How to get a puppy to sleep through the night

-I’m sure that if you’re a puppy owner, then you’ve been through the same thing I have. You lay down for bed and your little bundle of fur gets all riled up with excitement! They run around the house, jump on furniture, and keep everyone awake until they get tired from playing. Then they come to sleep at your feet or cuddle next to you in bed – but not for long because it’s time to play again! It can be exhausting trying to get a new pup adjusted to their surroundings and create good sleeping habits. Luckily there are some ways we can help them out, so everyone has a better night of sleep!

Create a Daily Puppy Schedule

-Just like a toddler, a puppy will need a bedtime and a regular daily schedule. For some pups this might be as early as 7 pm while others may still be raring to go at midnight! Try to figure out when your pup is most tired and lay them down for the night at that time. Once they’ve passed out it’s safe to shut the door behind them so they can’t get up again once they wake up. If you have trouble figuring out what time is best for your pup, then feel free to check out our blog on how to tell if your dog needs more exercise!

Create an Evening Routine with Your Puppy

-Developing healthy evening routines and habits will help your little fur baby wind down before bed. This is the perfect time for you to help out by doing some training with your pup, playing a game or two, and having feed them their last meal of the day before bedtime. If your pups are older, they can even have some non-stimulating playtime before bed too, like taking them on a walk or giving them some alone time in another room to calm down.

Puppy Nap Time Is Important

-It’s important to make sure your puppy gets a good amount of sleep. When they’re tired, they’re going to be far less likely to want to play and do things that keep you up all night! A new pup will probably not be able to go more than 4 hours without needing a potty break, so it helps if someone is always at home with them. If it’s possible, try fitting in naps after their walks – this is when they are most likely to fall asleep! The quicker the learn where and how to sleep through the night, the better.

Don’t Get Upset with The Pup If They Wake You Up

-Everyone has a rough night occasionally and it’s totally understandable, but if this is a recurring thing, then it could be an issue that needs to be addressed. Sometimes we have busy days or nights where we don’t get to spend as much time with our puppies as we usually do so they don’t realize the difference! Keep the same routine for your pup throughout his life so he can anticipate what is going to happen next and how long it will take from start to finish each day. It may seem like common sense but sometimes we forget this simple fact about sleep schedules.

Puppy Bedtime Treats and Cuddles Will Make Them Feel Safe

-Dogs have a natural ability to sense when something is going on so if they can feel your dog bedtime routine becoming more established, then they’ll know what to expect. Ask them if they need to go potty one last time before you take them in the room and give them a treat or two for being good pets. Then lay down with them and pet their heads while telling them that it’s time to sleep. If your pup is anxious about something, ask someone else in the house to pet their head while you’re not around – this will help reassure them that everything is okay!

Don’t Put Them on Their Own Just Yet – They Need You

-Puppies are easily by things like shadows, sounds, and reflections. This can be a difficult habit for a dog to break even though you don’t want them sleeping with you until their fully potty trained or until they’re at least one year old. The best thing you can do is keep your pup in the room with you until they get tired of being awake, so they’ll come find a spot next to your bed, instead of on it!

Establish a Bedtime Routine

-Everyone likes routine, even dogs! If you think about it, when does your dog get the most excited? When they know what’s coming next. Whether it’s dinner time, playtime, or bedtime – they know what to expect and they’re usually pretty stoked about it! Getting in a routine of feeding them at the same time every day will help them understand that eating is done by this time of the night.

Soothing Sounds and Music

-Turning on the right music or using a soothing sound machine will help your puppy sleep more easily. For some dogs, this includes classical music with low frequencies but for others it may mean white noise. You can find different types of white noise sounds here. The reason these calming things are effective is because they mask any noises that might be scary to your pup – like other dogs barking outside or even traffic! By helping them sleep through all those random noises, you’ll help raise their confidence by creating an environment where everything is predictable and safe for them.

Getting Their Dreams Ready

-If your pup is having a hard time sleeping in an unfamiliar place, you can always help them out by getting their dreams ready. A fun way to do this is by placing a soft blanket or towel of their favorite smell of scent near where they’ll be sleeping so they feel more at ease.


-There’s nothing cuter than a sleeping puppy snuggled up in their little bed – happy and relaxed! Getting your puppy into good habits will take some time but it’s worth it because then you can all rest easy knowing you’ve done the right thing. Getting them to sleep through the night is also one of those tasks that make owners feel like they’re doing everything right for their new pup! Good luck with your furry babies and if you have any questions about this article or would like to share your experience, please leave us a comment below.

Lisa Thompson

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