What You Must Know Before Getting A Pit Bull Terrier Mix As A Pet

Firstly, did you know that Pitbull Terriers are also called Pitties? And they’re best described as clowns and goofballs. It’s a medium-size breed whose ancestors were fighting dogs. So it’s only understandable how they have such a formidable reputation. And also why they’re known to be aggressive. But that’s not really how they should be described.

What You Must Know Before Getting A Pitbull Terrier Mix As A Pet – This complete guide discusses everything possible about the breed’s personality, behavior, temperament, etc. What’s done is myths are debunked and only the truth is told. So you can make a better decision for both yourself and your to-be pet.

One thing is for certain though. That owners who not only understand but also appreciate the personality of their dogs end up with loving, loyal companions as pets. No matter the breed!

Pitbull Terrier Mix – An Overview

It’s an iconic American dog breed – Pitbull Terrier. After all, their ancestors were family and farm dogs and even military mascots in America. But it didn’t take time for the world to exploit the breed’s natural fighting instincts, bold nature, tenacity, and loyalty. That’s when the reputation of Pitties started to go downhill. And it’s much the same even now, quite unfortunately.

Pitbull Terriers, no doubt, have a very intimidating appearance and reputation. And this formidable character often gets in the way of the breed also being perceived as loving and accepting dogs. When born and bred in a responsible and affectionate manner, Pitbull Terriers can be extremely docile and friendly four-legged companions.

And by responsible and affectionate, I mean receiving generous amounts of training, love, attention, and socialization. When that happens, you simply don’t have to worry about the bad reputation. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be extra careful, as in the case with most such aggressive breeds.

The best part about Pitbull Terriers is that they’re people-oriented, very highly that too. They may not like fellow furry creatures, big or small. But they’re certainly very fond of humans. However, there are exceptions where Pitties have grown very fond of other dogs and even cats as a matter of fact. Nevertheless, it isn’t typical Pitbull behavior though.

Moving on to the physical traits overview, Pitbull Terriers, more often than not, weigh 60 pounds or less. Needless to say, the breed is pretty muscular. After all, they are powerful dogs that seem to be very challenging to walk with when not trained well.

As for those that are well-trained and healthy, you can channel all that physical energy into sporting activities for canines.

What about their grooming needs? These, no doubt, are modest. The coat requires brushing not more than 2-3 times per week. As is the case with the majority of dog breeds in order to prevent excessive shedding. Then the nails demand trimming and the ears cleaning.

In the end, I would only like to mention that there’s a lot of misinformation revolving around the nature of Pitbull Terriers. In fact, there are even campaigns for outlawing this particular breed. So before you get one, make sure to check with your local authorities. Find out if it’s even legal for you to own the dog in the first place.

Denver in America goes as far as to ban the breed too. Then there are other cities that lawfully demand you to build a specific fence around your house if you wish to own a Pitbull. What also helps, at such times, is educating your neighbors and friends. And by that, I mean helping them do away with myths and misconceptions. Along with explaining the merits of the breed.

Pitbull Terrier Mix – Personality and Temperament

What to know before getting a Pitbull? What to expect when raising a Pitbull?

These are questions that are commonly asked on the web. But what’s not so common is coming across the correct answers. Agreed that owning a Pitbull is not an easy thing. However, that doesn’t mean the dog breed is aggressive and challenging to work with. It only means that these canines require extra love, care, and attention.

From early on, Pitbull Terriers have been farm and family dogs. Even when the original breed was into dog-fighting. They have always been active, playful, high-spirited, and confident creatures. It’s from where the dogs get their enthusiastic and even comical description.

Back in the days, the breed was also extremely stable and resilient when it came to be friendly toward people. That’s the primary reason why Pitbulls are so loving and trustworthy as family dogs. Despite their background! But to nurture this side of the animal, proper training and early socialization are essential.

It’s only natural for a dog’s destructive and abnormal behavior to take form when factors like training and socialization are ignored. Irrespective of what the breed is! That’s when Pitbull Terriers start to excessively pull, chew, dig, etc. So, at such times, it’s common sense to take extra precautions to protect valuables and belongings. Simply by placing these out of reach.

What pet owners also do is provide the dog with a special digging place. And also include vet-approved, tough, and entertaining chew toys for the playful creature.

Pitbull Terriers are incredibly athletic dogs, as you may already know. This means they’re excellent running, jogging, and even cycling companions. Many Pittles even enjoy retrieving and swimming. All thanks to the canine’s naturally intelligent and pleasing personality, even dog sports is a welcoming field. Pulling carts, freestyle, rally and track training, etc.

Are they good communicators too? Pitbull Terriers are the most vocal about how their day is going. As for signs to indicate any illness, these are common among most dogs…


Often touted as aggressive guard dogs, Pitties have attracted, not rightfully though, a lot of misconceptions. Yes, they look a bit intimidating and even scary to some. But you should know that the breed has now become too outgoing to be labeled as guard dogs.

You can’t expect animals to be aware of their size, can you? So it’s only natural for a Pitbull Terrier to squeeze into your lap or known down a family member or two when playing or in want of love and attention. As a pet owner, you should know this and not be afraid of it.

Whatever the case though, what remains unchanged is the fact that the dog breed is naturally smart, determined, and strong. When it comes to backing down, you cannot expect a Pitbull Terrier to do so. It’s just not built into his/her DNA, that’s for sure.

