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Animals are affectionate, playful, and adorable creatures. They’re such a bundle of joy that it’s almost impossible to convince yourself to not get a pet once you’ve decided that you absolutely want one. However, there are some key things to remember before getting a pet. Puppies and kitties are lovable, no doubt. But not everybody is well-prepared to care for them the right way.

The factors I’ve discussed below are often overlooked or underestimated by many first-time pet owners. And that’s primarily because we tend to act impulsively sometimes. And this is completely okay unless it starts to affect the well-being of your pet.

So let’s ask ourselves a few very important questions before adding another member to the family…

6 Key Things to Remember Before Getting A Pet

1. Are you prepared to care for the pet throughout his/her life?

Did you that cats and dogs live for an average of 12 years? In fact, some for an even longer time. Maybe between 15 and 20 years. So that is indeed a long time. In that case, are you ready for this kind of long-term commitment? This involves caring for your pet throughout his/her adulthood.

You have to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. And that means daily exercise for those many years. And when your pet enters adulthood years, it also means a considerable appetite.

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2. Do you understand how to care for the pet?

You should not get a pet without first finding out and understanding how to care for the animal properly. Basic requirements, health information, diet and exercise guidelines, etc. – these topics demand thorough research.

It’s necessary for you to be well informed when it comes to getting to know everything important about the creature. That way, you can care for them the right way.

There are plenty of articles, research studies, and even books about all kinds of breeds. All you have to do is make time and effort. Just be sure the information comes from a reliable, genuine source.

If you’re planning to adopt a pet, then choose a relevant organization. And no matter what, stay away from professional breeders. And here’s why. Get to know as much as you can about your to-be pet at the time of adoption. You can ask anything you want about medical history, exercise requirements, diet, how much space is needed, and the like.

Also keep in mind that animals that have unusual features tend to be more susceptible to health problems. For example, flat-faced dogs like Pugs. So they require special vet care in order to live a comfortable, healthy, and happy life. And it’s your responsibility, at such times, to improve your pet’s quality of life.

It’s only common for such adorable creatures to demand more attention and care from you. So if you live a busy, hectic life, then maybe you should think twice before getting a pet. Or maybe just adopt one that doesn’t have such special needs. After all, additional responsibility also increases the finances. Speaking of which…

3. Can you afford a pet?

It’s not just the initial cost that plays a part. You have to spend money on vaccination, spaying/neutering, food, toys, health check-ups, deworming, bedding, etc. These are all ongoing costs that make up at least a few hundred dollars per year. Then what about emergency veterinarian visits in case something goes wrong?

You cannot put these off just because you don’t have that kind of money. So it’s better to think about it beforehand before you impulsively get a pet.

4. Is there enough space for your pet at home?

Is the accommodation suitable for the size of the animal you plan on adopting? The size of your house and garden space outside does indeed matter a great deal. Because animals love to play, which is something you shouldn’t take away from them.

At the same time, is your place safe and secure for a pet? You don’t necessarily need a backyard. But you should have a park or something nearby for daily walks, exercise, and playtime.

And those staying on rent, please check with your landlord first and try to get written permission. Also consider the possibility of moving from one house to the next in the future.

5. Do you have the time to care for the pet?

Caring involves exercise, grooming, feeding, socialization, training, and simply just giving your pet some company on a daily basis. All this, needless to say, isn’t optional. It’s a part and parcel of pet ownership. So if you think you don’t have the time or interest, then ditch the whole idea of getting a pet.

Even if it’s a kitten, know that he/she deserves all the care in the world. And you simply cannot neglect this particular aspect.

6. Do you have access to a good, reliable veterinarian?

You can ask around when it comes to finding a trustworthy medical professional. Veterinarians may be available almost everywhere, but a good vet is surely hard to come by. You can interview a few before you actually get a pet. So you know that you can rely on him/her for your future family member’s health and well-being.

Keep in mind that not all veterinarians are the same. The goal here is to pick one that communicates properly with you and your pet. After all, you are going to form a lifelong relationship with this person. So they might as well be genuine and caring toward animals instead of just trying to make more money off you.

The best way to go about it in this day and age is to read online reviews. There’s plenty of valid proof on platforms regarding the professionalism and skills of doctors and vets. So don’t be lazy and get this area covered before you get a pet home.

The End

So these were some of the key things to remember before getting a pet. Please try to understand that pets are like babies. They demand your care and attention on a daily basis, even when they’re well into their adulthood years. Animals are a bundle of joy, but you have to cultivate and nourish that joy every single day. You cannot and should not neglect them.

Pets are a long-term commitment, in terms of finances even. So make sure you’re well-equipped, physically, emotionally, financially, etc., to care for the animal. It may be tempting to get a pet impulsively. But think of the repercussions first. And if they don’t favor you or the animal, then postpone getting a pet to a later, more suitable time in your life.

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