What is the Best Freeze Dried Cat Food – Top 10 Reviews 2020

The best freeze dried cat food is indeed a very healthy third option after dry and canned cat food. Although it’s not prepared the same way as both dry and wet food.

The formula is not cooked and then processed. Instead, the ingredients of the food are frozen when they’re the freshest. And after that, the frozen ingredients are exposed to high pressure. This eliminates the water content present in them.

Now don’t mistake it for dehydrated food where the ingredients are subjected to heat. And that removes all the moisture within. Either way, both options are healthy for your pet. Because the food, in both cases, contains no chemicals.

But the freeze dried version also does not undergo any heat damage. Since there’s no heat used for getting rid of moisture, unlike dehydrated cat food.

So here are the best-selling, healthy options for your precious feline…

Best Freeze Dried Cat Food 2020

1. Stella and Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Morsels – Top Choice

Stella and Chewy Freeze Dried Cat Food offers a combination you cannot refuse. And that is highest level of food safety and the best quality ingredients. This recipe is a formulation of 98-percent meat, bone, and organ.

It’s got rich taurine content along with antioxidants and probiotics. The dry food morsels are also fortified with extra minerals and vitamins. No gluten and no grains earn bonus points of course.

Healthy digestion is given since simple and limited ingredients are involved. It’s a great option even for cats with a sensitive tummy. And those that are extremely picky as well.

The natural omega fatty acids and oils pair up well with the minimal processing of the food. This boosts the health and condition of your cat’s coat and skin. As for the meat, bones, and organs, they support strong, lean muscles. And boost your pet’s endurance and stamina.

The balance of protein and fat is appropriate for the body of felines. Speaking of which, unnecessary carbs are not included. In all, it’s a nutrient-dense, grain-free formula. That is safe and healthy for your adorable cat to consume.


Minimally processed; all-natural, organic ingredients.

Single-source animal protein for food sensitivities.

Suitable to treat dental issues and improve teeth/gum health.


The morsels are slightly crumbly.

2. Instinct Freeze Dried Raw Boost Mixers Cat Food Toppers – Best grain-free freeze dried toppers/treats for cats

How does the idea of topping your cat’s kibbles with real, pure nutrition sound? Especially when these healthy, minimally processed bites are coming for a trustworthy brand. One that gives manufacturers like Royal Canin, Blue Buffalo, Purina One, etc. a run for their money!

The mixers are protein-packed and all-natural. That’s for sure! They contain real meat along with non-GMO veggies and fruits. The whole-food ingredients support healthy digestion, skin, and coat. Moreover, they boost vitality and energy as well.

The use of real meat means your cat is going to be a whole lot excited for his/her every meal. The real meat here is farm-raised, responsibly-sourced rabbit. As for the freeze-drying process, moisture is gently removed. All the while locking in nutrients plus intensifying the flavors.

Animal by-product meals aren’t involved. And so isn’t potatoes, wheat, soy, corn, grains, and artificial preservatives or colors. This food is also very popular for cats with digestive problems like IBS. So if your feline has lost weight because of the condition. Then you can rely on Instinct to put the weight back on. That too in only a month!


Protein-packed and minimally processed.

It boosts energy levels and makes the coat shinier.

Great for fussy kittens and cats.


Unnecessary fruit and vegetable fillers added.

3. Zesty Paws Freeze Dried Salmon Filet Treats – Best freeze dried salmon cat food

Tasty snacks every cat is bound to appreciate and even love you a little more for. And when this tasty snack takes the form of salmon, the appreciation and love grow even further. These are single-ingredient treats for providing premium omega nourishment.

It’s best when a cat food formula like this uses limited ingredients. As in the case of this one, the freeze dried salmon delights support immune health. Omega fatty acids are also responsible for supporting hip and joint functions. Then comes the drastic improvement in your cat’s coat and skin.

And let me also tell you that the freeze drying process doesn’t destroy any amount of omega fatty acids salmon is packed with. Even the delicious, original taste of the seafood remains intact for your feline to savor.

No doubt, this is a very tasty pet supplement you can trust.


Grain-free, wild-caught salmon treats.

Rich omega fatty acids for complete nourishment.

Very well tolerated by the GI tract of cats.


