How To Select The Best Rug For Cats

If you have a cat or a pet in general, it’s evident that everyday rugs won’t suit you. You’ll need to consider buying a carpet considering all points. Finding the perfect rug for cats comes with many dilemmas, though.

Finding the perfect rug for your cats comes with the points of considering the size, weight, and how well it can handle all the additional shedding from your cat. You’ll also want to look for anti-staining properties, durability as well as resistance.

Hence, to know more about knowing how to find the perfect rug for cats, keep reading our article!

Difference between standard rugs and rugs for cats:

An average rug that you can consider doesn’t hold special abilities. However, in terms of rugs for cats, the mighty carpet has to have the ability to maintain an animal of its own. 

Not only should your furry friend be able to cuddle up over your specifically chosen cat rugs, but the rug should also be able to hold all the cat mess!

If you skip having a cat rug for yourself, your standard rugs will decay over time. Whereas thinking it through and buying the perfect cat rug at the very beginning will benefit you in the long run. 

Hence, let’s get into the points you can consider while choosing the best cat rugs for yourself without further ado!

Points To Consider

Pattern Scale

The bigger the pattern on your rugs, the clearer you can see the fabric design or pet fur on a person’s everyday tufted rugs. Smaller level patterns will conceal a few imperfections easier than larger-scale ways.

A wide size pattern rug like this conceals all of the pet’s hair or stained imperfections. It can clearly be shown that both white and black hair can be present on this rug.

If you selected a larger patterned rug, it wouldn’t be good. Cats who are bound to get these rugs will dig and dig. 

A deplorable condition is where your furry friends feel that “going” to the bathroom will be a long time to wait for and do their jobs over the rugs. 

Unlike clothing, the carpets are no longer baggy and need much more care, and are much more demanding to manage. It’s not nice because you got a cheap shag rug that no longer holds the hair on it, but now you’ll have to pick up the hair on it as well. 

As long as the cat fur may be absolutely concealed behind the rug, the cat hair would not be a significant problem.

If you use a cheap rug, you’ll also need to be changing your rug pad ever so often. Hand-woven rugs and their fibers will easily get destroyed by your cat claws if not managed properly.

Try using low pile carpeting instead. Beautiful yet at the same moment, they trap soil and pet hair and may quickly appear filthy. 

You can go for beige oriental or geometric hand-woven rug pads. We wouldn’t recommend a braided Moroccan woven rug, though.


Thinking of wool as a pet-friendly material is “durable” because of its natural fibers. It does cleaning and maintaining the item easier because of its natural anti-bacterial properties. Yet wool rugs are more costly.

Indoor and Outdoor Rugs

Many great patterns of indoor rugs that you can use in your indoor environments can be found nowadays. Since it is so durable, it can easily withstand pet play and is very easy to clean. 

You can also use them as an outdoor rug. There is a great variety of rugs, so you should evaluate rugs by their materials. 


If you have a black cat, a white rug is not a reasonable option for you. Patterned shades will conceal most pet hair better than a solid hue, which blends with your pet’s coat. Please remember which color you can pick before continuing.

Kilim rugs are also a great alternative for your cat rugs. They provide the perfect combination of warmth from the handmade natural-fiber with durability. 

Rugs and Carpeting to Avoid

As a pet owner, natural fibers aren’t recommended for you. Cats are probably not going to like the look of a wool rug since they are much more interested in mats that will provide them with a lot of fun and entertainment. 

Nonetheless, we do not recommend either sisal or jute rugs.

If Shag carpets are used, they are challenging to maintain because they hide dirt from getting out. Berber rugs, however, can be a difficult choice to support.

Please take care when you are cutting the cords, as animals may have their claws get caught.

Area rugs are better because they can be cleaned by family members; for the inexperienced or stubborn stains, hire a professional cleaning service.

Cleaning and Caring 

To help the rugs look good, you should remove litter and spot clean stains once a week.

 If your pet has an accident, you can employ preventative methods: thoroughly pick up the mess, blot it with a clean, dry white rag to absorb any moisture, and then use a little water to see if you can get rid of the stain. 

If nothing works, try a pet stain cleaning product, such as soap and water or just vinegar. Ensure you also protect the pad with a moisture barrier to protect the rug from your pets’ accidents.

 If your furry friend urinates on the carpet, you will be stuck with a lingering smell, and your pet will return to the area again and again to leave her scent.

It can be argued that what frequency should one hire a professional cleaning service. Sometimes a pro cleaner will be required to clean the rug in just a visible stain or mild smell.


Rugs are expensive, so be careful when choosing a carpet. Avoid falling for the first item of clothing that you stumble upon. This comes down to personal preference and very little about pet care.

It is best to get a rug that you like and can afford. Know your pets too. If your cat loves to tear up yarns, use soft pile yarn. Take steps to train your pet to use the toilet properly. We hope by now you know everything about how to choose the best rug for cats!

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