6 Tips On Preparing Your Home For Your New Dog

A dog undoubtedly brings happiness inside your home as it can play and provide you with the love and care you need. However, if you’re just planning to get one, think long and hard about it. This is not something that you can decide instantaneously. Dogs, cats, and any pet can be demanding since they need love, attention, care, and maintenance. Hence, you need to prepare plenty of things to ensure their comfort and safety, especially during their first few days. 

Welcoming a new dog into your home may require an adequate time for adjustment for your dog. You can’t expect them to be active right away because they need first to familiarize themselves with their new environment. With that, you should prepare yourself before bringing another member of the pack into your home. You should have proper knowledge about how to take care of your dog. You must know about reputable online pet food stores like Pet culture which you can visit from here petculture.com.au and order high-quality Pet food items with ease while sitting at your home. Ensure that you’re financially, emotionally, and physically prepared, as you also need to work up with the lifestyle changes.

So, to help fur parents like you make your home a ‘fur-tastic’ one, here are some tips you can have a go at:  

  1. Purchase Basic Dog Supplies 

Before getting a dog, you should have all of your dog supplies ready. In this way, you don’t have to hurry to the pet shop to purchase something your fur babies need, which may extend their discomfort in your home.  

You can begin to prepare basic dog supplies such as:  

  • Dog food (appropriate for their breed and age)  
  • Food bowl 
  • Water bowl 
  • Dog bed 
  • Collar and identification tag 
  • Leash  
  • Toys 
  • Dog treats 
  • Waste cleaning tools 
  1. Prepare Their Special Area 

Your dog will be nervous the first time you bring them home. With that, you need to provide them as much personal space as possible, so they don’t get overwhelm and trigger aggressive behaviors.  Moreover, you should discuss with everyone in your household how you plan to keep the dog. It could be letting the dog stay inside or have its spot outside of your home. If you plan to keep the dog outside as a guard dog, you should buy a sturdy and cozy dog house your pup can snuggle into every night.

When it’s time for your pup to eat, you should provide them a special area wherein they can eat alone and at peace. Ideally, it should be away from people and distractions so they could eat in peace. If too many people are trying to perturb your pup during their mealtime, it might develop guarding behaviors. They think that people around them are trying to steal their food.  

  1. Set Household Routine And Responsibilities 

Before getting a dog, you should first discuss the designation of responsibilities with everyone in your home. A new pup isn’t just something you bring to your home, feed a couple of days, and let them be on their own. Pets are like babies. They need your full attention, tender love, and care. It’s a responsibility you can share with everyone in your home. 

For instance, you can create a checklist of your daily routine and tasks. Consider factors like who will feed them, who will walk them each day, who will give them regular baths, who will pick up their mess, who will bring them to the vet, and more. 

Apart from the basic responsibilities, you should also confirm with everyone how you plan to keep the dog. Can they roam around the house? Or, do they need to have a playpen wherein you can assure they won’t go up the furniture? Likewise, you should also know which rooms are off-limits and not. Are they allowed to sleep on the bed with you? Taking note of these factors, as well as distributing tasks in your family members will help you in giving the best home to your fur baby. 

  1. Declutter Your Home 

Some dogs may be rowdy when you bring them to your home, wherein they’d love to explore everything they can as it’s a new environment for their eyes and scent. While some may be timid, you should prepare for what’s worse that could happen.  

To prepare for your new pup’s arrival, you should declutter your home and clear the areas they can easily reach, even when standing up. You don’t want your favorite books to go down to pieces just because your pup thinks it’s a new toy. While it might be frustrating, you shouldn’t be mad at your dog, especially that they still don’t know any house rules.   

Apart from keeping your valuables away from your dog’s reach, you should also ensure that your home is dog-safe. You can begin by putting away everything that may harm your dog, such as cleaning chemicals, poisonous food, and easy to reach fireplaces. For your fireplace, you should consider adding a heat-resistant gate or screen to keep your pups from harming themselves.   

Moreover, you should also keep electrical wirings away from your dog’s reach as they could still emit electrical charges even if they’re not in use. Apart from that, keep lying wires away, such as wired earphones and chargers, as there’ll be a high possibility that your dog will chew on it.  

  1. Identify Pet-Friendly Plants

If your home has indoor plants lying around, you should first identify which plants are safe for your dog. While they might help add beauty and life to your home, they might not be the perfect fit. Make a list of plants that might harm and poison your dog. These plants can put their lives at risk.   

Before your new pup arrives, you should clear out any poisonous indoor plant away from your home. You can research which plants are safe for you to keep and grow. So, you can continue to have a house full of greenery and life.   

  1. Update and Higher Your Fences 

If your home has a yard and you wish to let your dog roam around with it, you should ensure that your fences are sturdy and don’t have any small gaps in which your pup can force their body into, escaping your home. Ideally, a closed fence around your home can keep them away from roaming outside your area and keep them away from any danger.   

Apart from updating your fences, you might want to consider increasing their height. Ideally, they should be at least your height to ensure that they won’t be able to jump over when they mature. In this way, you can keep your dog within your property and avoid looking for them in the neighborhood if they’re able to escape.  


While it may be fun to have a new member of the pack, you should know that it’ll require plenty of responsibilities from your end, along with preparations. In addition to preparing financially, emotionally, and physically, everyone in your family should also prepare in doing their own parts to play. 

Although it may be fun to play with your fur babies, several things are needed to give them a comfortable and peaceful life. Having a new pup in your home can be enjoyable and stressful at the same time. But once you both get the hang of each other, you’ll be able to live a harmonious life, strengthening your bond with each other.

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