How to Ensure Your Dog Will Be OK When You Go On Vacation

Even before getting a pet, many future dog owners wonder what they will do with it when they have business trips, weekend getaways, or longer vacations where dogs are not allowed. It is indeed a serious situation to consider, as an inability to leave it with your friends or family will entail additional expenses for pet sitting.

Besides, your dog is a member of your family, meaning it will miss you no less than you will, so it is crucial to make the separation process as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Specialists from helped us determine the main options to ensure your dog is in good hands while you are on vacation, and several tips to prepare both of you for a relatively less painful goodbye.

Decide Where You Will Leave Your Dog

There are several options of leaving your dog while you’re away, but first, you have to decide whether you want to keep your pet at home or find someone to take care of it outside your home. Options of leaving your pet at home include:

  • hiring a professional pet sitter
  • asking your neighbor, friend, or family member
  • finding a house sitter

It is a great option in case of short trips (no longer than a week). Your dog will feel more comfortable when staying in their familiar setting, and both of you will be less anxious about leaving each other. It also excludes the need for arranging its favorite toys, food, and water for it to have in a new place.

These are the options of having your dog taken care of outside your home:

  • hiring a pet sitter that takes care of animals at their own home
  • leaving your dog at the home of your neighbor, family member, or friend
  • leaving your dog at a boarding facility, kennel, or a pet hotel
  • finding a volunteer
  • finding a local veterinarian that will board your dog

Some of these solutions may be more expensive than just leaving your pet at your friend’s house, but they indeed have their benefits. For example, many pet sitters and facilities have excellent knowledge of canine behavior and experience in dealing with separation anxiety and overall pet care.

Prepare Your Dog Emotionally

No matter which type of caregiver you will choose to take care of your pet while going on vacation, it is essential to go through some procedures.

Meet & Greet

The better you will prepare your dog that you will not be around for some time, the less stress it will experience when left alone. Some kennels or board facilities offer comprehensive Meet & Greet sessions, so make sure to visit them and let your dog meet a pet sitter before you put it in their hands.

It is equally important to let your dog spend some time together with a pet sitter or your friend, even if they have already met. Getting used to a new person and surroundings will help your dog avoid separation anxiety symptoms later, especially if it is the first time you are leaving for a longer period of time.

Bring Their Stuff

If you leave your dog outside your home, the best way to ensure its peace of mind is to pack as much of its stuff as possible (as the facility or pet sitter allows). Make sure to bring its sleeping bed, lots of favorite treats and toys (always a good idea), bowls for food and water, and even that old slipper of yours, which your dog always chews while you are at work. The more familiar objects will surround your pet in its new environment, the easier and faster the process of adaptation will be.

Provide a Caregiver With All the Necessary Information

To make sure your dog will have a comfortable staycation, provide a person that will take care of it with all the information about your pet you deem necessary. It includes health information, your and your dog’s veterinarian contact info, and the amount of food and walks it needs in a day, but try and think about its habits and quirks.

If your dog experiences separation anxiety, make sure to inform a pet sitter or boarding facility about related symptoms and ways to relieve them.

Leave Confidently

The first thing to do is to ensure you spent extra time together with your dog before your vacation starts. Besides, an additional walk before packing your suitcase will help distract your dog.

It is then essential to stay calm and comfortable on the departure day, as pets can pick up on emotions. Thus, if you feel anxious and nervous when you go away, your dog can also get stressed. If you leave your pet with confidence, it will allow you to set the tone for the whole vacation and ensure that everything’s going to be okay.

The Bottom Line

Leaving your dog, especially for the first time, may be intimidating for both of you, so it is crucial to take your time and approach the situation seriously. First of all, you should choose whether it will be taken care of at your home or outside, and then provide the person responsible for your dog with all the necessary information, products, and tips to ensure the animal’s comfort.

Dogs perceive time differently than humans, so to eliminate worries about how long you have been gone on your vacation, remember that for them, the only thing that matters is when you come back!

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