Snowshoe Cat Price Range – What to Expect When Buying Snowshoe Cats?

Before getting to know the Snowshoe Cat price range, do you know that the breed loves company? This explains why they’re the happiest around family members, this includes children of course. To be honest, all cats are like that but then there are surely some who simply DISLIKE being alone for too long a.k.a. Snowshoe.

It’s a very intelligent breed with the ability to work its paws like no other feline. Meaning look forward to your pet cat opening doors, actually enjoying bath time, and more things like that. No doubt, they have a very loving nature and are quick to learn simple tricks.

So let’s get to know more about these cute little creatures that you’re considering to make a part of your home…

Overview of Snowshoe Cats

It’s a domestic breed that originated comparatively more recently, that is during the 1960s. A breeder of Siamese cats is responsible for the accidental birth of this particular breed. They’ve been around for only over 40-50 years now and still the original coat markings are very rare to come across.

Snowshoe cats have a moderately-sized oriental body type. The appearance, no doubt, is much the same as Siamese cats. But Snowshoe is longer rather than being tall. Their build is athletic, well-balanced, and muscular. Needless to say, male Snowshoe cats are larger in comparison to their female counterparts. The former being 10-12 pounds.

Triangular head shape and medium or medium-large ear size with tips that are slightly rounded. Along with a tail of medium size.

As for the color, the short-hair coat of Snowshoe felines is white and solid-colored. The ears, face, tail, and also legs sometimes are solid black in color. The white color patterns have variations along the face, paws, chest, and stomach.

But the whole body is evenly colored with subtle shading or point coloring around the hips, shoulders, and back. Lighter shades are often found near the stomach and chest.

Then the paw pads are flesh-toned, point-colored, white, or just mottled. It goes without saying that paw color tends to darken as the cat grows older. They can even turn chocolate brown due to aging.

And in the case of purebred Snowshoe cats, blue eyes are a huge attraction. But you know, if you’re a genuine animal lover, blue eyes or black, how does any of this matter, right?

Snowshoe Cat Price Range

Limited Registration

Obviously, cats and dogs that are not completely registered with organizations like the AKC aren’t expensive. After all, registration and certifications do cost a certain sum of money. So you can get a Snowshoe kitten for anywhere between $300 and $500 this way.

Full Registration

Complete registration means access to more information. Also, fully registered cats you can breed as long as you know the wherewithal of proper breeding. In this case, however, prices vary quite a lot based on what type of breeder it is, the pedigree or lineage of the cat, and the like.

There are low-cost breeders that charge anywhere between $500 and $800 per kitten. But please beware of backyard breeders. These could be reputable, well-known breeders too who normally charge $800 to $1,200 per kitten.

You Can Also Adopt Of Course!

Adopt A Pet is a very useful platform specifically made for genuine animal lovers who find the concept of this breeding “business” or “trade” very tricky. So instead they adopt, which means making one less cat homeless. Plus, it’s way more affordable than buying from a breeder, any breeder.

But Are Snowshoe Cats Suitable for Family Homes?

One thing can be said for certain that Snowshoe cats are extremely loving and friendly. So it’s no problem at all for them to become acquainted and also have a good time with family members. After all, the breed loves company, irrespective of how old or what gender.

Snowshoes are plenty playful even when they get older. They’re also quite active, which means being around energetic, playful children is sure to bring out the best in them.

However, you have to make sure that kids treat the cat with respect. It’s very, very important to teach young minds to be more caring and loving toward cats (or any other animal as a matter of fact) for the benefit of both. Leaving the cat feeling distressed or harassed is not funny, just like it isn’t fun for your child to get scratched by the cat as a result of the animal defending itself.

Moving on, Snowshoes also interact with strangers unhesitatingly. So you can entertain as many guests at your house as you wish and not worry about your feline being unfriendly or anti-social.

What About Other Pets, How Does A Snowshoe Cat Get Along With Them?

Does the friendly nature of Snowshoes extend to animals too? Well, to be honest, any domesticated animal can get along with any other domesticated animal as long as you understand each one’s limits. Along with knowing how to train them to be around each other.


As for Snowshoes, your cat will definitely feel a lot more active and happier with a fellow Snowshoe. Two cats are perfect for giving each other the company that both crave. Just introduce them slowly and calmly. In that case, even dogs are not difficult for Snowshoe cats to get along with.

One Last Time – What Is the Snowshoe Cat Price Range?

You can buy one from a reliable, humane professional breeder for anywhere between $800 and $1,200. As for adoption, this is much more affordable of course. Plus, the whole idea of paying just $300 and making one less cat homeless feels like a very rewarding experience.

The price with breeders, however, varies a great deal depending on factors like age, coat color, gender, size, etc. But you should know that all Snowshoe Siamese cats are born white. And then during the first few years develop darker markings. So it’s only natural for the developed colors to differ from one to kitty to another.

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