Why a Portrait is the Best Gift to Give a Dog Mom

Gifts are an expression of love. On occasions like a dog’s birthday, holidays, and other special events, gifts show how much we truly love our dogs. Our dogs love us, protect us, cherish us, and consider us part of their family. In return, we humans also believe dogs are an integral part of our family. To commemorate this special bond we share with our dogs, we try to present them with wonderful gifts. Although there are many beautiful gifts like chewable toys, bone toys, etc., a gift that will be appreciated by both dog and dog parent is a portrait and here’s why.

Pet Portraits as Decoration

Portraits are considered some of the best gifts for dog parents because they look good in any house and can be integrated into any design easily. Generally watercolor pet portraits are easily integrated into any design and are timeless but ink portraits may work well for some as well.

A beautiful masterpiece of your furry friend hanging on the wall of your room or dining hall will not only increase the beauty of your interior but will also show every other guest how much you love your dog; a portrait is as much a statement as a decor item. 

Dogs Appreciate Art

One might believe that dogs do not find art interesting, but actually, this is far from the truth. Research shows that dogs can recognize their owners from portraits, while other research tells us that dogs might even have facial recognition skills like humans. 

Dogs are also caught gazing into portraits of scenic landscapes, other dogs, and their pups for a long time. Dogs can recognize themselves and seeing their portrait on the wall will at least puzzle them but most likely they will appreciate seeing themselves.

Through Portraits We Cherish Dog’s Memory 

Sometimes such events occur that leave an ever-lasting imprint on our mind, like the passing away of our four-legged family member. Unfortunately, dogs do not live a long life as humans, and one day or another, they ultimately have to leave us. 

A portrait also helps us honor our beloved dog’s memory after its passing. A single portrait of your dog hanging in your house will help you cope with your loss. It will constantly remind you about the amazing times you spent with your dog. 

Now, imagine giving someone a beautiful portrait of their diseased dog as a gift will bring them joy and delight. This gift will serve as a reminder of all those beautiful memories they had with their dear canine friend. Now they will be able to show every other guest how beautiful their dog used to look.

Similarly, if a dog lost her child, then gifting the dog mom a portrait of her child will be the best gift for her. It will constantly remind her how beautiful and adorable her pups used to look, and she will also not feel alone.

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