Five Out of the Box Ideas to Surprise Your Pets With

Our furry friends have been our companions for millennia and it is no wonder we love to cherish them and treat them accordingly. Finding unique gifts for your pet or your friend’s pet is not an easy task as most likely they are tired of the classics like bones or toy mice. If you are looking for something original for your furry one, here are five amazing ideas that will delight both the owner and their pet.

A Custom Pet Portrait

A portrait of your loved one that will be displayed on your wall will not only impress your pet but anybody who will come visit you will be able to see how much you care about your four-legged friend. We all know how vain cats are and a cat portrait hanging on your wall will surely impress your feline …. Or maybe not. However, a portrait of your cat will surely intrigue her.

A Tattoo of Your Pet

Do you think that a custom portrait of your pet just doesn’t make it? Do you want to show your love for your dog will last a lifetime? Are you one who isn’t afraid to do wild things once in a while? Then getting a dog tattoo on your body is right for you! 

Alternatively, you can tattoo his paws prints on your arm or leg. You only need to ink his paws and place them on a piece of paper. You can take that piece of paper to your local tattoo artist and (s)he will do the rest of the work for you. 

A Weighted Jacket

Dogs especially are very nervous when they get separated from you. A weighted jacket helps them keep calm in the hours you are out working. Weighted blankets offer gentle pressure on your dog and it helps diminish their anxiety levels. It not only works when you two are separated but it works wonders on dogs that are generally more anxious and stressed.

Custom Dog Bandanas

Do you want to give your pet a distinct look? You can try getting a custom dog bandana and design it in your own unique way. You can print your dog’s face on the bandana or his/her name. Or its favorite treat! Your imagination can run wild as possibilities are endless. Not only will your dog be fashionable but it will also have a one of a kind piece of clothing that will set him apart from the rest.

Cat Cave Bed

Cats love boxes for the same reasons dogs love weighted jackets. It was found that cats that had a box had at home had overall lower stress levels than cats without a box. Cats also love a comfortable and warm place to sleep. A cocoon bed provides a cat both things; it is both a place your furry one will love to nap as well as a box-like enclosed space that will provide it some privacy and a space to feel safe and calm.

We just love the Feltcave cat cave – it’s handmade from quality Merino wool and helps cats regulate their own temperature, keeping them cool in summer and cosy in winter. Plus it comes in a huge range of colors to suit any living room decor. Check it out on Amazon.

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