How Clean Is A Cat’s Mouth? How to Clean A Cat’s Mouth?

There are myths about how clean is a cat’s mouth. Many cat parents want to know about the risks of “kissing” their cat on the mouth. Whether there are any risks of infection, itchiness, etc. from kissing their cat.

If you’re one of those people who want to know, keep reading to find out how clean is a cat’s mouth. And how you can keep a cat’s mouth clean using simple home practices that are not as uncommon as you think!

How Clean Is A Cat’s Mouth?

While it is not dangerous or harmful to kiss your cat’s mouth, you are not likely to catch any infectious disease or flu from kissing your cat’s mouth.

But this is what you should be aware of about the common infections that can be passed on to humans:

1. Bacterial Infections

Your cat may pass on to you certain common bacterial strains such as Salmonella, E-coli, Staphylococcus, and Pasteurella. Salmonella, for example, is because specific cat food contains uncooked pieces of chicken which is okay for cats to consume but not for humans as it causes Salmonella.

But a cat can transfer such bacterial strains only if you were to kiss them on the inside of their mouth! Kissing a cat’s mouth means giving your cat a quick peck on the lips which is not harmful at all.

2. Cat Scratch Fever

This is caused by the strain Bartonella and a cat may pass this to humans but in very rare conditions.

3. Ringworm

Ringworm is a fungal infection that is contagious for both cats and humans. It can spread from cats to cats and from cats to humans through contact.

According to studies, I’ve found that ringworms are very common among kittens. And for humans, it is prevalent among children. But it is a very rare disease and harmless among humans.

Busting A Myth About Your Cat’s Mouth!

That It Is Cleaner Than A Human Mouth

It’s true that over 600 different types of bacteria live in a pet’s mouth. But this is true for humans as well. Oral hygiene and diet influence the different types of bacteria present. Though there aren’t any concrete statistics on the number of bacteria present in a cat’s mouth.

The only time your cat’s mouth is almost as clean as a human mouth is if you brush your cat’s teeth and gums every morning. This reduces the bacteria in your cat’s mouth. But even then, considering the type of raw food that cats eat, it will never be cleaner than or as clean as human mouths.

How to Keep A Cat’s Mouth Clean? Some Essential Oral Hygiene Tips

red cat playing with toothbrush in white bath tub, cute kitten

The routine of brushing your cat’s teeth is a good practice to maintain oral hygiene. Cleaning your pet’s mouth to get rid of bacteria and parasites and reduce the risk of infection or inflammation is essential.

Lack of proper oral hygiene can also cause tooth decay, bad breath, and dental diseases in cats. You can consult the vet about the correct cat-friendly toothpaste and brush with softer bristles so you don’t end up hurting your cat’s gum or tongue while brushing.

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind when brushing your cat’s teeth:

1. Keep a cotton swab in handy

Your cat may feel agitated or nervous when you use a toothbrush. In that case, you can also clean your cat’s teeth using a cotton swab. With cat-friendly toothpaste, you can get rid of plaque off the teeth effectively.

2. Prepare your cat beforehand

It’s important to keep your cat comfortable before, during, and after brushing its teeth. Set up a good area for your cat to sit and relax in. Use your fingers to touch your cat’s mouth, teeth, and lips so that they are used to your fingers and touch.

Easing the process of brushing your cat’s teeth is very important. This also ensures that you can regularly clean your cat’s teeth or lips or gums without making them feel nervous.

Some cats enjoy cuddling inside blankets or towels. Try different techniques to see what works for your cat.

3. Do not force your cat

If your cat is resisting a lot, do not force them in a way that may hurt them. You can try gently at first holding your cat’s paws to keep them steady. But if they are still resisting, you can try again after they have calmed down a bit.

You can also try bribing your cat with some of their delicious treats such as tuna treats, chicken bits, etc.

This should motivate your cat to remain calm with the process. Especially since you want to create a routine/habit of keeping their teeth and gums teeth.

4. Opt for professional grooming

Say you’re alone and are unable to keep your cat steady while brushing their teeth. If that is the case, the best thing to do is visit the vet to take care of your cat’s dental health. The vet will perform certain teeth cleanings and prescribe any important medication if necessary to maintain good oral hygiene.

A home and clinic routine is essential to keeping your cat’s dental health in check. Yearly visits to the clinic are a must. The vet will let you know exactly how dirty your cat’s mouth is and what products to use to reduce inflammation and bad breath.

Final Thoughts

So go right ahead and give your cat a kiss when you feel like it! With proper dental care, your cat’s mouth is not filled with harmful or contagious bacteria or parasites! It’s true that cats lick their own bodies and eat foods that contain raw meat. So bacterial strains such as fecal bacteria, raw meat, etc. are common among cats.

That’s why maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine for your cat is essential. It’s safer, then, for you to kiss your cat’s mouth without wondering how clean it is.

Lisa Thompson

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