How To Prepare Your Home For A New Cat

Cats can make great companionship. Therefore, the idea of bringing your new cat into your home is quite exciting. However, beyond the excitement is a lot of change that your home will undergo to make it a safe and friendly environment for cats.

The better your home is prepared to host a cat, the easier the transition will be for both you and your new furry ball. You have to organize your home to ensure and guarantee your cat’s safety despite its endless exploration of its new home.

If you’re wondering how to prepare your home for a new cat or kitten, here’s a step-step guide.  

  1. Start By Cat-Proofing Your Home 

Cat-proofing your home means making sure your home is safe for cats while at the same time ensuring the cats won’t damage your property. The best way to cat-proof your home is to look at it from the eyes of a cat. Ask yourself what in your home poses a threat to the life of the cat? Similarly, what in your home could be damaged by the cat? What can you do to avoid both situations? For instance, you can decide to buy an organic cat bed so that your new furry doesn’t have to sleep on the couch. This helps to avoid damage by scratching your couch. 

Here are more cat-proofing measures you should consider doing in your home: 

  • Check Your Floors 

Checking your floor doesn’t necessarily mean renovating it, say, tiles to wooden floors. Checking your floors means reviewing what normally lies around. For example, if your carpeted floor has loose threads, you may want to cut away the loose ends and tape them. This is because your new cat may end up unraveling the threads, chewing and swallowing them, therefore causing health complications

That said, in case your floor is too slick, and you’re looking to bring in a kitten home, you can install a rug. The rug helps the kitten have a better grip which helps them walk with ease until they’re big enough to walk on your floor.  

Away from carpeted floors, it’s recommended that you pick up all your electric wires that may be lying on the floor and pin them on your wall or cover them. It helps to ensure that your cat doesn’t nibble on the cables and ends up electrocuted. Additionally, make a habit of plugging off any cables that aren’t in use. 

It would also be best to consider moving any toxic houseplants away from the cat’s reach. This is to avert the risk of the cat chewing the plant and compromising its health. Last but not least, now that you’ll be having a cat, make a habit of picking after your kids if you have any. Pick their toys, food remnants, and even candy that they may leave around. Human food may pose a health risk to cats when they consume it. If you’re dealing with kids and not toddlers, the best approach is to teach the kids to pick after themselves.  

  • Look Out For All Possible Hiding Areas 

One thing you’ll notice about cats is that they aren’t social when you’re still new to them. Cats prefer living in small spaces. As a result, they tend to look for hideouts whenever they’re in a new environment. Therefore, you want to make sure that you close off all potential holes and hideouts within your home. 

These hideouts could be vents, holes in your ceilings or ductwork, closets, shelves, kitchen counters, to mention but a few. Think of anywhere your cat would hide. If it’s a place you would rather not pull your pet from, then cover it up as you prepare to bring your fluff home.  

  • Review All Elevated Surfaces 

One thing about cats is they’ll climb, and when a cat is in your home, it’ll climb on the elevated surfaces, including your tables, kitchen counters, curtains, and shelves. While there’s nothing wrong with your cat climbing, the problem comes when the climbing ends up breaking your collectibles, kitchenware, and other valuable items.  

The human reaction to a cat breaking your items is scolding it. However, that’s not a good way to start a companionship with your newly found pet. You want to allow your cat to explore its new space. It’s therefore upon you to get rid of any breakables and store them safely until you and your cat know each other better.  As the two of you bond, you may start introducing and establishing rules. For example, you can teach your cat that the kitchen shelves and counters are a no-go zone. 

Besides putting away your breakables, note that cats also like climbing on curtains. Therefore, consider tying them down if you have one of those long curtains. Also, for the first few months, you want to make sure that your cat doesn’t go outside because it could easily get lost. Therefore, always make sure that your windows are closed. It would help if you also considered placing a tag on your cat so that it can quickly be returned to you if it runs off. 

  1. Secure One Room As The Cat Room 

Now that you have made your entire home cat-proof, it’s time to focus on the cat’s room. Yes, that’s right, your cat will need a space of its own. 

To start, cats love their own space. They need places where they can retreat after they explore the new space. Secondly, you’ll probably get your cat from a shelter where it was used to its own small space. Therefore, when you bring the cat home and expose it to large spaces, it can be overwhelming and cause stress. You, therefore, want to make sure the cat is as comfortable as possible by giving it its space. 

Note that the size of the room where you place your cat doesn’t matter as long as it’s a quiet place. Additionally, if you don’t have an extra room for your new pet, you can always place it in a quiet bedroom, bathroom, or your home office. The point is to make the cat feel like it has its territory before you gradually introduce it to the rest of the house.

 As your new cat gets used to the scents and sounds of its new home, you can slowly introduce it to the entire house. This can also be a good opportunity to establish the no-go zone areas such as the kitchen. You can install cat gates on areas you want the cat not to go. 

In preparing your cat’s room, ensure that the door and ceilings are secure. Additionally, place a litter box where the cat will excrete privately. You should also have a feeding station away from the litter box where the cat will get food and water. 

The feeding station is also the best way to introduce the cat to the rest of the house. You can do so by gradually moving the feeding station to the living room, where you can monitor the cat. As the cat feeds, it’ll slowly get used to the entire house.

  1. Install A Scratching Post 

The very last step of preparing your home is installing a scratching post. Cats need to scratch for several reasons, including: 

  • It helps them remove the dead part of their nails 
  • They may scratch when stretching 
  • Scratching is also a way for cats to express emotions like stress or excitement 
  • Cats scratch to mark objects with their scents. 

Ideally, they should scratch outside on trees or other hard surfaces. However, since your cat is still new to your home it shouldn’t be allowed to go out. It’s best to believe the cat will use whatever object is around to scratch. Unfortunately, that object could be your expensive leather sofa, and nobody wants that. 

You can install a scratching post in your home to avoid such scenarios. Place the scratching post in the cat’s room but consider moving it with time. Consider sprinkling some catnip on it to guide the cat to the scratching post.

Wrapping It Up Preparing your home for your new cat is important to make your cat feel right at home. If you have been wondering how to prepare your home for your new cat, the three steps will guide you. All the best as you start your petting journey.

Emma Thompson

Hi, I'm Emma Thompson. Welcome to The Pet Town! I'm a Pet lovers like you and please feel free to get in touch with any questions. Enjoy your stay!

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