Rottweiler Dog Price Range – What You Need to Know Before Buying

Deciding to bring home a Rottweiler dog is an important decision. A Rottweiler is thought of as a fierce yet good-natured and friendly breed. It is something that will rouse any neighbor’s guard because a Rottweiler can look intimidating and tough.

Are they as remarkable in price as they are in appearance? Read more to find out.

The availability and price of a Rottweiler pup vary by location. It is possible to find a Rottweiler in an animal shelter or adoption center in your local area. Or else you may have to travel a long distance to find a Rottweiler puppy with registration, health history, and other generation-relation information.

And naturally, all this, whether you adopt or shop, costs some money. So what is the final cost and price of a Rottweiler dog?

Are Rottweiler Dogs (or Rotties) An Expensive Breed?

The answer to this simple question is a shocking ‘YES’. If you had asked me, name the top 5 most expensive dog breeds in the world, I wouldn’t have thought that a Rottweiler would make that list. A Tibetan Mastiff, obviously, also a Saint Bernard and Huskies. But a Rottweiler, no way!

But it’s true. Rotties are intelligent and energetic dogs. And the cost of purchasing a Rottweiler puppy comes from $1,500 to $3,000. The price varies depending on the location, generation-related health documents, registration, and other such factors.

But there’s a way to breakdown this price range and find your ideal fit:

Cost of Health Insurance/Certificates

Many people spend more money on acquiring the proper documents from a breeder before purchasing a Rottweiler. To do this yourself, you will have to contact a breeder and inquire about the cost of breeding, importing fees, and purchase price.

Of course, this is a long process of purchasing a dog but you can think of it like any other “shopping” spree! You see something you like so you need to take certain steps to make a transaction.

However, this is no product we’re talking about! It’s a dog’s life at stake.

So before you come to any conclusion, take a look at any number of animal shelters and local rescue centers. You can still invest in said health insurance and certificates and save a rescue Rotweiler’s life!

All these documents do is improve quality of life and guarantee that you can take care of your dog in the best, most relevant way possible. So paying a significant sum for medical check-ups shouldn’t be a hassle.

The cost of getting a dog certified and insured is $300 to $600. 

Cost of Breeding and Transporting

Did you know that there are people who literally pay thousands of dollars to import purebred Rottweilers from Germany? This not only digs a huge hole in your pocket but also denies you the opportunity to take care of a Rottweiler that could be in an animal shelter in your own city.

So, hypothetically, how much would you have to pay for a purchase like that? Nothing less than $2,500 up to $8,000. This depends on the lineage and physique of the dog. Seems too extravagant and unnecessary, right?

Cost of Adopting

The price range for adopting a Rottweiler is between $150 to $500. This covers the purchasing cost. Although some adoption centers do not charge money for adoption. You only have to cover the medical expenses (vaccinations, deworming, and extra care).

Adoption centers also offer registration services which should not cost more than $80. When you compare this price to the cost of breeding a Rottweiler even with ethical breeders, adoption is way more affordable and rewarding.

Have You Heard of Puppy Mills?

Rotties are a common dog breed, even though they are expensive. This opens you up to the malignant world of puppy mills. These two places you must, at any cost, stay away from.

And this has nothing to do with the cost. What is at stake is the quality of life of a dog. If you don’t believe me, you can ask any vet or animal shelter volunteer about puppy mills and backyard breeders.

Such places use unethical measures to breed more and more puppies. The cheaper measures they take to breed more puppies, the higher profit they make per sale.

Compare this with an ethical, certified, and registered breeder and the puppies are puppy mills are not loved, cared for, and nourished. Based on my research, it also came out that more and more people are adopting rescued puppy mill dogs as they require immediate medical attention and a loving home to live in.

Backyard breeders sell Rottweiler puppies for a shockingly less price like $50 to $80. You feel tempted to cut back costs and this not only encourages backyard breeders to sell more.

Puppies that grow up in puppy mills or by backyard breeders also fail to socialize positively with other dogs. Proper and positive training and socialization are necessary to improve the quality of life and keep your dog happy.

Final Verdict

So what do you think the cost comes up to for owning a Rottweiler? The average cost of a Rottweiler puppy is $1,000. You can go higher up if you take into consideration the champion bloodlines, registration, and transportation fees.

Adopting a puppy or an adult Rottweiler is obviously cheaper. In some places, this also includes registration papers, disease testing, and vaccines.

Lots of factors can influence the price of a Rottweiler. Where you plan on buying a Rottweiler is a significant investment. And factoring in the initial costs like food, bed, toys, leash, harness, and vet visits are also important.

Based on my research, the origin of the pup, size, and gender are other factors that a lot of breeders ask you about when you want to buy a Rottweiler. And on that note, I’d like to say just one thing, a Rottweiler’s standard size is not more than 40 to 60 kilos. And you will not notice any significant difference between a male and a female dog.

What does matter, however, is its origin. You can expect to pay a lot more for a champion breed than a mixed breed. Purebred costs $400 more than mixed breed Rottweilers. So do your research well and before falling for a set price.

Lisa Thompson

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