Why You Should Hire a Professional Groomer for Your Furry Friend

Regardless of whether you own a dog or cat, regular grooming is necessary for all kinds of pets. Not only does it keep the pet’s fur and skin clean and healthy, it also enables a professional groomer to do a fast health check and ensure that your pet is in great condition.

There are numerous benefits of hiring a professional groomer for regular grooming. Aside from ensuring healthy growth of and aerating the coat, grooming helps promote blood circulation and keep grease levels down, which prevent sebaceous cysts that are due to blocked skin pores.

Remember that pets like cats and dogs may shed faster that other animals, which may cause loose hair to be matted. If not brushed regularly, they may become dense wads that could drag the skin down, which result in soreness and some skin issues. So, make sure to hire trustworthy professional groomers from Barkwash and Treat Shoppe and other reputable grooming salons and experience the difference of quality grooming services.

Below are the other reasons why you must hire a professional groomer for your furry friend:

  • Hassle-Free Grooming Experience

Grooming pets without the help of professionals can be a challenging task. Oftentimes, pets don’t like grooming and tend to show signs of anger, fear, stress, and aggression to their owners. For this reason, a lot of people find themselves prolonging the grooming session.

Once you hire a professional groomer, you’ll enjoy a hassle-free grooming experience for your pet, while allowing you to do other important activities.

  • Trouble-Free Nail Cutting

Pet owners often struggle when cutting their pet’s nails. Due to this, some pet owners end up hurting their pets because of improper nail clipping. As a pet owner, you must know that there are parts of your pet’s nails that are sensitive and can’t be cut.

One of the reasons why you should hire professional groomers is that they know how and where to cut the claws. Your pets would love your preferred groomer so much that they would enjoy the session for nail clipping without causing any fuss.

  • More Convenient Solution

Professional groomers provide all essential services you may need for your pet. A usual service provides hair brushing, ear care, basic nail care, trimming, dental care, and bathing. With professional groomers taking care of your pets, you’ll be able to avoid the mess and stress associated with the task.

With some options like mobile pet grooming available, it’s more convenient these days. Mobile professional groomers visit either your house or some convenient central areas to groom your pets. You won’t even need to part with your pets for grooming services.

  • Equipped with the Right Grooming Supplies

Just like human beings, pets have different needs. For example, short-haired pets require different grooming supplies compared to long-haired pets. With the expertise and experience of professional groomers, they know what to use or the most appropriate grooming supplies to achieve results without experiencing any irritations. Experienced pet groomers also know the kind of haircut suited for a pet and the kind of hairbrush to use.

  • Ensures Safety

It can be challenging to groom your pets, especially if you’re new to owning one. Even if you’re an experienced pet owner, grooming sessions can be demanding and tiresome since most pets are aggressive when they’re being groomed. Take note that grooming under stress may even cause injury.

With professional groomers by your side, you don’t have to worry about anything because they’re trained to calm down and soothe pets. They’re also capable of creating the right environment for pets and grooming them.

  • Provides an Enjoyable Massage

Massaging pets can be hard, most particularly when you’re not aware of the muscle groups of the pets. Professional pet groomers can provide your pets a pleasurable and healthy massage that would relax them.

With pet massage, it provides a lot of health benefits such as reduced stress levels and stimulating your pet’s circulatory system.

  • Detects Parasites and Early Warning Signs of Illnesses

Another reason to hire professional groomers is that they have a thorough understanding of the dog’s anatomy. They can easily notice any abnormalities including bald patches, lumps, skin discoloration, rashes, bleeding, and gum discoloration. They can also detect the early signs of diseases.

Other than determining the early signs of illnesses, these professionals may tell if the pets have parasites. They do this by checking the pet’s coat for fleas, ear mites, and some parasites that might not be obviously visible to pet owners.

  • Provides Professional Hair Cuts

Does your pet need a haircut? If you don’t have any clue, professional pet groomers would know if pets need a haircut or not. They can determine whether a haircut is necessary with your pet’s current hair length. But, once pets need a haircut, you can always be assured that your pet will leave in style as professional groomers always strive to ensure that your pet will look their best. 

How to Find the Best Professional Pet Groomer

Now that you know the reasons why you should hire a professional groomer for your pets, it’s time to find the best one who can provide you top notch pet care service.

One of the first things that you should take into consideration when looking for professional groomers is their certifications. You should ensure that they’re certified by the organizations for groomers. It’s also a good idea to know if the groomer goes to seminars, trade shows or any conventions to help their career.

Another thing to do when finding the right professional groomer is to research online. Several groomers have accounts on various social media platforms. Make sure to check them to know if you like their style and service. You may also read the reviews on Yelp or Google. Whether it’s bad or good, read any reviews you see online and weigh the pros and cons. In this way, you’ll be able to make a well-informed decision.


Professional groomers know how to do their job efficiently and effectively, making your furry friend healthy, beautiful, and happy. In addition to that, pet grooming experts have the capability to style up your pets looks and make them standout. Just make sure to hire the best one around your area to experience nothing but convenience.

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