Too strong fish smell.

4. Whole Life Pet Healthy Cat Treats – Best affordable freeze-dried cat food

Just because the quality is a top priority doesn’t mean you have to spend more. That said, the budget-friendly choice comes in the form of this Whole Life pet product. The treats are freeze dried to ensure minimal processing. No additives and preservatives are used that means.

The process of freeze drying is performed very carefully by the manufacturer. So much so that natural flavors and freshness remain untouched. Speaking of natural, only pure chicken is a part of the recipe. This food is good for kittens and adult cats. No matter how finicky or overweight!

Even felines with gastrointestinal problems are likely to digest the treats without any issues. You already know that the protein content is rich, right? Thanks to the use of real chicken. As for the fat levels and calories, these are appropriately low. So it’s not only your cat’s health but also his/her weight that’s kept in check.


Made with high-protein, real chicken.

Low-caloric, low-fat freeze dried treats.

Very delicious flavor; cats go crazy for them.


Large in size, hence have to be broken down.

5. Pet Craft Supply Naturally Wholesome Protein Rich Treats – Best high-protein, low-calorie freeze dried cat food

The specialty of these naturally wholesome treats is the blend of high protein and low calories. The former comes from a single ingredient. And that, in this case, is wild-caught salmon. It’s a rich animal-protein source, no doubt.

As for the calories, per treat offers only 2 to 4 of them. Now, how about the freeze drying part? Pet Craft Supply performs the process flawlessly. All the while locking in the wholesome, nutritional value of the ingredients used.

There are no grains. This means the treats are perfect for cats with stomach sensitivities. You can make these a part of training sessions with your cat or dog.

But it’s the combination of high levels of protein-rich meat and small calories that speaks volumes. Particularly if you want your feline to enjoy a delicious meal. And, at the same time, keep his/her weight in check.


Salmon treats high in protein, low in calories.

Small-sized for easy chewing and digestibility.

The best for overweight or obese cats.


Very stinky and slightly dusty.

6. Cat Man Doo Life Essentials Freeze Dried – Best organic freeze dried cat food

All-natural, healthy meal, high protein; it’s the most fitting way to describe these freeze dried treats. The little delights are made with salmon. And salmon paves the way for natural fish oils. That keeps your cat’s coat shiny and skin healthy.

Salmon is also beneficial for your pet’s joints. Because of its natural anti-inflammatory properties. This single ingredient offers low fats and low carbohydrates. Along with fewer calories.

So you don’t have to worry about the treats causing any weight gain. Feel free to use them as toppers for meals. The fishy cubes are plenty crunchy for satisfying every cat’s cravings for fish. It’s not only a scrumptious but also a very healthy snack. That works best as an effective appetite enhancer.


Grain-free, low-fat, low-carb, and high-protein.

Natural fish oils for a shiny coat.

Crunchy, fishy treats.


Smells very unpleasant, much like all fish-based treats.

7. Primal Freeze Dried Cat Food – Best freeze dried turkey cat food

Primal Freeze-Dried Cat Food comes in four very delicious varieties. This includes turkey, beef, pork, and chicken. And I’m reviewing the turkey recipe. Turkey raised without added hormones or antibiotics. Along with naturally derived minerals and vitamins!

You’re looking at only the freshest ingredients. Unrefined vitamins and certified organic minerals and produce. These are all included in creating a complete, well-balanced diet. This turkey recipe, along with the 3 others, contains fresh bone grounds. And what this does is deliver calcium supplementation.

Then there’s the healthful combination of essential fatty acids, amino acids, and naturally-occurring enzymes. These are all building blocks, no doubt, for the healthy biological functions of your pet.

This is one of the best Primal cat food reviews. It’s because this particular formula is suitable even for feline hyperesthesia. Your adorable little kitty’s fur is bound to look much softer than ever before. Even the stools go back to normal, which means they become much more solid. So no constant diarrhea and vomiting either.


Gluten-free and grain-free.

It boosts energy and improves the coat.

Completely balanced for all life stages.


Quality control and consistency are amiss.

