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Upon getting a pet, you become a ‘parent’ in nearly every aspect of the word. An animal is a ‘child’ that merely won’t grow up. And it would help if you approached the commitment in this way. Taking care of a pet is a huge responsibility not to be taken lightly. Your new addition has many general everyday needs, health requirements inclusive of regular medications, and training expectations that need meeting to develop an overall sense of well-being

Your furry friend will need to see the vet initially upon coming home and then regularly for check-ups to maintain good health. Recognizing developing issues early on will allow the vet to manage them. The doctor will typically prescribe medication for the animal even in the early stages as prevention for various bacteria and pests such as fleas. Regardless of what the drug is, it would help if you had the clinic to educate you on its background and the application process. In this way, you will be able to administer it correctly and ensure that it is having the appropriate effects.

The right facility is going to explain why the medication is necessary, what it is to do, how it is going to work, and the reaction you should expect to see, including any type of side effects. Dosing instructions need to be explicit with precise details as to how often administration is to take place during the day, what time of day, and when to stop giving the medication to your pet. The clinic will likely suggest options for filling the prescription with a variety of places available. You can also get more information here.

Questions To Have Prepared For The Veterinarian Visit With Your Pet

In all the excitement of going to the doctor, most coming from furball, there is a tendency to miss vital questions concerning its health. A good idea is to write down a few key points that you want to be sure to go over so you don’t forget anything, particularly as it relates to any medications. Take bottles of medicine with you that are currently being taken for the doctor’s convenience. If there are records from another vet, you want to give that information to the new office when you sign on so they can get the history. Some questions that you need to consider asking with the visit include:

  • Will the new medication require food to be taken with it? Some medicines on the market have a more significant effect when introduced into the system with food. The food assists with absorption in the gut and aids in the prevention of an upset stomach. Some need taking without eating due to its minimizing intake within the abdomen. If the indication is that it can be either way, let the animal enjoy some food with their medicine. It may make the process a little simpler.
  • If you miss one of the doses, what should you do? It’s critical to check with the doctor if you miss giving a dose of the drug. In instances where you’re having trouble getting the animal to take the required amount or if scheduling is making it difficult to give it to them on time, the clinic may be able to come up with an alternative. Different doses, formulations, or even medicines that are simpler to take or perhaps offer a less frequent administration schedule are variables that you should take into consideration. But certainly make sure to place a call to the facility. Read here for a guide on how to give medicine to a finicky pet.
  • Will the medication that is being prescribed interact with any other meds that the pet may be taking or supplements they’re on? Other medicine or even supplements may need to juggle their dosing to allow for the new substance. It may also be necessary to slowly wean them off of a particular drug or supplement in favor of the current item, which could be for a short time but may end up being more of a long-term.

It is critically important to the health of your animal that the vet knows everything that it’s taking, including any natural or organic substances. These also have the potential to cause problems when in combination with certain drugs. The facility may have suggestions as far as alternatives for use in replacement.

  • How do you handle a situation where the pet doesn’t like taking the medicine? If the animal has an aversion to taking pills, there may be another form of the substance, perhaps in a liquid variety, for which they may better adapt. Many drugs offer a variety of different styles, including topical creams and gels that you can massage into the skin. If the dosing schedule is tough to meet multiple times per day, there are also longer-lasting formulas available to better suit availability. And price points vary based on location and the service you use for filling.
  • Once the pet uses all the medication prescribed, should you return to the clinic? That is a question that needs to be posed to the doctor before the animal begins the drug. You also should find out if they will need to have a blood or urine test after being on the medicine for a specified period. And if you will be refilling what is to be a chronic medication or if it will, in fact, terminate once it’s all gone.

The doctor will suggest that your buddy starts on preventatives as protections from a variety of preventable diseases and parasites. These can include heartworm pills, flea/tick remedies, and regular vaccines such as parvo, rabies, and so on. Follow to learn more about preventative care.

As your friend ages, bearing in mind the type of lifestyle they have and their breed, the vet will keep periodic diagnostic testing and physical exams. These will determine when specific courses of action may need to take place, such as that of pain management for conditions like arthritis. Regular vet visits will sustain your pet’s quality of life, allowing them to remain healthy and active well into their later years.

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