The Ultimate Guide to Large Breed Dog Food

Most people think that all dog food is the same, but different breeds require different portion sizes as well as nutritional requirements. They also exhibit unique characters compared to the smaller breeds, for instance, large dogs suffer from osteoarthritis compared to small breeds; that’s why, as a pet owner, you should consider quality dog food for your canine.

What is the Best Dog Food?

When shopping for large breed dog food, you need to consider the following things:


Large dog breeds are more likely to suffer from bone and joint conditions, so it’s crucial that you look for healthy dog food that contains necessary supplements. These supplements include chondroitin and glucosamine.

The Best Raw Dog Food Should Have Large Pieces

Dogs who are used to chewing quickly or partly may suffer the risk of choking an even death. To reduce this, buy food with large pieces as they encourage the pooch to chew. This reduces bloating. Many manufacturers like Nutriment offer raw dog food with large pieces which make the perfect and healthy meal for any large dog breed.

Watch for Calories

Foods with high calories could make your canine companion obese which is a significant problem for large breeds. If you’re looking for nutritious foods, go for vet recommended dog foods. Giant breeds like Great Danes and Rottweilers should maintain a healthy weight.

Consider the First Ingredients

Healthy dog foods should list the protein ingredients before others; this is because although they are omnivores, most of their nutrients come from proteins like fish, beef, and chicken.


Although your pet can eat many foods, it is necessary to ensure that the foods you purchase are manufactured under hygienic conditions and that they achieve the health standards put in place.

The Products Should Be Simple

To ensure that what you feed your dog is not toxic, check that the foods you pick have ingredients that you can identify. For example, a salmon meal is acceptable but if you come across “meat meal” you can’t be sure what exactly was used.

Best Dog Food Brands for Large Breeds

It is necessary to provide your pet with the foods designed for them to keep them healthy and promote long life. Below are the best dog foods for large breeds:

Wellness Complete Health Large Breed

This food is designed to give your large canine the nutritional benefits he requires as well as an excellent taste. This pack is loaded with proteins such as deboned whitefish and chicken as well as salmon. There is also Omega-3 acids from flaxseeds as well as supplements from probiotics. This raw dog food contains antioxidants from fruits and veggies.

Some of the dog food reviews from owners show that they are impressed by the ingredients and the dogs enjoy the taste. Several owners confessed that their pets had improved health after trying this food. Several pooches displayed healthy joints and supple skin.

BLUE Buffalo Life Protection Formula

This recipe contains ingredients that are beneficial to your canine friend they include, deboned chicken, carrots, kelp, sweet potatoes, and blueberries which contain antioxidants that help to prevent and fight diseases such as cancer. It also contains wheat and soy. This formula is the best large breed dog food we recommend because it has no artificial colorings or commercial preservatives.

Dog owners said that this meal helped with their dogs’ allergy problems, improved gut health, as well as joint health. The pooches also enjoyed the taste. Large breed dog owners like this recipe because it is full of Omega-3 fatty acids and many antioxidants.

Nature’s Recipe Grain Free

This is among the best grain free dog foods that is affordable. It is manufactured using organic, nutritious products such as chicken, pumpkins and sweet potatoes are used as grain substitutes. This formula is full of vitamins and fiber which is necessary for proper digestion.

Some dog food reviews indicate that numerous dog owners were satisfied and delighted to have a pocket-friendly formula without grains which their dogs seemed to enjoy. The fiber and pumpkin helped to improve the gut health of the canines.

Canned Dog Food

Canned dog foods can be expensive because large breeds eat bigger portions. However, if you keep asking ‘what is the best dog food?’ – Canned foods supplement your canine’s diet because they contain high nutritional levels. When choosing canned products for your pet consider the protein content; large breeds require a lot of protein. Since large canines are prone to bone diseases, check the calcium levels which should be at least 1.5% or more.

Large canine breeds are likely to suffer from digestive conditions and bloating which might cause gas problems and sometimes even death. To avoid this, ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the can.


Many large breed dog owners want their faithful canines to be healthy and have a long life; however, they are not aware that these breeds require different meal compositions. Feeding your pet the right food will improve their health and the quality of life.

What do you think are the best pet foods for joint problems? Drop us a comment.

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