These Tips will Help you to Adopt your Very First Rescue Dog

Adopting a rescue dog is a fantastic way for you to give a furry friend the love they deserve. It also gives them hope of having a brighter future as well, because most adopted animals don’t get a good start in life. Of course, you have to know that adopting a rescue dog will come with its own set of challenges, so you need to try and be prepared for them as much as possible. If you want to find out more then simply take a look below.

Finding a Rescue Home

There really are dozens of charities out there that will help you to find the right match for your perfect dog. If you go through a charity then you know that you are going to end up finding the ideal dog as they know how difficult the adjustment period can be, and for this reason, they will want to work with you to make sure that it is a smooth transition for everyone.

Ask A lot of Questions

Charities that specialize in actively rehoming dogs and various other animals are true experts in the field. You need to make sure that you ask them a lot of questions as this will help you to make the transition. They will also be able to put you in touch with other families who have adopted dogs as well, as this is the best way for you to learn from their experiences and for you to also make the most out of your journey.

Give them Time

You have to remember that it is going to take your new dog quite a long time to get truly comfortable with your family. You need to try and keep your home environment clean and you also need to try and keep it as calm as possible as well. Give them lots of time, and space when they need it. Giving them room to explore is also another bonus, as this helps them to get used to their surroundings. If you are concerned that your dog is not warming up to you as fast as you’d like then they may have had a rough start and be somewhat untrusting of humans. If this is the case then work with your agency to make sure that you are giving your dog the support they need.

Look at Insurance

Sure, getting insurance might not be at the forefront of your thought process right now, but it should be. You have to make sure that you are taking into account the type of dog you are getting, as the more aggressive breeds can be much more expensive to insure. If you want to stop this from being the case then try and choose a dog for the breed as well as the personality. Sure, the more dangerous breeds may seem sweet and loving as family pets, and there’s a high chance that they are, but that doesn’t mean that the insurance price is going to come down. Luckily, modern pet insurance is now more affordable than ever though.

One Thing at a Time

Too much stimulation can easily cause your dog some stress. It is vitally important that you try and limit the amount of time that you spend trying out new experiences and that you also try and introduce them to new people and locations. Don’t overwhelm your dog, but make sure that they have the option to get out there and see the world as much as possible.  Try and take them out for the same walk every day, and then build it up by adding one or two new walks in a week. When you do, you will soon find that you are able to give them the best time without overwhelming them.

Be Consistent

Establishing routines and rules will help your dog to settle in much more. You have to talk with your entire family and you need to make sure that they understand the house rules long before your dog arrives. Some rules, such as whether or not they are allowed on the sofa or whether or not they are allowed in the kitchen need to be set before your dog gets home. When you have established these kinds of rules, you then have to make sure that you stick to them so that things don’t get conflicting or confusing for your pooch.

Seek some Help

If you are having a major problem with your dog then you have to know that this is not a reflection on your abilities at all. You need to seek help where possible and you also need to go through an experienced rescue owner. You have to remember that older dogs are much more difficult to train when compared to younger dogs as well.

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