8. Northwest Naturals Freeze Dried Raw Cat Food – Best raw cat food

When you mix this frozen raw cat food with warm water, it can make a really tasty gravy with whole pieces of freeze dried chicken. Your adorable feline is bound to go nuts over a meal like this.

Every last morsel is destined to end up in your cat’s little tummy. Speaking of your pet’s stomach, the food is safe and healthy even for a sensitive gut. It’s got 98-percent, high-quality meat, ground bone, and organs. The remaining space is taken up by vitamins and minerals.

The chopped up organ, muscle, and meat bits are partially frozen during processing. This ensures the complete preservation of high-quality nutrients. The integrity of all the ingredients remains intact, no doubt.

There’s no extra stuff in the form of added vegetables and fruits. This means your meat-loving cat is more likely to get excited about his/her mealtime.


A natural boost of energy.

Highest quality chicken meat, organs, and bones.

Even picky eaters are fond of this food.


A little crumbly, texture-wise.

9. Feline Natural Grain-Free Freeze Dried Cat Food – Best freeze dried cat food for finicky eaters

Feed only natural goodness present in pure, fresh ingredients to your kitty. Even your kitty benefits in the sense that he/she is sure to enjoy the intense and meaty flavor boost. That’s the most enticing aspect of this grain-free freeze dried formula.

High meat in the form of chicken and lamb is used. The level of carbohydrates is low as well. This means Feline Natural is good for overweight or obese cats. It’s also a great choice for felines likely to gain weight.

Your pets can be the fussiest eaters and still devour the chicken and lamb recipe. The cat food guidelines of New Zealand are comparatively stricter than those of America. So it’s a relief to know that the manufacturer is New Zealand-based.

And lastly, the minimally processed food contains zero GMO ingredients, preservatives, starch, legumes, and fillers. Just a high-meat, healthy meal. Or something you can sprinkle over the meal as a topper.


High-protein, low-carb chicken and lamb recipe.

Nourishing fats are a natural source of energy.

Good for cats with stomach sensitivities.


None so far.

10. Only Natural Pet RawNibs Freeze Dried Food – Best freeze dried beef cat food

These bite-sized treats are made with pasture-raised beef. There are beef muscle and organs. Along with goat’s milk and fresh veggies and fruits. The blend of kibble convenience and nutrition/taste of raw food is the most tempting quality.

This may be the last but it’s certainly not the least best freeze dried cat food. After all, the healthy nutrient and protein boost is ideal to add to daily meals. You can even use the food as positive reinforcements during training sessions. It’s good for dogs as well by the way.

No amount of gluten, grains, artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors are involved. Only real, raw nutrition. The treats are non-greasy and they don’t crumble. It’s all well-balanced on the outside and inside. The perfect addition to a raw diet for your pet.


Made with high-quality, pasture-raised beef.

Raw goat milk for better digestibility.

Perfectly sized as toppers and meal.


Not sure if ingredients are non-GMO.

Best Freeze Dried Cat Food – What Is It?

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The raw ingredients used for cat food are subjected to a very low temperature. This temperature is below the freezing point. Then they’re placed inside a vacuum chamber. Such a low-pressure condition keeps the frozen matter from melting. And sublimates it into gas.

The process not only extracts moisture but also destroys all the pathogenic bacteria. The outcome of which is extraordinarily shelf-stable cat food. Humans can consume freeze-dried foods for up to 30 years.

The thing about freeze dried food is that it’s bone-dry. So if you wish to restore the natural texture, then you can add some warm water over it. And let it soak for a few minutes. In fact, many pet parents prefer feeding their cats freeze dried food this way.

Best Freeze Dried Cat Food – Is It Healthy?

It’s just like using fresh ingredients, but without the water content. The process of preservation doesn’t take away anything from the food’s nutritional value. This explains why rehydrated freeze dried food offers the same nutritional content as that of fresh food.

Nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc. all remain intact. It’s a much healthier alternative to feeding raw meat to your pet. Because handling raw meat increases the chances of disease transmission and contamination.

However, freeze dried food does have a few drawbacks to offer. To rehydrate the food, you have to soak it in warm water for a while.

Another downside is the slow, costly, and energy-intensive method of freeze drying.

