How to Terminate A Dog Pregnancy At Home?

Accidents happen, more so among animals than humans. An unpredicted or incidental pregnancy among female dogs is quite a common occurrence. So, at such times, how to terminate a dog pregnancy at home?

Accidental pregnancies among canines are known as mismating. Sometimes, pet owners discover the pregnancy midterm. In such a scenario, it’s only natural to find out if the pregnancy can be undone. In case you’re not prepared to handle the litter. I mean taking care of so many puppies and dogs at once does indeed cost an arm and a leg.

So what should be done? Let’s address the most important issues related to dog pregnancy. Along with whether or not it’s safe to abort the pregnancy at home all by yourself. That is without a trained medical professional i.e. veterinarian.

How to Terminate A Dog Pregnancy At Home – Can You Perform the Abortion At Home?

My dog got pregnant by accident, so can I terminate the pregnancy at home? Truthfully speaking, it’s highly advisable to not perform the abortion procedure on your own. No matter the circumstances! It’s crucial for a vet specialist to supervise the termination.

If you neglect this advice, then you’re willingly putting your precious pet’s life in danger. Particularly if you have zero experience. And if your methods are inappropriate, which is often the case.

Therefore, before you find out how to terminate a dog pregnancy at home. Consider taking your female canine to the vet for a proper health evaluation. Along with a safe, appropriate course of professional medical treatment.

If you administer medication or drugs without professional supervision. Then the chances of risking your pet’s life are very high. Due to hemorrhaging or poisoning. This might also end up causing complications during delivery. That means you’re putting the lives of the fetuses in danger too.

In the case of advanced pregnancy, terminating it at home can lead to the birth of dead puppies. And this, no doubt, has an effect on both the physical and psychological health of your dog.

So I can’t stress enough that medical advice and assistance is necessary when it comes to dog pregnancy. Be it for abortion or if you decide to have the babies.

Now let’s talk about your options once you find out your female furry companion is pregnant

Should You Have the Puppies?

Easier said than done, agreeing to have the babies means welcoming more financial burden. At the same time, you have to expend your time and energy too. Even if it means finding a suitable home for the puppies. On top of that, there’s prenatal care. That you simply cannot and should not neglect.

But before you decide to have the babies. Keep in mind that pet overpopulation is a real thing. There are hundreds of dogs in pet shelters getting euthanized daily. That means there are more animals and fewer homes. So how about considering to terminate the abortion if possible?

Should You Spay Your Dog During Pregnancy?

Spaying means the medical procedure for removing your female dog’s ovaries and uterus. If the latter is carrying developing embryos, then both are removed. And that terminates the pregnancy. It also prevents your dog from getting pregnant again. This works best for those who don’t want their female dogs to breed at all.

Comparatively speaking, spaying at the time of pregnancy is a risky procedure. Than spaying the regular way. On top of that, the surgery requires a longer time and is more expensive. Even the recovery time and surgical scar are longer.

The best thing to do is to talk to your vet about the condition. And follow his/her professional advice.

Should You Abort the Pregnancy?

You can choose to terminate the pregnancy without having to spay your female dog. This is done if you have any future breeding plans for your pup. But are just not ready for the litter at present.

Vets perform the abortion procedure during the dog’s second trimester. This is around 30 to 40 days into her pregnancy. The female canine is then hospitalized for about 5 to 7 days. This includes the procedure and after-care.

Doctors inject certain medications that safely terminate the pregnancy. These medications tend to cause vaginal discharge. Something that you might find undesirable to deal with at home. So it’s best to hospitalize your pet for the procedure. That’s yet another reason to not perform the abortion at home on your own.

Vets typically use medications that disrupt the female dog’s prolactin hormone secretion. This is either bromocriptine or cabergoline. The latter causes less vomiting and cramping, no doubt. But it’s significantly costlier than the former.

The vet also injects a uterus contraction-inducing hormone called prostaglandin. This particular drug destroys the dog’s ovarian structure (corpus luteum) directly. Corpus luteum is actually responsible for secreting progesterone. The hormone here greatly contributes to maintaining pregnancy.

Then there’s another pregnancy termination procedure. For this, the medical professional uses a steroid called dexamethasone. But this steroid hormone, in high doses, leads to panting, incontinence, excessive urination, or excessive thirst.

The typical procedure requires 9 to 12 days of the said medication. But no hospitalization is required. Plus, there’s not much vaginal discharge to deal with either. However, there’s no doubt that this particular protocol is less reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Pregnancy Abortion

Can I Terminate My Dog’s Pregnancy?

The answer depends on how old your little furry companion is. If she is too old or too young, then it can be a risky procedure. What also matters, at such times, is the presence of some preexisting medical condition.

Then comes the breed of parental canines. Has a larger-sized breed impregnated your smaller-sized female dog? If yes, then complications might arise.

Whatever the case, make sure the abortion procedure is performed by an experienced veterinarian. Because without medical and professional supervision, you’re just putting your female dog’s life in danger.

Until When Can Dog Pregnancy Be Terminated?

You should refrain from aborting the pregnancy after 45 days of gestation. But other factors count too. Such as the method of the treatment. Along with your dog’s existing physical and medical condition. All the more reason to seek professional veterinary advice on the matter.

Even though 45 days is the limit, it’s crucial to get the pregnancy terminated sooner. Because the longer time you wait, the higher the risks.


So I have discussed everything you need to know about aborting your dog’s pregnancy. Including whether or not it’s safe for you to terminate the pregnancy on your own at home. Once again, it’s highly inadvisable to do that without any professional and medical help. Irrespective of the circumstances!

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