Pests That May Be Harmful to Your Pets

When we think about pest problems in our home, we typically think about how those pests will affect us humans. But we also need to consider the pets living in our homes with us. Many pests that are problems for people are also problems for pets, but there are some in particular that can be more of a problem for the pets in your home than others.

How much do you need to worry about pests bothering your pets? Well, it really comes down to the type of pest your pet has come across. Some are much more problematic than others. Though pets are fun and cuddly to have around, they are also our responsibilities. As pet owners, it’s our job to make sure the fur babies in our home are comfortable, cared for, and safe. And that does mean that we need to know what could potentially threaten them and how to help them if they are harmed. To help you with this, here is a list of common pests that could be harmful to your pets.

6 Harmful Pests for Pets

1. Venomous Spiders

Venomous spiders are never a pest you want to find in your home because they can be dangerous to you and your family. But did you know that venomous spiders can actually be more dangerous to your pets than they can be to you?

In the United States, there are really only two types of venomous spiders that can be harmful to humans, and those are the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider. A bite from either of these spiders requires medical help, but most adults should survive and recover from those bites relatively quickly. For children, the elderly, and yes, your pets, these spiders can be much more harmful. In fact, it’s much more likely for them to experience death than it is for most healthy adults. Call pest control companies to check your home if you do find a venomous spider. 

2. Mosquitos

No one likes having mosquitoes around. Their buzzing is annoying, their bites are itchy, and, most concerning, they spread diseases when they bite. Unfortunately, this is just as true for your pets as it is for you.

If your pets are bitten by mosquitoes, they will likely experience the same kind of itchiness that you do. The problem is that your pets don’t know they shouldn’t scratch the bites to avoid infection. They just know that it itches and they want it to stop. Of course, there’s always the risk of getting sick from a mosquito bite. If one of your pets is bitten by a mosquito, keep a close eye on it. If you notice behaviors that are not typical to your pet, you should call your vet (this is true anytime you know your pet has been bitten by a pest).

3. Caterpillars

Most people don’t think of caterpillars as being a threat. This is partly due to animated movies that make them look cute, but caterpillars can actually be unpleasant to come across. Even when they look cute and fluffy, the reality is they often have stingers that make them harmful to people or animals. Additionally, some caterpillars have bristly hairs on them that can irritate your pet’s eyes, nose, and mouth. So even though caterpillars look harmless, it’s best to keep your pets away from them.

4. Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are hard to avoid because they are frequently found in or near your home. But these black and red insects are ones you need to keep your pets away from. Even if your pet thinks it’s fun to chase these bugs, if your pet happens to ingest a boxelder bug, it could get sick. Typically, your pets won’t want to eat the boxelder bugs because they don’t taste good, but they still may eat them once in a while. Eating one boxelder bug probably won’t be too big of a problem, but if your pet eats several boxelder bugs, your pet will begin having stomach problems and vomiting. In some cases, pets have been known to have digestive issues after eating boxelder bugs to the point of needing surgery. So avoiding boxelder bugs is actually pretty important for pets.

5. Fleas

Fleas are a well-known pet pest. Fleas like to feed on the blood of mammals like cats and dogs. And unfortunately, it’s pretty easy for fleas to find their way onto your pets. Fleas can jump very far for their small size, so all it takes is for your pet to walk near an animal that does have fleas or even near a flea that is outside, and in just a few seconds the flea can jump onto your pet and start feeding. Fleas are a concern because they can cause anemia and allergic dermatitis. If this happens, your pet will scratch so much that they begin losing fur and start scabbing on their skin. If your pet has fleas, you need to contact your vet right away to begin treating your pet.

6. Ticks

Ticks, like fleas, drink the blood of mammals. Ticks can be a problem for you and your pets, so you really don’t want them around causing issues for any of you. Ticks can feed on their hosts for days, weeks, and even years in some cases. Ticks are also known for spreading a lot of diseases, though those diseases vary depending on the type of tick and the area you live in. These diseases can be harmful and even deadly in some cases.

How to Protect Your Pet from Pests

There are various ways to prevent pests from coming into your home and harming your pets. Some of these are DIY methods, some are pesticides you can buy from the store, but your best defense will be help from pest control companies. When you hire professional pest control companies to help you protect your home and family, you’re using the best treatments available. No treatment from the store will be as effective or strong as professional treatments, and often store-bought remedies can be as dangerous to your pets as the pests you were trying to get rid of. Professional treatments are intended to be pet and child-friendly, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the treatment being as dangerous as the problem. 

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