What To Do If You Can’t Take Your Cat On Vacation

Whether you’re visiting a distant friend or relative, or you just want to take a break and go on a vacation, bringing your furry companion with you might be tempting. Since you’ll have them with you, you won’t have to worry about whether they’re being taken care of and whether they’re safe.

However, there might be instances where you can’t take your cat with you. Maybe you booked a hotel that isn’t pet-friendly, or maybe you’re going to visit someone who’s allergic to cats. Whatever the reason, you’ll have no choice but to say goodbye to your furry friend for a while.

Though it’s sad, there’s no need to worry. If you need to leave your cats behind, there are plenty of ways to ensure that they’ll be comfortable and well taken care of while you’re away. Below are some things you can do if you can’t take your cat on vacation with you.

Consider Cat Boarding

If you want a stress-free option for both yourself and your cat, you might want to check out cat boarding. That essentially means taking them to an establishment or facility that takes care of cats while their owners are away. This way, someone can look after them and provide them with all the necessities. Since these establishments are meant specifically for that purpose, the staff’s full attention will be on the cats, and they can readily give them daily meals, rest, exercise, and toys to play with.

There are different establishments that offer cat boarding, so you may want to read more about the different types, their rates, and what they can offer you. Remember to check the facility first to see if you’d feel comfortable leaving your cat there for a while. Depending on your cat’s temperament, you might also want to inquire if the cat boarding facility offers the option of letting your cat join others or letting them have a space to themselves.

Ask A Family Member Or Friend

If your cat is low-maintenance and bonds well with people, you can consider asking a family member or friend to look after them. This way, you can be at peace knowing that someone you trust will care for them while you’re on your trip. And if your cat knows the person well or has spent a lot of time with them, they’re less likely to feel anxious or distressed about being left behind.

Before you start making calls to family members or friends, however, remember to take several things into consideration. For instance, it would be best to entrust your cat to someone who doesn’t already have pets, as your cat may feel uncomfortable around other animals. Also, consider the lifestyle of the person. If they usually have a packed schedule or are out at all hours of the day, they might not be able to care for your cat the way you want them to.

Hire A Pet Sitter

If you’re unable to find a good candidate among friends or family, a great alternative is to hire a pet sitter. There are two types you can choose from. The first type is someone who will stay in your home for the entire time you’re away. The other type is someone who will just visit your home during specific times of the day to check up on your cat, give them food, refill their water bowl, and clean up their litter box. Your choice of pet sitter will depend on your cat’s personality (such as whether they’re independent or prefer to be around someone constantly) and your budget.

Whichever type you go with, be sure to choose a pet sitter who’s experienced and trustworthy. It’s advisable to ask family or friends for recommendations. If possible, try to see if there are reviews for the pet sitter’s services, or ask the pet sitter to provide you with references so you can ask their previous clients about their experience with them. This way, you can be assured that your cat will be in good hands.

Prep Your Home So Your Cat Can Be Self-Sufficient

If you’re confident that your cat will be fine even if left alone, you can simply let them be and leave them alone at home. Of course, you’ll still have to make arrangements to ensure their safety, such as enlisting a family member or friend to check up on them every once in a while.

Additionally, you should make adjustments to your home to make it more cat-friendly and safe. There are various ways you can ensure that your cat will be well-fed, hydrated, and comfortable while you’re away.

  • Purchase An Automatic Feeder: If you’ll only be gone for a few days, it would be wise to purchase an automatic feeder for your cat. All you have to do is set a timer for their meals, and the feeder will release a set amount of food at the specified times. This will ensure that your cat will be well-fed and have enough to eat while you’re away.
  • Prepare A Water Dispenser: If you only leave water bowls for your cat to drink out of, they might get knocked aside or fall down. Even if your cat is well-behaved, accidents can still happen. To prevent this from happening and to keep them hydrated, you should prepare at least two full water dispensers that they can drink from. Ideally, they should be secured in place to prevent them from falling or getting knocked over.
  • Decide Free Spaces: Before you leave the house, decide which areas of your home your cat can freely roam. This way, you can limit possible chaos while still allowing your cat to be comfortable. For restricted areas, make sure the doors and windows are locked and can’t be opened by your cat. For free spaces, clear out any objects they could possibly break.
  • Keep Electrical Cords Out Of The Way: To prevent your cat from getting tangled or tripping, you should ensure that electrical cords are kept out of the way. Apart from unplugging them, manage the cables properly and consider tying them up to prevent mishaps.
  • Install A Pet Camera: If you want to be able to check on your pet yourself, you can install pet cameras inside your home. There are many kinds available that come with different features, such as treat dispensers and speakers that allow you to talk to your pet, but their primary purpose is to provide you with a means to monitor them.


It’s normal to be worried about your cat when you have to go on a trip without them. However, you can make the situation less stressful for both you and your pet by considering the options above. Think carefully about the pros and cons of each one, and take into consideration your cat’s personality as well. This way, you can enjoy your trip without having to worry about them.

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