Akita Dog Price Range – The Breakdown of the Cost of Akita Puppies

The breed is heavy-boned and burly with a massive, broad head that is well-balanced by a full-sized, curled tail. A standing Akita is 24-28 inches tall. The coat is dense, and it comes in many colors. And let’s not also forget about the dark, shiny eyes with the adorable, erect ears. No doubt, Akita are unique creatures but then what is the Akita dog price range?

Not every Akita costs the same amount. But why is that? What are the factors determining the cost of Akita puppies?

They’re quiet yet fast. They’re loving and affectionate yet intolerant or wary of other creatures (including human strangers). These are all very well-known facts. Now let’s find out what is not so commonly known.

Akita Dog Price Range – How Much Do Akita Puppies Cost?

Here’s the breakdown of the price range of the Akita dog breed…

1. $700 to $1,200

For $700 to $1,200, you can get an untrained, normal Akita puppy from a family or an amateur breeder. But beware of unethical backyard breeders as they’re just bothered about making money, which means they don’t care for animals that very much.

2. $1,200 to $2,000

Within this particular price range are Akita puppies bred by professional and maybe even trustworthy breeders. These types of breeders are more experienced (though not necessarily more caring toward the animal). But you should always do a thorough background check before buying from and supporting such communities.

But if the breeder can be trusted, then expect a purebred, AKC certification, pet insurance, vaccination check, basic training, and more. Hence, the extra cost.

3. Over $2,000

The highest price range is between $2,000 and $3,000.

Now, these dogs have a “champion” bloodline. This simply means the dog’s predecessors were a part of championships and competitions that, unfortunately, used to be organized for entertainment purposes. In fact, some of them still exist today; in that case, keep away from such “professional” breeders.

Akita Dog Price Range – What Determines the Cost?

Here are all the factors you might want to know when choosing Akita puppies…

#1 Strain

You have 3 main varieties here – Russian, American, and Japanese Akitas. The American type, since it’s the most common, has the most reasonable price range. Then comes the Russian Akita variety, which is slightly higher.

But the highest i.e. most expensive is the Japanese strain. These Akitas cost no less than $3,000. Japan doesn’t allow their purebred, original Akita dogs to be exported to other nations anymore in order to protect the precious genes of the breed. That’s why Japanese-bred Akitas are now rarely seen. And whenever they are, the cost is just ridiculously high.

#2 Lineage

If the Akita puppies come from grandparents or parents that used to be a part of international and national championships and competitions, then expect an unusually high price. That is between $1,800 and $3,000. All the more reason to avoid supporting such professional breeders to put an end to these inhumane competitions that serve only entertainment purposes.

#3 Registration Documents

Is the breed a member of the American Kennel Club (AKC)? If yes, then you should know that the responsible breeder, in this case, has paid the required fees to acquire registration papers. And that, no doubt, adds to the cost. But first, make sure you ask for the documents and get them verified in some way or the other.

#4 Medical Expenses and Health Check-Ups

If the breeder is not just money-driven and actually cares for his/her dogs as well, then chances are that they have carried out the necessary health check-ups to evaluate medical conditions. This includes vaccinations, deworming, basic blood tests, and the like. And getting all this done is certainly going to cost a certain sum of money to the breeder.

#5 Socialization and Training

It’s only common for professional breeders to sell their dogs after training, fostering, and caring for them properly. Although not all breeders are like that. So please make sure you choose someone you can trust. And these kinds of socialization and training practices naturally increase the cost of the pup.

The benefit here is that you get a friendly, well-behaved dog that you would otherwise have to train on your own if you genuinely care about his/her physical and mental well-being.

#6 Coat/Fur Color

There are as many as 15 different variations in terms of Akita fur color. But then this, more often than not, is divided into 2 main categories…

I. American Akitas

Gray, white, and brown American Akitas are more expensive than the rest of the American breed.

II. Japanese Akitas

The most favorite color here is orange and white, thus it’s also usually higher-priced than the others.

#7 Age, Size, and Gender

The male gender is $100-$200 more expensive than the female counterpart. Because male Akitas, or any other dog breed in general, are bigger as well as stronger. And most people prefer getting burly, chubby, stronger-muscled, and wider-boned dogs i.e. the male species.

Along the same lines, the majority of pet “lovers” want to get puppies and not adult dogs. In a way, that makes partial sense because it’s much easier to train a puppy. Plus, puppies, especially when 6 months old, are the least expensive in comparison to even 8-month old puppies.

That Should Be About It!

To be completely honest with you, getting an Akita pup means spending a somewhat higher amount of money. But then that’s only the initial cost. Also, most dog breeds are pricey at first. Simply because of the costs of vaccinations, AKC certification, medical check-ups, and other such necessary expenses. And all this SHOULD be done no matter what!

It’s entirely in your hands – the heath and well-being of your dog. So you have to fully understand that these expenses are not optional. Be it for an Akita, German Shepherd, or Labrador!

But yeah the buying cost does depend on a few factors, which I’ve discussed in this article. So you can better understand why you’re paying whatever it is you’re paying.

And one last time – please stay away from backyard breeders. They don’t adopt ethical means by any chance. Speaking of which, consider adopting a pet instead. It’s much cheaper too!

Lisa Thompson

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