How to Stop a Dog from Peeing in The House? (4 most effective remedies)

Let me tell you something. Having a dog pee in the house can be amazing, right? But where your dog pees is the main question. It’s a matter of how smelly and disgusting your home can get. Dogs pee everywhere if you don’t train them. The carpet, pillows, sofa, beg, you name it!

This article talks about how to stop a dog from peeing in the house. In fact, it’s the Potty Training 101 for every dog owner out there. So if you’re tired of living with the odor of urine in your home. Or you want to avoid dealing with stink carpets altogether. You should probably read this thoroughly.

Before I tell you how to stop a dog from peeing in the house. I want to talk about why your dog is still peeing in the house. This will be quick because it will help you understand the next step.

Causes of Your Dog Peeing in The House

The simplest reason is that your dog hasn’t been trained. New dogs or puppies don’t know where to pee. They’re often confused and under a lot of stress in a new home. So peeing where they think the fit is often the only thing they do.

However, there’s more to inappropriately peeing in the house. It goes beyond the lack of potty training. Here’s why.

Sometimes, your dog may pee to communicate with you. Expressing a health concern such as Urinary Tract Infections. A vet will perform a simple urine check and you’ll know. Never get mad and yell at your dog for peeing in the house. It’s always wise to reach out for professional help. Rather than jumping to your own conclusions.

Anything from inflammation, bladder obstruction, or bladder stones may be an issue. So get it checked immediately if this abnormal peeing behavior persists.

Lastly, besides behavioral problems, there’s aging and incontinence. Senior dogs often lack the strength to go outside and pee. So they pee where they often rest or sleep or even feed. Other factors like dementia, arthritis, or kidney disease may also cause this.

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How to Stop a Dog from Peeing in the House

1. Re-Training Your Dog

Sometimes all your dog needs is a gentle reminder. Going back to basics and potty training your dog can be helpful. If your dog, after having been potty trained, continues to do this. Just repeat the steps you took when you first potty trained him.

2. Keep the House Odor-Free

This is if you’ve caught your dog peeing in the house multiple times. I don’t have to tell you that urine has a strong odor. And it tends to latch on to things even if you clean up properly. So if the smell lingers, your dog is more likely to pee in the same spot twice.

Removing the scent is a task but it can be a step towards changing your dog’s peeing habit. If your dog smells cleanliness and not urine, he may not pee in the house at all. It’s a tried and tested formula – you must give it a shot!

You can buy strong cleaning detergent. Like an ammonia-based or an enzyme-based one. It’s more likely to get rid of the urine smell than standard soap.

Many pet stores have spot cleaning agents to get rid of the urine odor completely. It’s worth a try if your dog is constantly peeing on your carpet. And there’s no way to get rid of the urine smell from it even after washing it a few times.

3. Taking Your Dog Outdoors More Often

If humans can have a small bladder, why can’t dogs? The average, healthy dog pees at least 4-5 times a day. It’s also true that as the dog grows older, the longer is his capacity to hold pee in. But that’s not always ideal especially if you have a choice.

If you have the time or make the time to take your dog for a walk. Well, do it more often to keep your dog from peeing the house. Your dog may pee in the house to inform you of this. Don’t show aggression or beat your dog over this! It’s unnatural and irresponsible.

Instead, take more pee breaks by taking your dog out for a walk. Even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes each time. It has more benefits than an empty bladder, you know. A well-rested and happy dog is a great companion at home.

4. Eliminate Triggers

Your dog may act strangely in the house by peeing where he never does. This may be a sign of anxiety or nervousness or fear. Notice any sudden changes in and around your home. Have you moved some furniture around? Is there some kind of construction going on? Is there a new dog right next door?

Dogs pee when they’re anxious. I mean, that’s why so many dogs and cats pee while getting bathed. It’s new, they hate water unless of course, your pet loves water, and so they pee. Maybe they pee directly on you while you’re giving them a bath. This isn’t conjecture, it actually happens!

So the best thing to do is to reduce or eliminate the triggers. If it can’t be helped, resort to the third step which is to take your dog for walks or pee breaks more often. Or you can also re-train your dog how to potty train and always remain patient and humble. Shouting or hitting them is terribly wrong!


It’s not easy taking care of a dog. But with the best pet guide and training tips, it could get easier. This article teaches you how to be observant and present. Your dog’s life is wholly dependent on yours. How you take care of him, feed him, and treat him.

If your dog’s struggling with urinary issues, they express not in words but in actions. And that’s probably why they pee in the house even after being potty trained. So to know how to stop a dog from peeing in the house, you’ve got to know why.

This article is the only place you need to look at. It caters to all your concerns and questions regarding dogs. And how to solve their peeing problems in a natural and anger-free way. Because let’s face, anger doesn’t solve anything! Let alone teach your dog to stop peeing in the house.

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