Double personality – this is a common occurrence among Pitties. At one point, he/she can have killer instincts to protect loved ones. And at another, expect them to be generously loving toward you. And you can only benefit from the two if you train and socialize your pet properly.

As for how they are with other canines, the answer is typical Terriers. And that means fighters instead of friends. Particularly when the gender is the same. This explains why it’s highly advisable to avoid keeping two dogs of the same sex in a single household. No matter the breed!

But these characteristics are not set in stone. Meaning every dog differs and has his/her own physical and psychological traits. Some of them perceive others as potential prey while some are super-friendly. It differs based on their lineage and also on your training and love toward them.

What to Know Before Adopting A Pitbull Terrier

Whether you choose to adopt from a rescue shelter or professional breeder. Showering your pet with lots of love, care, and attention is a must. At the same time, avoid going overboard. Otherwise, the breed’s dominating nature might cost you. In the sense, Pitties can easily manipulate you and become disobedient and sometimes even destructive.

That’s the thing about dogs, they develop excessive digging, barking, and other such undesirable traits when not trained, supervised, or mentally/physically stimulated. And this applies not just to Pitbull Terriers but all dog breeds.

With a Pitbull Terrier puppy, begin training from the very beginning. Pittie pups tend to absorb all sorts of training you impart from early on. So no need to wait until he/she turns 6 months old. Get ahead of the game and teach your dog to be more headstrong, social, and obedient.

Many Pitbull Terrier puppies begin socializing and training by the time they reach 10-12 weeks. But, don’t forget, that vaccinations, before you do anything, are necessary. Until you get these, make sure your dog doesn’t come in contact with other canines and even in public places. Puppy vaccines are not optional, so get them done prior to starting any formal or informal training.

When adopting, feel free to speak to the breeder. When the breeder is professional, trustworthy, and renowned (unlike backyard breeders), they tell you all you need to know about the personality and lifestyle of the dog.

Always remember that dogs, no matter the breed, are a big responsibility. So if you can’t take the time to make them feel loved and cared for, you’re only to regret it. More importantly, you might even give up your pet because you think he/she is not manageable. It’s best to adopt one only if you’re a genuinely dedicated and committed animal lover, especially in the case of Pitties.

Pitbull Terrier Mix – Other Characteristics and Traits

What You’re Getting Into

It’s not uncommon to buy a dog from a breeder who is in business just to make huge profits out of potential pet owners. You should stay away from such backyard breeders. Because not only are their breeding practices cruel, inhumane, and money-driven. But they also have no idea about breeding good-tempered canines.

Most of them at least are more concerned with making their dogs look macho, muscular, and the like. That they don’t give any importance to factors like temperament, personality, etc.

You can also adopt the adult-version of Pitbull Terriers from a pet parent who has more than just an inkling about the nature and temperament of the dog. There is surely no shortage of these.

Potential Aggression

I have already talked about this particular topic at great length. Pitbull Terriers are good dogs, but they’re not very forthcoming toward other canines. Not that you should expect your Pittie to start a brawl with other four-legged creatures. But he/she doesn’t take time to get instigated if not trained and socialized properly.

There are also some Pitbull Terriers who love to chase cats and other small creatures. And when they do, the chances of your dog harming them are quite likely. This explains why the majority of owners of Pitbull Terriers build a 6-feet high fence around the house.

Enough Mental and Physical Stimulation

No, they don’t need to run miles a day just to get some exercise done. Even a moderate amount of exercise is more than enough to keep your Pittie healthy, happy, and well-behaved. But this physical stimulation should be a part of his/her daily life.

You need to understand that Pitbull Terriers are powerful and energetic. So they need to vent this aspect of their natural self in order to keep from becoming destructive. Bored Pitties, or any other breed for that matter, end up chewing, ripping, or digging excessively.

Strong Temperament

Keep in mind that the Pitbull Terrier breed is no pushover. They’re capable of learning, training, and even socializing. So if you want your willful canine to obey you, then you need to do proper training from the very beginning.

Legal Liabilities

The ban of Pitbull Terriers across many cities and areas around the world is quite common. In fact, home insurance policies also revoke or refuse if you happen to own a Pittie. At the same time, many neighbors become terrified and uncomfortable when around this particular breed.

So legal liabilities should also be taken into account before you adopt a Pitbull terrier. On top of that, the intimidating appearance of the dog doesn’t make matters any more helpful. So iron out such concerns beforehand. Otherwise, you might even get sued for keeping a Pitbull Terrier. No matter how loving and adorable he/she is!

Pitbull Terrier Mix As A Pet – Final Say

Pitbull Terriers are medium-sized canines that are powerful and muscular. Their looks are intimidating, which is great if you want to keep people away. However, this is just how they look. Pitties are not exactly aggressive creatures when trained and looked after properly.

As for the coat of the dog, it’s sleek and easy to groom. So if these are the kind of traits you want your pet to have, then Pitbull Terriers are perfect for you.

But don’t get this breed if you don’t have the time to provide extra training and socialization. Legal liabilities also matter at this point. So make sure you get them checked and sorted out beforehand.

The breed, no doubt, is strong-willed. But you can train the dog, and also shower them with lots of love, care, and attention. As is the case with Pitbull Terriers or with any other dog!

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