Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other’s Ears?

Soon after we adopt a dog and bring them home, they become a part of the family. We start taking care of them just like we would of a human child, and our lives begin revolving around them.

They are extremely adorable, and we can easily spend our entire day just watching their cute little antics. But, there are certain things about them that leave us baffled. And, one such thing is their habit of licking other dog’s ears.

If you noticed your dog licking the ear of another pooch, you obviously must have found it downright weird. You must be wondering what is wrong with your furry baby. Well, do not worry as your little friend is not the only one displaying this behavior, and in fact, this is very common among pooches.

Now that you know it is a common behavior, you still must be interested in learning why do they do so at all. Well, there can be many reasons behind dogs licking the ears of other dogs, and we shall get to learn about a few of them right away.

It Is a Part of Their Grooming Session

Among the most common reasons behind dog licking the ears of one another is that they are simply grooming each other. You will usually notice this when more than one dog lives together. They are just taking care of one another.

Though dogs know how to groom themselves, but it is not possible for them to reach inside their ears. This is when the other dogs prove to be of help. Dogs always want everyone in their pack to be healthy, and thus as a part of their survival instincts, they clean the ears of one another.

You do not need to stop this behavior as it will not cause any problems at all. This may look gross but is good for your dog’s health. Do not forget to play your part, though, and make sure to clean the ears of your pooches whenever you give them a bath.

They Just Perhaps Are Curious

Plain simple curiosity may be why your dog is licking the ears of his fellow dog. Dogs are extremely curious by nature, and this is something you must be aware of. This is why they have a habit of sniffing at all places that they find interesting.

Since dogs cannot explore things the way we humans do with our hands, they have a habit of using their mouths. So, chances are, your furry baby is just curious about their friend and thus lick their ears. In this case, too, you need not worry at all, as it is a completely safe action.

They Are Expressing Their Love

Yet another reason why pooches lick the ears of one another is to show their love and care. Your little friend is trying to show his companion how much he enjoys their company. Not only he might lick their ears but also their entire face and body as well.

This is a common habit if more than one dog lives together. Once they develop a liking towards each other, they will start displaying such behaviors. You simply need to be happy as it shows your little buddies are getting along really well with one another.

It Can Show Submission

Dogs have a habit of communicating in different ways. And, one that we all are familiar with is them rolling onto the back with their paws right up in the air. Yet another way dogs display their submissive side is by licking the ears of the dog that they consider to be the leader of the pack.

If you have adopted more than one dog, then do not be surprised when you notice such behavior. It is showing that the dogs respect and trust one another.

They May Be Anxious

Dogs have a habit of licking things when they get stressed or are anxious. If you have more than one dog and there are fireworks or thunderstorms outside, one dog may begin licking the ear of another. This is their way of dealing with anxiety.

If you notice your pooch is licking the ear of another dog compulsively and without any apparent reason, they may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Without any wait, take your dog to a vet immediately.

If your dog is licking out of stress, then not only will they lick the ear of their companions but also furniture, floor, and anywhere and everywhere. This should be the warning sign for you to plan a vet visit as soon as possible.

They May Be Trying To Treat an Infection or Wound

Dogs have a very strong sense of smell. In fact, many studies have shown that even before any sign or symptoms of infection occurs, a dog can identify the same. They do so by smelling the bacteria from the infection.

If you notice your dog is licking the ear of his furry friend, then perhaps he is trying to clean out the infection. In case this is not normal behavior, and your dog suddenly begins licking the ears of his friend, then you need to take the dog to a vet.

They Simply Like the Taste

Yes, this can sound gross, but it is a fact. The reason behind your dog licking the ear of his companion is perhaps that he loves the taste of his ear wax.

If there is no underlying infection and this behavior has not turned compulsive, then do not worry, as this is pretty normal.

They Find it Soothing

It is common for humans to have nervous tics, and the same is the case with dogs. To soothe themselves, one of the most common things that dogs do is to lick. They may lick their paws and even the ears of their pooch friends.

Licking is very soothing for them. If your pooch is stressed or anxious, they may start licking the ear of another dog. To fix this issue, you simply need to redirect their attention elsewhere.

To Conclude

As a puppy parent, you definitely try to do everything possible to make sure your little baby is always healthy and happy. To monitor their growth, you might be using a puppy weight calculator, and also pay regular visits to the vet. You bathe them regularly, play with them, and take them for walks.

It is but obvious that when you notice them doing something weird like licking another dog’s ears, this might be unsettling to you. But, this need not necessarily be a cause to worry. And, now that you are aware of the various reasons why dogs lick ears, you easily will be able to identify if it is normal or if a visit to a vet is required.

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