Teach Your Canine Good Habits with Dog Training Clicker

If you’ve just started with your dog’s training, you must have heard about “Dog clicker training” at least once. Clicker training is a great dog training technique for teaching your puppy good canine behavior. Yes, you’ll have to use a dog training clicker for it. So, what exactly is a clicker? Let’s learn about it first. 

What EXACTLY is a Clicker?

A dog training clicker is a tiny plastic device that fits in your hand and has a button that, when pressed, emits the recognizable “CLICK” sound. 

There are many different shapes and styles available; some are louder, some are quieter, and some may feel more comfortable in the hand than others. The type of clicker you select primarily depends on your personal preferences. 

The dog training clicker is used to make a click sound every time your dog performs a task correctly. When you make the click sound, treat your dog. Your dog won’t take long to realize that the clicker’s sound is excellent because it always signals the treat is coming. 

For instance, if you’re teaching your dog to sit using a clicker, you should click as soon as his back contacts the ground. Next, give a reward. Simple as pie, right? Once he learns, your dog will start to sit straight away whenever you ask him to because he understands that doing so will result in a click and a treat.

There are other advantages of dog clicker training besides giving canines the clarity they need to acquire good behaviors. For example- 

Physical activity: Clicker training involves physical activity; it differs from jogging in the park. This helps your dog burn a few more calories each day, making them feel more at ease at night.

Mental stimulation: One of the biggest advantages of a dog training clicker is that it stimulates your dog’s mind. Physical exercise is essential, but mental stimulation is just as crucial since it gives dogs something to focus on, which reduces their anxiety. Additionally, clicker training can be used to change a dog’s behavior to assist it in dealing with challenging circumstances.

Bonding: Dog clicker training can also help you and your pet form stronger bonds. Since dogs enjoy learning, training can be enjoyable for both of you while also teaching your dog the behaviors that will make you happy.

How to Train Your Dog with a Dog Training Clicker? 

The first step in training your dog with a clicker is to get them used to the sound. This can be done by clicking the clicker near your dog and giving them a treat or praise. Repeat this process several times a day until your dog is no longer scared of the sound and associates it with a positive experience.

Once your dog is comfortable with the clicker, you can begin to teach them specific behaviors. Start with simple commands such as “sit” or “stay.” Hold a treat in front of your dog’s nose and say the command while clicking the clicker. Give them the treat and praise once your dog completes the behavior. Repeat this process several times a day until your dog consistently completes the behavior when you give the command.

As your dog becomes more advanced in their training, you can start to phase out the treats and rely more on praise and verbal cues. The clicker will still be used to mark the correct behavior, but the dog will start to associate the command itself with the behavior.

It’s important to keep training sessions short and fun for your dog. Dogs have short attention spans, so it’s best to train for short periods of time throughout the day rather than trying to train for long periods at once. Also, be patient, and don’t get frustrated if your dog doesn’t get it right away. Remember that training is a process that takes time for dogs to learn new behaviors.

How Long Do You Train Dogs With a Clicker?

Dog training clickers are merely tools, so soon your dog won’t require one. Since every dog is unique, you should experiment with various training session lengths to see which suits your dog and your schedule the best.

Once your dog has mastered the fundamental tricks and abilities, you can begin utilizing clicker training for trickier tasks. Depending on what you’re teaching your dog, you may need to use a clicker for longer. 

However, many dog owners use a dog training clicker from the time their puppies are young until they are fully grown as they train their dogs. As a result, you’ll need to use a clicker for a long time if you want to keep teaching your dog new techniques. 


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