed space. It would be best that you purchase a large tank, perhaps a 5 to 10-gallon tank would be great. Moreover, you can also go for a larger tank – the bigger the tank the better it is.

The large tank ensures an easy formation of the nitrogen cycle owing to the low volume of water. Certainly, it will keep your betta happy and comfortable. However, smaller tanks can also formulate a nitrogen cycle, but it takes longer to form. 

We would recommend that you go through betta tank reviews, that would help you shortlist tanks for your betta fish and make a better choice. 

Setting Up a Filter

Bettas’ long, streaming balances make it hard for them to swim in solid ebbs and flows. So you’ll have to buy a ‘delicate’ filter.  Even though bettas originate from still waters, you still would need a filter for your tank. 

A filter will help keep your tank clean and it will reduce the probability of bacteria growing in your tank and causing disease. Moreover, it is advised that if you purchase a filter, it has a greater GPH (Gallons per hour) than the tank – it will ensure that clean water is always available for your betta.

Setting Up a Heater

You might not have known this, but you also need a heater for a fish tank because, in the event that the temperature drops excessively low, it will give a gateway to infections and bacteria. But it shouldn’t be too high as well, otherwise, it’s going to accelerate your betta’s ageing process.

Pick a heater that allows you to regulate the temperature, so it’s easy to control the temperature. Moreover, you should purchase a submarine radiator which can keep the temperature between 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Furthermore, you’d like to have the option to effortlessly monitor the temperature. Therefore, take a look at available options and choose the one that suits your needs.

Lighting it Up

Consider setting up a source of light for your betta fish. As it sleeps in the dark and wakes up when it’s light. Hence, set up lights whose intensity you can control to allow your betta to make its own schedule.

Is it Important to gravel Up the Tank?

It might come as a surprise but gravels tend to play a very important part in maintaining the ecosystem of the tank. It tends to break down waste and allows useful bacteria to grow.

However, bettas swim at all levels, and it’s regular for a betta to swim along the base. Therefore, you should purchase little or smooth rocks so your betta doesn’t hurt itself.

What About Decorations and Plants?

Your betta will definitely love swimming in a tank that contains caverns to cover up in and plants to lay low in. Your betta will definitely enjoy relaxing on leaves and caverns. However, live plants are, in every case, great since they’ll keep the water fresh and clean and furnish your betta with a natural environment.

Don’t use plastic or silk decorations in the tank otherwise, it might just end up cutting or damaging its delicate fins or skin. Keep your tank clean and decorated, otherwise, it will bore your betta fish.


Just make sure the aquarium is well placed and has all the factors that have been mentioned above. Once you have set it all up just fill it up with water and you have made a home for your Siamese fighting fish.

Let your betta fish swim around and get cozy in its new home. Hopefully, this article proves helpful for you and aids in creating a clean, pleasing home for your new fellow.

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