Should You Buy A Dog Safety Harness For Your Car?

Dogs love car rides. It gets them excited and they just love getting the wind on their faces. They would usually stick their head out the window while having their tongue out. It makes them so happy that they are about to go on an adventure with their loving owner (To know more about it, click here).

Most of the time dogs think that every time they get into the car it’s going to be another trip to the vet. Usually, this is the only reason they get to ride in the car. Many dogs associate each car ride = a trip to the vet. They become anxious whenever they get into the car as of their previous experiences.

We’ve got to admit that each time we bring them they get an injection or a shot from the vet that they inculcate it in their minds that this car ride is going to hurt or will be another scary event.

It doesn’t have to be that way though. We as owners should also give them a good trip along with the bad ones to pacify each car ride. We can also take them on a road trip so we can ease away the trauma that came from a ride to the vet.

Take note, don’t give them a long-distance trip though. This isn’t that easy for animals to stay inside a car that long. We can just take them on shorter trips like going to the park or maybe buying their food so they’ll also think of a car ride as fun.

Speaking of car rides, always remember to also bring whatever is needed by your pet when you get them inside the car. Make sure you bring along some water, dog bites (snacks), their leash and one should also prepare a dog harness.

Just like babies or toddlers, we prepare car seats with belts and a safety chair so they are well seated and kept safe. Dogs need that too, yes they do. Some dogs would move around inside the car while you are driving or some might jump out the window. Incidents like that may happen if we don’t secure their safety and get them seated properly.

We all know that dogs are playful in nature so we always need to keep in mind that we have to secure them while we are driving so we won’t get into any accidents. At the same time, we also need to think about their safety to get a smooth car ride.

You can always check for some amazing finds and choices of car harness. Here are the top 6 dog car harnesses any dog owner can find online. Since we agree with the list, we decided to summarize the things you should expect from these harnesses below.

Kurgo Dog Harness and D-Ring for No Pull Training 

As much as we don’t want to we also need to keep our pet safe from any possible crash. It is crash tested with certified buckles that will make any pet owner confident about their pet having life-saving protection. It also includes a no-pull D-ring so you can teach your dog not to pull as you are walking them.

 Custom Fit Dog Harness and Chest Plate by EzyDog

The product has a seatbelt restraint that will secure your dog to the seatbelt of your car. It has a signature aspect, the ergonomic chest plate made of high-grade foam that will provide your pet the utmost comfort during long walks. It is made to fit different chest sizes so your canines remain comfy all the time.

Might Paw Car Dog Harness 

This harness is made from high-quality materials to ensure durability when used. It is also breathable and has padding to give your dog comfort while traveling. Its seat belt harness can also be attached to your vehicle for crash safety.

Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness 

Pawaboo comes with a seatbelt lead clip than can be attached to the harness and you can secure it to your car’s seatbelt. It also has fast-release buttons so you can put it on and take it off quickly and easily.

It also has a padded chest plate, made from a durable oxford fabric and has stainless steel snap hooks that you’ll surely love. Plus, this comes in 4 different sizes and 9 assorted colors to choose from.

Lukovee Dog Safety Vest Harness with Seatbelt

This item can be used whenever you’d like to take your dog in the car or taking them out for a quick stroll. To prevent injuries during a crash this harness has a feature that functions as a safety belt for car seats for pet containment.

You even don’t have to remove this anymore since it is readily attached to the harness anytime, anywhere. It is made from a double mesh fabric that can absorb sweat and keep your dog from getting too much heat. Its straps are adjustable to get the right fit.

Safety Harness for Car Travels by EzyDog  

This item has been tested for relevant safety standards in the US, Europe and even in Australia. It includes two webbing handles along the top of the harness so you can feed the seatbelt before connecting it to your car’s slot. It is very safe and efficient to use. Not to mention, it has different sizes that can be adjusted according to your dog’s body shape.

It’s up to you which one will you buy but, if you want your dogs to be safe always while riding on a car you may consider and choose any from above choices.

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