Here Are Some Of The Vital Things To Have In Your Dogs First Aid Kit

One can never know what to expect or what will happen when it comes to accidents and emergencies, thus being prepared is always the best. When one is camping, driving through the country, or facing a natural catastrophe, then one needs to be ready. Just like one will keep the first aid at home for the family, having one for dog pets at home is equally essential. 

It is always great to put all dog first-aid supplies in a bag, bin, backpack, shoulder bag, or container. That way it is easy to transport even when on the move or at home; always administer first aid treatment immediately and later on take the dog to see a vet for proper treatment if serious. Here are a few essential items dog owners should always keep in a dog’s first-aid kit and PETstock Australia has the best emergency kit needs.

Paperwork: vaccination & medical records and emergency phone numbers

If one is dealing with a serious emergency, it is essential to have the entire dog’s information together. This aid should in case the dog needs urgent medical attention; having this information together will enable the vet to provide proper treatment for the dog since they know its medical history. Always let the dog sitter or friend knows where the paperwork and contacts are in case of any emergency.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide should not just be used in cleaning small wounds. If a dog consumes something harmful, the parent may have to force vomiting with hydrogen peroxide. Always ensure to check with a poison control expert or a vet before inducing the vomiting and get acquainted with the right instructions and how to go about it. Do not try to administer this without proper training except when guided in the process.

Antibiotic ointment

For parents and dog pets who are the outdoor type, then it is pretty essential to always have this antibiotic ointment which can be gotten from PETstock Australia. If the pet gets a small cut or scratch, the ointment will be able to aid in preventing any infection from any bacteria and germs or relieving any type of pain. It is something all first-aid kits should have because even the minor cuts and scratches can result in a lot of serious health problems if they become infected.

Gauze, scissors, tape, rubber gloves

This may be more than a single item, but they all function together and are essential needs in an emergency kit. In case of any emergency, gauze can regulate bleeding, act as momentary support for alleged fractures, and can even be a temporary muzzle in a pinch. The tape can hold gauge tight and other first-aid items intact while the scissors can cut the relevant things to form a strong bandage for bigger wounds should in case gauze gets to finish. Rubber gloves are relevant to any medical emergency. Always put on protective gloves when dealing with blood or bodily fluids.

Wet or grooming wipes and towels

This comes in handy when the dog messes up the back seat of the car with; poop, dirt particles, or mud. They can also help in keeping the dog clean to an extent after lots of outdoor play. Towels always act like a soft and comfortable spot for pets.


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