Boxer Dog Price Range – Most Important Factors That Affect the Overall Cost

If you had to guess, how much do you think Boxer costs? Boxers are more than a ferocious and athletic breed that they are named for. They are also very loving, intelligent, affectionate, and loyal. So if you’re wondering whether to get a Boxer dog at home, you can without doubting it for even a second.

But hold on – what is the right Boxer dog price range?

Boxers are a German breed so they are tough, disciplined, and big. And now, given their popularity, you may also find variations of the original Boxer breed. This determines price, sure, but it also dictates how healthy your Boxer dog will be.

Having said that, do your own research to determine whether the puppy is purebred or mixed, cross-breed, or hybrid.

Now that I’ve presented to you the possible means of buying a Boxer breed – by price and type. Let’s look at how each influences each other when considering the Boxer dog price range.

How Much Do Boxer Puppies Cost?

Buying a Boxer puppy costs somewhere between $800 to $2,800. The wide gap in the price range depends on the origin, history, genetic background, and other family records of the dog you’re buying.

If your plan is to enroll your Boxer dog in competitive dog shows, you will need to pay a higher price. Competitive boxers are premium as they are bred and brought up in exceptional conditions.

Based on the health, age, and other purebred information, the average cost for a Boxer puppy is this. A reputable purebred Boxer puppy from a high-end breeding family offers various genetic health information regarding the Boxer’s family.

Types of Dog Breeders

It’s important to note that, here, you will come across 3 types of breeders. This may also influence the overall cost of a Boxer puppy. So it’s necessary to know this.

The first is in it for the money. The second is in it for the love of the Boxer dog breed in general. Then you have the “backyard” boxer breeders.

Between these 3 types of breeders, backyard breeders may cost you less as they do not perform pre-screening evaluations to ensure any genetic diseases and other health conditions. Those you probably will have to do yourself by doing a thorough check-up once you bring the Boxer puppy home.

1.   Greedy Breeders

They may try to tempt you into buying a premium purebred Boxer puppy by promising athletic gravitas, discipline, loyalty, and excellent physical condition. However, unless the breeder offers you proof of health via vaccinations and other medical tests that back up such declarations, don’t fall for it.

2.   AKC-Certified Breeders

The second type will perform certain medical evaluations and pre-testing to make known any genetic health conditions of the Boxer dog. Letting you know what to expect and possibly deal with the situation if something were to go wrong.

Make sure you buy a Boxer dog from a breeder who shares an active registration with AKC. This is the American Kennel Club. Every partner with AKC has to meet certain standards for breeding and maintenance. And if they fail to do so, they will lose their license. So this guarantees safety and complete transparency.

3.   Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders are not licensed. Not all backyard breeders perform a thorough and solid medical evaluation, like AKC-licensed breeders. But they will sell you high-quality and healthy Boxer puppies for a bit of extra cash.

If you do ever into contact with a backyard breeder, look for the following signs:

–        Proper medical certifications for vaccinations, deworming, and other treatments.

–        Check if they have their own pets at home. Most backyard breeders do.

–        Ask around for your local backyard breeder with a few verified sales.

–        Look for the Boxer puppy’s parent dog to observe their physical condition.

Other Factors Influencing Cost

1.   Medical Costs

Once you bring a Boxer puppy home, you straight away have to get some tests done. Puppies are likely to catch infectious diseases if they do not receive the proper vaccines and deworming medications.

You’ll probably need to take your puppy to the vet more than once. And the vet will prescribe the right method of treatment (and prevention) in the following ways.

Starter vaccines (top priority to prevent immune diseases in puppies), rabies vaccine, deworming, flea or tick prevention, heartworm prevention, and spaying/neutering.

Combine all these costs, it comes up to around $150 to $500-onwards. If you visit a high-end vet in a fancy location, expect to pay more than any local vet doctor in a dog hospital or stand-alone practice.

2.   Food

Food is the best way to make a puppy feel comfortable in a new home. It shows that they safe and protected. Dog food, for the Boxer breed, is not that expensive. Unless you want to try a premium brand of dog food.

But on average, it costs $50 to $70 on a monthly basis. Combine that with doggy treats, it’s not more than $100 per month.

3.   Grooming

Even though grooming is an ongoing cost, it is essential that you take this into consideration. Even if you plan to take your dog to a professional for grooming, it’s necessary to buy grooming supplies at home. Nail clippers, a brush, proper ear wipes, eye drops, and dog wipes.

This should not cost you more than $50 to purchase. And for grooming appointments, not more than $25 to $50 per appointment for the whole package.

4.   Supplies

Buying your dog’s first leash, collar, bed, food bowl, and other toys is a memory you’ll cherish for years and years. And don’t worry, it doesn’t cost much either. Unless you don’t mind paying extra for a dog bed, a playpen, and other exciting toys and accessories for your dog.

The average cost of dog supplies shouldn’t be more than $100 combined.


From this calculation, you can evaluate the final Boxer price range cost. How much you can reduce to save money or increase if you are willing to pay extra to keep your dog happy and satisfied.

Bringing a Boxer puppy home is always a memorable experience. And if you want to do it right, it’s important to be aware and equipped yourself with the proper cost of buying a Boxer dog breed.

Lisa Thompson

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