Should You Put A Collar On A Kitten?

Kittens are bundles of joy and cuteness, topped with unlimited energy. They can bring happiness to your home as they spread their adorable naughtiness by jumping up and down and running around. During this phase, pet parents should go beyond standard measures to keep them safe. 

Some pet parents are skeptical about putting a collar on a kitten. Some issues like the risks of choking or getting stuck may even raise anxiety. However, a collar is necessary for identification in case they get lost. 

Safety First 

The first concern when putting a collar on a kitten is their safety. Some fur parents may be skeptical of putting a collar on their little one since it may not be necessary. While microchips are helpful, concerned neighbors can’t tell if your pet has a home until they bring it to a rescue shelter. This whole process can be more stressful for your tiny furball.Collars are okay for kittens, but you need to buy one specifically made for them. Supakit kitten collars have a weight-rated buckle for kittens, as well as a custom size for them and a breakaway feature, making them one of the safest collars you can buy. They also come in different designs to match your munchkin’s adorable personality.

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Benefits Of Putting A Collar On Your Kitten 

One thing to remember when deciding to put a collar on your kitten is the number of advantages. The safety benefits of having a collar far outweigh the avoidable risks like choking and leg injury. Once your kitten gets the correct type of collar and gets used to it, you have nothing to worry about. 

You can easily prevent the risks of getting stuck and injured by getting a collar especially made for kittens. Breakaway and quick-release collars are recommended for easy unlocking in case of emergency. It’s best to avoid elastic collars since they only increase the risk of choking. 

Putting a collar is one way to keep your kitten safe in case it decides to wander outside. Even if you maintain a close eye on it, one can never be a hundred percent sure it will stay indoors. Therefore, it’s essential to put an identification for concerned neighbors and passersby to know who to contact in case they see your little munchkin walking around the streets. 

How To Choose The Right Collar 

Choosing a suitable collar for kittens is a bit more challenging than purchasing one for adult cats. Since kittens have extra energy for running and jumping around, they need special features to keep them safe and comfy. These are the keys to consider when choosing the proper collar. 

  • Size 

Kitten collars have an adjustable length of between 14 to 21 cm. This size is fit enough to stay on their neck and comfy for playing. The recommended with is 1 cm. Anything thicker could hurt the kitten’s neck, while thinner can increase the risk of neck injury and wound. To get an accurate size, measure your kitten’s neck with a tape measure. Make sure you can insert two fingers between the tape and the kitten’s neck to ensure comfort. 

  • Tag Type 

Since the purpose of the collar is quick identification, choosing the best tag type is necessary. Hanging tags are okay for adult cats. For kittens, slide-on tags are the best. They’re lightweight and don’t interfere with your kitten’s playtime. Skipping the tags with chains is also necessary to prevent your kitten from getting stuck on curtains and other fabrics around the house. 

  • Weight 

The collar’s weight tag is crucial to your kitten’s comfort. If it’s a little too heavy, it can strain the kitten’s neck, causing stress and discomfort. Kitten collars with breakaway buckles are suitable for kittens weighing 1kg to 2.5kg. This ensures their body weight is enough to break the lock when needed. 

  • Material 

The durability of the collar is as crucial as its comfort. It must be strong enough to last until your kitten grows up but soft on its skin and fur. The best materials for kitten collars are leather, polyester, and nylon. 

When To Put A Collar On Your Kitten

Putting a collar on a kitten as early as two months old is safe. As long as you’re getting the right type and size, you can ensure your kitten’s comfort. By this age, kittens start to explore their environment, which may lure them outdoors. 

If your kitten seems too small and light at two months old, you can wait a few more weeks. Waiting until your kitten weighs around 1kg is the safest. It will also be easier to find a collar that perfectly fits its neck. 

Getting Your Kitten Used To The Collar 

Kittens and adult cats may react and panic when wearing a collar for the first time. They may start to take it off using their legs or try to run backward. There are easy steps to get your kitten used to the collar to prevent unnecessary stress.

  • Slowly Introduce The Collar 

Anything unfamiliar can freak a kitten out. It’s their nature to observe a foreign object carefully before deciding to touch it. Slowly introducing the collar gives your kitten time to get familiar with it. 

One of the best techniques is wiping a soft cloth on your kitten and rubbing it on the collar to give it a familiar smell. Allow your kitten to sniff and touch the collar. When your kitten is comfortable enough, they may start playing with it. 

  • Wait Until Your Kitten Is Calm 

After letting your kitten play with the collar for a while, you may now try putting it on. To do this safely, wait until your kitten shows no sign of struggle. You may also try wrapping your kitten with a soft towel to calm it down before trying the collar on. Then, let your kitten go and observe if there are signs of discomfort. 


Your kitten’s comfort and safety should always be your priority. Putting a collar on it is one of the safety measures pet parents must follow to get your kitty home quickly when it tries to roam outdoors.

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