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Why we do love pets

ThePetTown.com was founded by love of pets and animals. Every time you come home with a pet at the door and rejoice, all fatigue will disappear. On weekends, children can play with pets is also great. Taking care of pets, understanding animals also helps us to be closer to nature. So how do we do amazing things with pets?

At ThePetTown.com, our mission is to improve the lives of pets everywhere. We do this by connecting with experts and animal lovers in the pet care industry to give readers like you the most up-to-date resource on how to care for your pet. All information that we provide has been carefully selected and must be really helpful before being sent to readers.

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Thanks for dropping by! Whether you have a comment or suggestion to share, we look forward to hearing from you. For more general feedback, feel free to reach out by emailing emma@thepettown.com as well.