8 Signs That Your Dog Breeder Is Reputable

One of the most important considerations when thinking about adding a dog to your family is finding a reputable breeder.  Not only do you want to avoid a puppy mill but, you want to ensure that you are getting an animal that is healthy and responsibly bred.

When purchasing a purebred dog from Tampa to Buffalo, you will want to work with the best breeder that has a proven track record of producing quality dogs in a safe and kind environment. Reputable breeders rely on their customer recommendations to expand their business. Talking to former clients or your vet can help you find a trusted breeder.

Your dog will be with your family for many years, so you have to dedicate time and care in choosing your breeder. Finding the best puppies for sale Tampa or Buffalo has to offer will take some research and legwork. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that you can determine whether you are dealing with a reputable dog breeder.

Offered Tour

Breeders that work with their animals with love and care will have no problem offering you a tour of their facilities. If you find that you are being constantly put off when requesting a visit or a tour, you may want to reconsider your breeder choice. Quality breeders will have nothing to hide and will be pleased to show you their dogs and the breeding environment.

Low Volume

Trusted and respected breeders may not have dogs available. Responsible breeders will not force their dogs to reproduce constantly. Therefore, there may be several months’ waits for a puppy and you will need to go on a waiting list. It’s important to ask how many litters each breeder produces every year.


Purebred dog breeders should be experts at what they do, should be able to answer any questions about the dogs that they are breeding, and be able to tell you about their health and care.


A good breeder will spend time with their puppies to help them socialize with people and other animals. This helps the puppies to transfer smoothly to their adopted homes.

Vet Respected

A sure sign of a good breeder is one that is recommended by a certified vet. These vets will become familiar with the dogs and breeders that they treat and be able to point you in the right direction.


Any business, including dog breeders that don’t make their references readily available to new customers, should be avoided.

Contract / Guarantee

A reputable breeder will likely have a full contract or quality guarantee for all of their dogs and clients. Breeders should be willing to back up the health and purity of their dogs on paper.

Adoption Screening

Professional breeders make it their business to know what kinds of homes their puppies will end up in. A responsible breeder will ask that each adoption applicant goes through a screening process.

Bringing a new dog into your home can be a joyful experience. To make sure that you are dealing with a professional and trusted breeder, look for these signs and get ready to share your heart and home with your new dog.

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