At What Age Can Puppies Go Outside? When Can Puppies Go Outside?

It’s only natural to want to know at what age can puppies go outside. Because when it comes to socialization, your pet or pets interacting with their fellow four-legged creatures out in the world is very important for both their physical and mental well-being. But then there’s a certain age at which this can and should be done, right?

This is where you have to give importance to vaccination. The whole series of puppy vaccines take about 16 weeks to complete. And of course, it’s only when your little pup has been vaccinated completely is he/she safe to play with or even be around other dogs. Only then is the outside world a happy and safe place for your furry friend!

So here’s Purina, one of the top dog food brands, explaining dog vaccinations…

When Can Puppies Go Outside?

If you’re in a rush, here’s the quick answer – after your pup has taken all his doses of vaccinations. This is mostly around the time when the puppy’s age is 16 weeks. Or, needless to say, whenever the vet suggests.

But the entire vaccine series should be completed before you decide to introduce your pet to new adventures outside the home (and of course, this includes your puppy socializing with other pups and adult dogs). Only then is the play-time experience safe!

And now I’m going to talk about this more in detail below.

You might be able to take your little pooch outside sooner as well, BUT with a few restrictions and guidelines in mind.

2 weeks after those first few vaccinations you can think of walking the puppy outside provided the location is safe (free of potential viruses). And these locations should mostly be concrete, paved walkways. Maybe ask the vet for some advice and suggestions with regards to safe spots.

Many even go for bike rides with their puppies. There are those very convenient travel-friendly bike baskets in which your puppy can just sit and watch everything unfold on a pleasantly bright and sunny day. Paws don’t touch the ground at all!

These bike baskets you mount or install at the front of your bicycle. The design also consists of a double leash system for keeping the dog safe. So you don’t have to worry about any accidents or mishaps while you’re biking away and the wind is blowing through your pup’s fur. And in case it gets really windy, how about a travel-friendly basket hood for the bike?

Another safe and fun outing is going to the beach. This one, once again, is an ideal outdoor activity for both your puppy and you. You can get one of those elevated, foldable cots that I’ve seen so many pet owners use for their dogs and cats. So even your adorable little creature, despite not being completely vaccinated, can get some quality beach time!

This means you don’t necessarily have to wait for those 16 weeks before you take your pup out and about. It’s completely okay and even normal for the puppy to meet and interact with other puppy-friendly dogs (of mostly someone close to you, so the dogs are not unknown or complete strangers) and even humans (friends and family).

And who said that you can’t just pick up your puppy and walk with him/her. This is done by many when entering and leaving the vet’s clinic.

What About Going Out In Your Yard?

If you have your very own backyard or garden, then your newborn puppy or puppies can have the time of their lives. But make sure they’re well-supervised at such times. And of course, also confined to small and safe areas.

Nursing puppies, the entire litter, usually accompany their mother outside. And once these pups of the litter are big enough for wandering by themselves and doing their numbers 1 and 2 without any help from the mother, you can take them outside for potty training. Once more, close supervision is a must and so is keeping the trip outside short and sweet.

But what if you’ve not raised the puppy from the time he/she was born? Then chances are that your adopted pup is already big enough and fully weaned to explore your yard. Just keep a watchful eye out!

Potty breaks once every 1-2 hours are highly recommended in the case of a puppy you’ve only recently adopted. The dog, at this point, is most likely to be big or old enough, hence you can introduce him/her to the leash and collar perfect for walks and outdoor adventures in public spaces.

Weather Is An Important Factor Too!

You can’t and shouldn’t undermine the weather conditions when you have a puppy. Just like babies, puppies and kittens too are extremely vulnerable and delicate. So if the temperature outside happens to be very high or low, the newborn or young creature is most likely to fall sick.

For example, when the temperature is almost freezing, puppies are kept indoors and do their business on puppy training pads. Unless the dog is larger and older and also suited for such cold weather (St. Bernards or Huskies for instance). In that case, a short trip outside even when the weather is cold does no harm.

Much the same way, heat-related problems with hot weather can also prove to be detrimental, health-wise. So even these visits outdoors are to be kept short. Plus, never leave the pup unsupervised when he/she is outside on a really hot, sunny day.


When can puppies go for walks? If you don’t know the answer to this, you should find out. Or simply just speak to your vet and he or she will tell you all about when can puppies be around other dogs. Because it’s important that you pups does! Socializing your puppy has many, many physical and mental health benefits.

Failing to do so leads to behavioral problems that are surely a threat to the dog’s well-being, which is going to be a nuisance in your life too. But it’s the pup’s health, happiness, and safety we’re more concerned with, right?

The whole series of dog vaccinations get done when the puppy turns around 16 weeks old. After that, it’s 100-percent safe for your cute, adorable little pooch to mix and interact with other pups and adult dogs. Exposing him/her to new animals, people, things, and environments is a must, but only after all the doses of vaccinations are completed.

Lisa Thompson

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