What You Need to Know Before Getting a Betta Fish

Also known as Siamese fighting fish, betta fish is a beautiful fish with colored tails. Bettas are the most popular fish in aquariums globally, perhaps due to their pleasant color. 

Pet fish require less work as it is confined in the aquarium. If you wish to keep a betta fish, here is a guide to help you.

Invest in a Big Aquarium 

These fish species swim a lot and hence need ample space. Experts recommend a tank that holds a minimum of 5 gallons. If you decide to add more pets from the same family, get a bigger space for them.  

Though the fish size varies, the average length of a grown betta is around 2.5 – 3 inches without the tail. Vibrant, healthy fish have big, long tails that are open wide and flow smoothly. 

Note that the fish love to jump. Keep the aquarium covered, or if you wish to leave it open, provide enough space between the top of the tank and the water.  

Unlike the widespread misinformation, you cannot keep betta fish in small bowls. Bettas need more than bowls.

Do Betta Fish Love Company?

One rule of thumb is never put two male betta fish together! Bettas are also known as Siamese fighting fish for this reason. 

Betta fish have poor social skills and prefer their own space. Both male and female betta fish can accommodate snails, cory catfish, feeder guppies, and shrimp and coexist peacefully. However, two Siamese cannot stay in the same aquarium.

If you find non-aggressive female bettas, you can place two of them in one container with enough water. 

What to Put in the Aquarium

Bettas hide when nervous or fearful and swim around decorations or plants to stimulate their brains. You need to provide ‘hiding spots’ for the betta fish

Though the choice of aquarium décor is personal, avoid pointed or sharp items in the aquarium as they can hurt the fish when swimming. 

Also, remember these types of fish need plenty of space to swim around. Hence if you love lots of decorations, invest in a bigger tank. You can have artificial or natural plants as they all work with the fish. 

Add Plants in the Aquarium

Aquatic plants keep the water oxygenated and clean, enrich your pet and make the environment attractive. Adding some live plants to the tank hosting the fish is a great plus. 

When choosing plants, ensure you settle for those that do not grow too large or tall. Betta loves plants with dense and long leaves like Java Ferns, Marimo Moss Balls, Amazon Sword, and Anubias Nana. 

Water Temperature

Tropical fish like betta thrive in warm waters. Since it is impossible to consistently maintain a temperature above 75 degrees, buy a heater to keep the water temperature at 78 – 80 degrees. 

You will need a safe aquarium thermometer to ensure constant water temperature. When the surrounding temperatures drop, betta fish become lethargic and withdrawn as they are sensitive to changes in water parameters.

Betta Fish Diet

Living things thrive when fed on their most natural diet. Larvae and small insects are the best for betta fish due to their carnivorous nature. Frozen food like bloodworms and brine shrimp will also work. Betta fish need foods rich in protein and varied for their healthy development. 

The stomach size of a betta fish is the size of its eyeball, so one feed a day is enough. Once the betta stops actively feeding, do not give more food. If there is uneaten food that builds at the tank bottom, it will pollute the water.  


You are now qualified to adopt a betta fish! The above tips are essential to help you start your journey of fish keeping. 

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