How to Choose a Popular but Fitting Dog Name for Your New Pet

Congratulations on bringing home your new furry friend! Next, let’s give your new pet a name. When it comes to finding the right name for your new pet dog, the choices are endless! Some people already have some ideas in their mind; while others just pick a name at random. Nevertheless, every new pet owner tries to be a little creative in finding the most fitting name for their new furry friend.

But did you know that there’s an art and even science to naming your dog? For instance, there are certain sounds which dogs are more likely to respond to. There are also certain sounds that can confuse them.

To help you find the most suitable name for your new pet, here are some helpful tips!

Choosing a popular but fitting dog name for your pet


According to PetMD, you can give your pet a ‘wrong’ name which is either too hard or confusing for your pet to learn. The general rule of thumb is to stay no more than two syllables and avoid names that sound similar to ‘no’ to prevent confusion during training.

Additionally, go through the list of commands you might be using while training your pet and avoid names sounding like those words too.


Keeping your pet’s name short and simple will be easier for them to recognise, and for you to yell across the lawn when you need to catch their attention. Take examples from one-syllable commands like stay! Sit! Or, paw!

If you plan to use a fancy name like Sir Lancelot II or Lady Armageddon, keep the full name in the paperwork and settle on an easy nickname for daily usage.

Personality and Characteristics

Pay attention to your new pup’s personality and outer appearance. What do you see? It might take you a few days or even weeks to learn your new puppy’s personality, and that’s okay!

Using this tip, get creative by just using your eyes. Again, keep it simple, like naming your friendly dog Buddy or your new Pom Pom Fluffy. Not the most original, but it will certainly be apt and effective!

Find Something Unique

You’re probably going to take your new pet to the dog park. Find a name that’s unique so that you won’t have a group of dogs with the same name running towards you every time you call your pet. Although, that sure sounds like a dream!

You would also want to find a name that you’re comfortable calling out loud in public.

The Sound Matters

Your pet probably won’t get the pun you’ve named them because they respond more to the sound that you’re making than their actual name. A general rule of thumb is to steer clear of names that sound similar to your pet’s commands to prevent confusion during training. 

According to animal experts, dogs tend to recognise names with harsh consonant sounds such as “SH, CH, S, or K” as they can be easily differentiated and identified.

Your new furry friend also prefers a name that ends with a vowel sound which can give you the cutest sounding names like Charlie, Droopy, or Tubby.

Test and Repeat

Once you have a few name ideas, test them out by calling them out loud. Saying the names out loud might have a different feel than just thinking about it.

Not only can you assess how your dog responds to it, but you can also test out how easily it rolls off your tongue. Can your other family members pronounce the name too?

Then, when you’ve decided on a name that your pet seems to respond well to, and you can pronounce it with ease, help them learn it by repeating the name over and over again. Use the name often during playtime and give them treats for positive reinforcement.

Don’t Change the Name

Pick the most suitable name for your pet, and try to stick to it. Because once you train them to get familiar with one name, it will be difficult and even confusing for them to learn another one. This is especially true for older dogs.

If you really have to make some changes, try not to change the sound entirely. For example, “Dickie” could become “Icky”

Our points above will guide you to find names that your pet will respond best to, but at the same time, what’s important is finding a name you and your family love the most!

You might be stressed over coming up with a clever name. But sometimes, the answer could be right in front of you! For a little help, view more here!

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