Tips On How To Get Rid Of Hot Spots In Dogs

When human beings claim to suffer from painful discharge and bad odor, they need not forget that animals; especially dogs also find themselves in the same situations. Veterinarians are trying every attempt to find the most effective ways of relieving dogs from hot spots; the painful and inflamed areas on the skin of the dog.

Just like allergy in humans, hot spots result from allergic reactions when the dog’s skin gets infected by bacteria. This causes the skin to break thus leaving painful wounds. Some of these infections result from flea bites, scrapes, scratches and gland problems among others.

But suppose your dog yells now and then due to the pain suffered from these hot spots, how do you get rid of them? The following are some of the ways you should employ and your dog will no longer have sleepless nights.

1. Ensure It Has Access To Fresh Air

Hot spots are painful, and they can be made worse if the dog is locked up in a place where it has no access to air. The long hair makes the moist red areas not to dry, thus making it take ages before getting healed. If your dog has a hot spot, it will show it by paying too much attention to the infected area, so, be keen to check and determine its size.

Ensure that you trim the long hair to clear the irritated skin to make it dry. Trimming the hair prevents it from overgrowing, and by the time it grows again, the wound will have healed.

2. Use Baby Shampoo Rather Than Other Chemicals and Fibers

If the skin is itching, it’s very sensitive to various fibers and chemicals. However, you don’t need to use chemicals to clean the dog’s skin. Just use the baby shampoo to protect the skin from further damage. Also, use a cotton ball to apply the shampoo.

But you need to be careful not to rinse the skin after the message. The skin needs to absorb the shampoo so as to facilitate the healing and cool the skin irritation.

3. Use Cortisone Spray and Be Selective On Lotions

The irritating hot spots on dog’s skins are so sensitive to various creams and lotions, despite the fact that they are somehow tender and warm to touch. Instead of going for many lotions and creams, just try cortisone spray to cool the skin. This also applies as a kind of medication, and it prevents the dog from keeping on scratching the irritated area.

4. Prevent The Dog From Licking and Scratching The Damaged Area

Most dogs have the instinct of scratching and licking the damaged skin. The dog doesn’t know that this can cause further damage to the skin, but if you let him do it, the hot spot may take ages to heal.

You can prevent the dog from licking the moist area by tying a funnel collar around his neck, to prevent him from accessing the skin. This will prevent him from further injuring himself. You don’t need to worry about the cost, the collar funnel is relatively cheap and you can get it from your vet. Be keen to choose the right size for your pet so that it’s neither too tight nor too loose.

5. Treat The Hot Spot With Tea Bag Cure

The tannic acid found in tea has the ability to treat and draw out bacterial infections. If you are lucky to either get green or black tea, then your dog will definitely get cured. Just seep a single tea bag of either of the two in a cup of water and remove it.

After the tea bag has cooled down for some minutes, soak it directly on the hot spot. Repeat it several about 5 times a day for one week, and at the long last, the hot spot will heal.

6. Treat him on a quality dogs food

Your dog may just be suffering from food allergies. If you’re his current foods are not making things better, switch him to quality dogs food. For instance, you can pick the Blue Wilderness from your vet or the pet stores. The dog only needs to eat just a small amount of these foods due to their high quality.

7. You can even change the vet

Some of the vets are just good at treating symptoms rather than finding the cause of the hot spots. Your vet may be treating the dog without even knowing that these hot spots are caused by the poor immune system of the dog. If the condition rises far beyond the vet’s ability to treat, consider engaging another vet.

8. Trim your dog’s toenails

The itching will make your dog scratch his skin every time an irritation occurs. Try trimming his nail to prevent him from having a ready way of scratching the infected area.

9. Treat your dog using antibiotics

Vets usually prescribe oral antibiotics for hot spots treatment. Depending on the nature of the skin damage, you are supposed to treat your dog using oral antibiotics for 3-4 weeks, and if the damage is extreme, extend the treatment to 6 weeks.

The pain can also be relieved by treating the dog with a short course of corticosteroids, due to the inflammation on the skin. Antihistamines can also be used to relieve itchiness and pain.

10. Focus on fleas eradication

Fleas will lay on the grass waiting for your dog. If you have been applying chemicals on this grass after every 4 weeks, adjust it and do it after every 3.5 weeks. Fleas are dangerous and a couple of them is good enough to make your dog yell in pains throughout the night.

11. Try to keep him indoors

The dog can get tormented by many things outdoors; heat, mosquitoes, grass, and fleas, they will reproduce when your dog stays outside for long. Keep the dog indoor and let him cool the skin.

12. Apply steroids

The pill form may not work well for your dog, but be sure that shots will actually help. Although there will be a risk to the dog’s kidneys, the proper application will see him living for more than 12 years with just 3-4 shots a year.

Hot spots are painful to a dog, and since you love your pet, it’s the high time you make limitless attempts to save him from the pain and agony that comes with these skins irritations. Try these 12 tips and he will definitely live a happy life.

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