Choosing the Best Freeze Dried Cat Food

Do you want to know how I narrowed down my search for the healthiest, most natural freeze dried formula for cats? I kept all of these crucial factors in mind at the time of selection…

#1 High-quality, safe ingredients

I mean human-grade, fresh ingredients. This does not include artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors.

The primary or first ingredient should be meat protein. Avoid carbohydrates derived from wheat, soy, and corn as they tend to cause allergies. Also, the carb content needs to be low to prevent weight gain.

#2 Bare minimum plant content

There are plenty of freeze dried options packed with fruits and vegetables. Such as spinach, carrots, and other veggies.

Now please understand that cats do have the ability to metabolize carbohydrates. That is mostly present in these plant ingredients. But in a cat’s daily diet, carbs should not exceed more than 10-percent. And you have to keep the consumption even lower if your cat is dealing with IBS or diabetes.

#3 Terms that sound vague or promotional

For example, FDA-approved, more often than not, implies the product still offers a few artificial preservatives. Despite claiming that it’s natural.

Another very common term falsely marketed is human-grade. Instead, go for grass-fed, pasture-raised, and the like.

#4 Brand name and price

Always choose cat and dog food formulas manufactured by renowned, well-known brands. Such as Instinct, Blue Buffalo, Stella and Chewy, Zesty Paws, Purina One, Primal, Hill’s Science, and lots more.

When it’s a cheap-quality, low-cost brand, then the risk of pathogen contamination is very high.

Recall histories should also be taken into consideration. Normally, you know it’s a trustworthy brand when only 0-2 recalls have been issued. And none of them have resulted in death or serious illness. Customer reviews are a good place to start.

This brings the price factor into the picture as well. It’s not necessary for good quality freeze dried food to be extremely expensive. But if the food is extremely cheap, then consider that as the first red flag. Every pet deserves better, don’t you think?

Commonly Asked Questions About Freeze Dried Cat Food

Q1. What is the difference between freeze dried and dehydrated cat food?

The terms are not interchangeable. Although both types of cat food don’t contain moisture. The difference is that dehydrated food has the water content removed by using low heat. As for freeze drying, the freeing of moisture takes place with the help of a low-pressured vacuum or environment.

In the case of the latter, the nature, flavor, and taste of the original ingredients remain unaltered. Something that doesn’t happen with the dehydration process.

Q2. What are the benefits of freeze dried cat food?

  • Your cat gets the golden opportunity to taste the pure, original flavor of the ingredients. And cats love ingredients like chicken and fish.
  • Freeze drying tends to lock in the rawness of protein sources. This means their taste stands out even more.
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors.
  • Only minimal natural ingredients such as vegetables and fruits. That reduces the chances of incorporating unnecessary foods into his/her daily diet.
  • Freeze dried cat food, more often than not, is gluten-free and grain-free. Ideal for cats with stomach sensitivities.
  • The dryness of freeze-dried formulas prevents the development and growth of bacteria. Along with other such harmful microorganisms. And this, in turn, gives the food a longer lifespan. Just make sure you protect it from moisture present in the environment.
  • With freeze-dried food a part of the daily diet, your feline is more likely to poop normally. And normal means not having to clean out the kitty litter very often. Even the cleaning part becomes less messy.

Q3. How to introduce freeze dried food into the cat’s daily diet?

The transition should be slow and deliberate. Begin with a blend of freeze dried food and your cat’s regular food. 10-percent of the new food and 90-percent of the old version. Carry on feeding this way for at least 1 week. After the completion of each week, increase the former by 10-percent. And decrease the latter by 10-percent.

In the meantime, look for signs such as loose stools or upset tummy. Feel free to adjust the serving size of the new food if things don’t seem right. In that case, I would advise you to pay a visit to your vet for more information.


So now you know that there’s not just dry cat food and canned cat food. There’s a separate third category of freeze dried cat food. And it’s a very healthy choice.

When the nutritional value of freeze dried cat food is the same as fresh, raw healthy ingredients. Then there’s no chance you’re being an irresponsible or ill-informed pet parent by feeding this type of cat food.

As long as you’re making sure to go through the list of ingredients. And as long as the manufacturer is a known brand. In short, as long as the food and brand are a part of the reviews in this article, you and your precious feline are in safe hands.

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